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Toastmasters Organizations Missions Essay

Introduction The act of public speaking can be defined as the process of speaking to a group of people in a deliberate and well structured manner with the purpose to inform, entertain or influence listeners. The act of good public speaking can be a daunting task fraught with disappointments. It is a process that requires a culmination of various factors including but not limited to the following: self confidence, good grasp and command of language, prose presentation and being eloquent. Toastmasters is one of the organizations that help individuals become good public speakers and leaders. Toast Masters Mission and vision statements Vision The aim of Toastmasters is to assist people use their skills and knowledge to improve their lives. The company aims at achieving this through its membership clubs, throughout the world. The clubs aim at improving people’s leadership and communication skills. Mission Toastmasters is a renowned company that helps people globally to communicate effectively through spoken language. Through its platform of membership clubs, the organization helps women, and men to learn and acquire the art of listening, speaking and thinking. This eventually creates self actualization, enhances human understanding, enhances leadership and contributes to a better human environment. Ways in which Toastmasters can help in good public speaking There are various reasons as to why Toastmasters is the best organization towards achieving good public speaking. Firstly, the organization has well qualified staffs, who are dedicated to good customer service. They have extensive and vast experience in the field of public speaking and public presentation. For example, the various board director members are people who have extensive knowledge in the public speaking domain. For instance, the organization president, Mr. Micheal Notaro, has a degree in law, and has served in various prominent positions. Mr. Micheal Notaro is an attorney, who is a member of the Italian American Bar Association. He has also served as the principal of the Notaro Law group. Secondly, Toastmasters is an organization which helps people to be good public speakers because its services are based on sound core values and principles. Toastmasters is governed by certain core values. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The values include dedication to improvement of the company, respect towards one another, and treating people with integrity, among others. This core values ensure that the organizations services are of the highest standard and are geared towards achieving excellence. Also, these core values help the organization to evaluate the viability of its services. This evaluation helps the company to continually improve and plan its services in-line with the organization mission, and vision. Also, the evaluation helps the organization to modify its services in order to accommodate the dynamics that are being experienced in the information technology field. This makes the art of public speaking more sophisticated, easy and fun to learn. Also, the team of experts in the organization helps an individual to learn from the known to unknown, which simplifies the entire public speaking learning process. oral Conclusion In conclusion, the art of public speaking is a difficult process that requires well qualified individuals to handle it. Toastmasters deliver this in an effective manner that enables an individual to enjoy the entire process of learning good public speaking skills. Also, the company’s core values, mission and vision have enabled it to provide the best public speaking services. The core values are based on delivering good customer experience, hence, an individual is guaranteed of good customer satisfaction.
University Of Massachusetts Boston Change on the Food Service Industry Paper.

Description: The content of assignment must be at least 500 words but no longer than 750 words. Paper must be typed with 1-inch margins, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, and numbered page. MLA citation is required. Wikipedia is not allowed to use as reference source.Rubric: Before posting, please review the Assignment Grading RubricQuestions: Use information found in the textbook along with your own research and respond to each of the following questions in details:What back-of-house changes will likely occur in the food service industry in the next 10 years, and how will these changes directly impact future employee performance?What front-of-house changes will likely occur in the food service industry in the next 10 years, and how will these changes directly impact future employee performance?What technological changes will likely occur in the food service industry in the next 10 years, and how will these changes directly impact future employee performance?
University Of Massachusetts Boston Change on the Food Service Industry Paper

Harvard University Financial Management Cost Cutting Project.

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The project will aim to identify a hospital’s financial management that could be used for cutting costs through a critical discussion of its importance and relate it to the possible inclusion of innovation, which can help develop improved patient care and minimize risks.
Write an introduction of 4 paragraphs as the following:
1st paragraph: should be attractive to the reader and about hospital’s financial management in general and in cutting costs in particular(better to be related to Saudi Arabia).
2nd paragraph: The gap in the literature on hospital’s financial management in general and cutting costs, particularly in Saudi Arabia.
3rd paragraph: The impact of effective cutting-cost management on improved patient care and minimize financial risks.
4th paragraph: Innovation in the field of cost-cutting techniques
Harvard University Financial Management Cost Cutting Project

Why Psychometric Assessment Can Benefit A Company Business Essay

Why Psychometric Assessment Can Benefit A Company Business Essay. 1.Background of business Sasol Infrachem is producing gas from natural gas as feedstock for Sasol Chemical businesses in Sasolburg. Natural gass are produced and distributed on behalf of Sasol Gas. It also provides on site utilities, infrastructure support and support services to other businesses. Sasol Infrachem has settled as a dedicated producer of reformed gas which it produces at Sasolburg through 2 autothermal reformers (ATR’s). New technological challenges, such as upgrading the ATR fired-headers to improve plant stability were undertaken succesffuly. On the utilities front, various projects were launched this year to increase electricity supply at the Sasol one and Midland sites. The business is striving on improving Sasol’s evironmental performance at Sasolburg. This is done by addressing legacy waste sites and emmissions to air. Ash is also being removed at a rate of about 100 000 tons a month. Infrachem is currently providing permanent employment to 1 262 employees and about 5 000 contractors. Core values consists out of the following: Customer focus Winning with people Safety Excellence in all we do Continous improvement Integrity Energised by these strong values, Sasol aspire to create an environment wehre teams of dedicated diverse talents can grow to their full potential. Sasol also takes pride in providing a safet and healthy working environment for its employees. Sasol one Pager (See Annexure A) ( Sasol Infrachem strategic imperative Strategic objectives is to achieve the following: Safety – RCR below 0,45 Delivery – FOOT (Full order on time) as per agreement Cost – Cash fixed cost at 2006 prices Sasol Infrachem forms part of the greater Sasol and today its operational footprint extends to more than 30 countries. Currently, it is growing international interest in its coal-to-liquids offerings. Sasol is continuing to expand its international presence. 2.Why psychometric assessments can benefit a company Organisations are engaging in an increasingly globalized and highly competitive environment. This results in them being compelled to rethink their strategies and policies. Today, organisations are working under constant pressures of quick profitibality, constant managing change, continous learning and decentralisation. ( Organisations are faced by the following challenges: ( Shrinking margins; Managing resources; Talent acquisition and retention. Organisations need : New consciousness; New thinking; New approaches; New solutions. Pushed by the above needs, today’s organisations need to be adaptive, innovative and flexible. According to Cindy Hardy ( assessments), psychometric assessment are gaining increased momentum in the South African Industry. Job seekers and recruiters use pscychometric assessments for organisational development, candidate selection and promotional procesees. The success of any organisation depend on the ability to use human talent: to discover it, to develop it, do deploy it to motivate it, to energize it and the ability to manage change. Based on the above, the key benefits of pscyhometric testing and assessment therefor is to: ( To select the most competent person for a position To identify leadership potential and perform talent pipelining proactively To identify potential for Employment Equity purposes To determine the causes of under-performance To identify the unique training and development needs of each person To provide career guidance. Psychological assessment therefor includes psychometric testing as well as any other procedure used to assess human performance or potential. Assessment in industry can be divided into two broad sets: (1) psychological measurement of attributes of individuals in the workplace or (2) assessments of groups or organisations. Different constructs: Individual: IQ EQ Personality testing Aptitude testing Interest testing Attitude testing Groups/Organisation: Groups/Organisation: Perception Interpersonal relations Communication skills Decision making Values, motivation Leadership Conflict Management Stresss-Why Psychometric Assessment Can Benefit A Company Business Essay

Compare and contrast the ethics of care with the Kantian approach to ethics. How does this approach transcend reason toward a feminist approach to ethics?

essay order Compare and contrast the ethics of care with the Kantian approach to ethics. How does this approach transcend reason toward a feminist approach to ethics?.

Discussion post, must be 500 words. APA format, no title page necessary. Please summarize & cite a video provided below the question in post .Question ::Compare and contrast the ethics of care with the Kantian approach to ethics. How does this approach transcend reason toward a feminist approach to ethics?VIDEO: SEE THIS CRASH COURSE ON KANT’S MORAL PHILOSOPHY. (8:19)VIDEO: SEE THIS CRASH COURSE ON KANT’S CATEGORICAL IMPERATIVE. (10:26)VIDEO: WATCH THIS VIDEO BY RICHARD DAWKINS ON ALTRUISM AND MORALITY. (2:37)Video: See this video on Feminists Ethics. (11:12)Video: Watch this video on Gilligan’s Ethics of Care. (6:30)Video: See this video by Carol Gilligan: “Moral Injury and the Ethics of Care.” (5:08)
Compare and contrast the ethics of care with the Kantian approach to ethics. How does this approach transcend reason toward a feminist approach to ethics?

Money and Commodity Circulatory Processes Essay

Money and Commodity Circulatory Processes Common characteristics and differences in C-M-C and M-C-M Marx realized that problems existed amid commodities circulation. He then approached this dilemma by classifying the two ways that commodities could possibly circulate namely C-M-C and M-C-M. The difference and similarities between money that is just money and capitalized money appear only in the mode of circulation. The circuit M-C-M is when money is circulated as capital and is also referred to as the capitalists’ circulation. In this circuit, M is money meant to purchase the commodity that is traded again for M (money). On the contrary, the monetary flow also known as the simple commodities circulation can be illustrated via the C-M-C circuit. In this circuit, commodities are traded to get money. This money is then used to purchase different commodities. In capitalists circulation, M-C-M, individuals buy commodities with the intention of selling them. The main aim in the simple circulation is to attain the utility values. However, the capitalists’ circulation is categorically aimed at obtaining the exchange values that must be higher than the originally presented money (M). The simplest commodities circulation form C-M-C entails purchasing commodities only after some commodities have been sold. The product is altered into cash, and this cash is once more changed back to a product. Conversely, M-C-M circulation occurs when sales take place because of the purchases made. That cash is altered into product which is afterward changed back into cash. In the last circulatory process, the transformed money materializes as the potential capital. A close examination of the M-C-M circuit shows that it is made of two adversative phases. Phase one comprises of the purchase or the M-C where money becomes transformed into commodities. The second phase entails the sale or C-M. It includes transforming the commodities back into monetary form. When these two phases are combined, they make a solitary flow where money becomes traded for commodities and similar commodities are traded for money. In this circulation, the process M-M that involves exchanging money usually varnishes in the end. Both these circulations are composed of two similar segments namely the purchases phase (M-C) and the sales phase (C-M). In fact, a retailer, a purchaser, money and commodities that have similar economic characteristics are bound to face each other. The two similar opposing phases are unified by each circuit. In all cases, the unison comes as a result of the involvement of three contracting parties. One of the parties must be a buyer while the other party has to be a seller, and the third party should both be a seller and a buyer. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The M-C-M is distinguished from C-M-C by the inverted progression arrangement between the two segments. For instance, in the monetary circulation (M-C-M), the circuit ends with sales and commences with purchases. In the simple commodities circuit (C-M-C), the process ends with purchases and instigates with sales. Furthermore, in C-M-C circuit, the circulation process goals and commencement points are made of commodities while in M-C-M, the goals and starting points are comprised of money. In the second circulation process (M-C-M), the commodity intervention brings about the movement whereas in the first circuit (C-M-C) the intervening movement comes because of the commodities. What Marx meant Money and commodity circulatory processes: M-C-M To both Marx and society, the essential category in any societal affiliation is the generated profit or the derived value from trade. In fact, Marx was intrigued by the proceeds and value reality. The main aim in the circulation processes was to derive value from the possessed resources namely the commodities and money. In the M-C-M circuit, money hardly serves its use value. This is because when it is finally converted, it does not become a commodity. In reality, buyers act as sellers by laying out their money with the intention of recovering that capital. However, the aim is to get greater value attached to it. The buyers purchased the commodities by investing throwing their money into the exchange process. This enabled them to extract it later through selling similar commodities. They let their money go into the circulation process although with justified sly intent to have it back. This money is neither spent nor totally converted into commodities, but it is its value that is augmented. In conclusion, labor products in the circulatory process which, in this case are the commodities become values. The commodities are produced in the capital relations framework where money becomes the initial form. Besides, money in the M-C-M circuit has value that essentially makes itself apparent in monetary form. Thus, money acts as the equivalence of value by manifesting itself in the excellent capital form, and could be termed as capital. However, commodities can only be bought using money, but money used to purchase commodities is expected to generate greater returns in the future. Hence, commodities represent capital in the same way money represents capital. Whichever way, money is transformed into commodities or changes its appearance. We will write a custom Essay on Money and Commodity Circulatory Processes specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The intent is to increase its final value and this also increases capital. Money is hardly lost in the circulation process as it self-expands its value by sequentially assuming different forms. It just becomes an active character which, Marx called capital.

Write a memo about the expansion opportunity for which you will request funding

Write a memo about the expansion opportunity for which you will request funding.

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: Imagine you are a manager working at the publicly traded company, NordstromYou have been tasked with preparing an investment proposal for a large bank loan to finance a major expansion into another country. Your funding request will include both narrative text and financial models designed to clearly explain and justify the investment proposal, how it will be financed, and its likely impact on the company. As support, you will show the proposal’s most likely financial implications and the consolidated financial projection with and without the project. You should also consider risks—including global microeconomic factors outside the company that may affect the investment’s success in the targeted country—and describe alternative financial scenarios should sales exceed or underperform your assumptions. Your funding request should be well organized, clear, concise, and free of distracting errors. Because business executives seldom have perfect or complete information, you should base your proposal on data from authoritative sources when possible and make reasonable assumptions where information is not available. As in real life, however, you must clearly specify your assumptions. To begin, choose one of the following publicly traded will determine the investment opportunity for which you are seeking funding as well as the country into which your company will be expanding:PROMPT:Guidelines for Submission: Your executive memo must be 1–2 pages long (excluding the reference page), doubled spaced, written in 12-point Times New Roman font. Your reference page should be in APA style. Write a memo about the expansion opportunity for which you will request funding This should include only a simple narrative description. You do not need fancy formatting, numbers, tables, or graphs in this document. List your key information sources about NORDSTROM explaining in one to two sentences each how source is relevant to your project. Your memo should identify the source (not just a website address) plus, in general, describe what information that source can reliably provide. Your sources must be authoritative. The company’s own website is an authoritative source for its own public financial and other information, for example. Serious business or economic sites, such as Bloomberg, or industry trade journals can be authoritative sources for fairly unbiased news about the organization or its industry. Other reliable sources could educate you about the business environment in your project’s target country (e. g., the CIA World Factbook). Someone you know who has worked for that organization or in that industry could also be an excellent source of certain information. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: – Include a narrative overview of your expansion opportunity. – Describe the expansion project, the country in which the expansion will take place, and the reasoning behind this expansion into this country at this particular time. In other words, why does this particular project and country make sense for your chosen company? -Include key information sources related to the company you have chosen. -Sources should provide an introductory, authoritative, future-oriented understanding of the company itself, the industry, technology, customers, suppliers and competitors, and the economic environment of the company and of your proposed expansion. -Sources could be published or online; they could even include a person you know with experience in that industry. The sources will almost certainly include the company’s website; you might also follow its Facebook and Twitter feeds. Note how each source is relevant and describe what information the source will provide.
Write a memo about the expansion opportunity for which you will request funding