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To what extent did President Barack Obama manage to change the direction of US foreign policy?

DescriptionEssay MUST be referenced in Harvard Referencing! This essay is like a project like essay, that brings knowledge, content, materials and ideas through out the whole course. This essay will be answering a change or continuity question. it is important to note that when answering the question. The essay needs to be argued through the Morphogenetic Approach and via the EPISTEME ANALYICAL MODEL TO EXPLAIN ARGUMENT IN ESSAY. Guidance on how to answer this questions through these modules will be attached in the files of “Writing your essay USFP”, “essay structure” and “Actors, factors, Structures” This essay needs to have an introduction that shows the understanding the of question and what is looking to be answered, the introduction should explain the strengths and weaknesses of Obama’s attempts to change US foreign policy and was the need. Explain US views as a Great Super power and the importance they see in foreign policy and tap into the concept of “US hegemony”. The essay should state arguments for and against the question whether or not Obama was successful, did he bring change into US foreign police, enabling a pivot or turning point is US politics and foreign policy or was it just continuity from previous work from his predecessors, like Bush. Thank you.