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To Renew America ( Newt Gingrich ) devry tutorcom essay help Nursing

Critical review of House Speaker’s personal & political awakening & evolution & future of U.S. at home & abroad.

Polls indicate that all sides of the political spectrum seem to agree that, paraphrasing Shakespeare, Something is rotten in the state of America. All agree, but one person wrote an ingenious book about it: Newt Gingrich’s To Renew America. This book is more than just a complaint, though. In an almost-simplistic, uncomplicated style of language that is accessible not only to intellectuals and the Washington elite, Speaker of the House Gingrich has identified the ills of our society – and has prescribed simple remedies for them. Point-by-point he writes about renewing American civilization, creating jobs, changing from a welfare state to an opportunity society, balancing the federal budget, saving Social Security and Medicare – in short, about how he is trying to put Americans as a people and America as a state onto the right path toward the new…

CIS data visual analysis

Need choose one data from this link (Check attached file for more detailed requirement for data):
I need at least 350 words presention script (I will read the script during my presentation, so need to write a presentation script for me). And I also need a 2 slides PPT for presentation.
Check attached “Project ” file for more detailed informationn. Only need to do is Press 1, need using Tufte’s theory, Tufte’s theory need to check Lecture 2, Lecture 3 attached files.