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I can’t help but wonder what this country would be like if we didn’t have great leaders such as Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson.

The Declaration of Independence would have never been written and we would probably still be under the thumb of the British Empire. Our lives would not be the same. We would not have the right to freedom, liberty or Justice. All decisions would probably be made for each of us. Benjamin Franklin would not have shown us the way to a better life, there would not have been a Continental congress, or Thomas Jefferson would not have Ritter the Declaration of independence.I think at times all people take advantage of the freedom and liberty we do have. The fact is that all of these leaders had one agenda to be released from the British and have their own government decided by the people.

Benjamin Franklin, The Second Continental Congress, and Thomas Jefferson made a great impact on our lives today. First, Benjamin Franklins autobiography seemed to be a replication on his life. A kind of self-reflection on accomplishments and mistakes made in his youth. He wanted to try and help his son come successful, and he thought what better way to demonstrate success than to write about his own successful life.Benjamin Franklins portrayal of himself, was not to revel on his accomplishments, instead, the tone is one of self-awareness and personal satisfaction. He believed his autobiography did not serve so much to enlighten himself but to provide an object lesson for the readers. He confesses that he has made many mistakes during his life that he craved he could correct, but he often shows how he succeeded and reached his present state in society.

He believed that working hard, education and pinching pennies will earn its own desired end. Work hard and you will have a better life.Secondly, The Second Continental Congress was the official resources by which the American colonial governments coordinated their conflict to the British Empire during the first two years of the revolutionary war. Their Justification for taking up arms against the British was simply the colonies seeking their independence. The congress tried to come to a peaceful resolution by ending King George a message which he refused to receive, and then the British parliament passed a series of laws intended to suppress discontent in Colonial Boston by closing ports and placing it under Marshall Law.The Continental Congress could not stand idly by while these intolerable acts were continuing. Thirdly, Patrick Henry s political philosophy was a resilient favoring of the patriots.

During a speech he made he said,” I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death” He had a profound desire to escape the British. He believed that even with the petitions, negotiations, and even begging, has made things shoddier. He thinks before long there will be a British soldier in every home, and there are already men fighting to get the liberty that all the colonies yearn for.The only way to free themselves from the autocracy of the British is to go to war. Fourthly, In the Declaration of Independence they brought forth four different grievances against King George. The grievance are as follows: Interruption of legislative self-government Administrative attempts to impose the kings agenda Offenses against the historical liberties The King’s abdication of the proper ends of government, especially in making war on his subjects These grievances were strong and true.The Declaration of Independence is a detailed report of each grievance that the King and his soldiers hard pressed onto the colonies.

Lastly, Thomas Jefferson hand wrote the Declaration of Independence and argued it was the “right and duty’ of the colonist to declare their independence from the British Empire. The purpose of government is to enable he people of a nation to live in safety and happiness that the ultimate power of governing rests upon the people.The meaning of ‘right and duty is that at all times should be armed, that the people are entitled to freedom of person, religion, property, and press. He wanted the people to govern the government. In conclusion, Benjamin Franklin wanted people to succeed by using his own life experiences, The Second Constitutional Congress was sort of like a mediator between the colonies and Britain, Patrick Henry believed in either getting liberty or dying, and Thomas Jefferson rote the declaration of independence.

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