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Titration of Acids and Bases Report

The purpose of the experiment was to measure the concentration of acid using acid-base titration and the volumetric method of analysis. To determine the concentration, the molality of NaOH solution was calculated assuming that at the equivalence point, the number of millimoles of NaOH equals the number of millimoles of KHP. Using that law of equivalence, the number of grams of KHP and its concentration has been calculated. However, an error in estimated values should be taken into account. Therefore, for good results, four trials will be performed, and the three determinations should agree within 1,0%. An acid-base titration is a commonly used method to measure the amount of a solution needed to react with another solution having a known concentration. Even though titration is a valid form of finding the concentration of a solution, errors made by experimenters could change the outcome of the whole experiment. In particular, the readings on the burette when titrating the solution could have been off even by the slightest mark. The burette could have been placed not in a direct vertical position. This would account for a little mistake in the number of millimoles of NaOH used and, consequently, the mass and concentration of KHP. At the initial stage of the experiment, the standardization of NaOH solution could have been measured not accurately. Also, it was difficult to determine the right time and the right intensity of the pink color to stop the titration. If the volume of titrant delivered were too large, a large final concentration would be obtained. It should be mentioned that temperature can also influence the titration procedure. At lower temperatures, the NaOH solution would turn the entire solution from colorless to pink more slowly. To determine the accuracy of the experiment, the standard deviation of the results has been calculated.

Capella University Security Threats in the United States Discussion

Capella University Security Threats in the United States Discussion.

Write 1000 words.Given the many security threats to information and infrastructure discussed in Module 2 you will analyze the prevalence of these threats in the United States. Analysis of each of these threats in terms of organizations and government entities is a key topic in this country, not only to secure trade secrets and operations in organizations, but to secure the democratic government at the national and state levels.Assignment ExpectationsUsing the types of security threats discussed in Module 2, review the trade journals, newspapers, and other sources on the Internet to discuss the prevalence of these attacks on organizations and government entities in the United States.This will be graded in terms of the number of attacks uncovered and the firms/government agencies targeted. You need to provide references for each attack and discuss the impact of that attack.
Capella University Security Threats in the United States Discussion

Issues of Technology for People with Disabilities

write my term paper Issues of Technology for People with Disabilities. Abstract This document will outline the main problem with Cyber Essentials which is the disabilities Visual Impairment and Hearing Impairment. There is a short introduction on what visual impairment is and the types of them. The document will give a clear understanding of content on what visual impaired users suffer from and why. It will explain the technology they can use to help them work within systems with the disability they suffer from. The documentation will also outline the Hearing impaired users and how this disability impacts them when working on the system within the company. The documentation will also explain the technology and different ways users who suffer from such disabilities can use to help them when working on a computer. An explanation will be given on the attacks that both these users suffer from and how they are vulnerable to these attacks. It will explain some of the solutions that professionals have come across to tackle Cyber-attacks. What is visual impairment? Visual impairment is a disability that many people around the UK suffer from. There are about 2 million people who suffer from this disability and an estimated amount of 360,000 people are registered as blind or partially sighted. When a person finds out about being visually impaired it can come across to them as a big shock and they may have many emotions going through them as they will be told that is something that cannot be fixed back to a normal level. Many people suffer from different types of visual impairment the following explains the differences between them: Visual impairment in glaucoma (rise of fluid pressure in the eyelids) Cataract (vision is cloudy and blurry can result in total loss of eyesight) Equality is a factor that plays a big role in computing. “Equal opportunity legislation in many nations state that people with disabilities have access to the same opportunities as others. Unfortunately there still exists a digital divide that separates people with disabilities from achieving the equal opportunity and equal access they seek” (Thompson, Burgstahler,Issues of Technology for People with Disabilities

Global Warming Threat and Scientific Evidence Essay

The issue of climate change has been circulating the public for a long time. Despite the strong evidence offered by scientists about the reality of the threat, many people continue to believe that the problem of global warming is very much exaggerated. These different opinions are represented by politicians of various countries, who form the national strategies regarding this matter. Although many people do not support policies aimed at reducing the global warming effect, immediate actions must be taken to solve this issue since social and economic events of the past decades like mass migration demonstrate a disturbing trend that will affect the whole planet in the future. Realising the Threat Scientific Evidence The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (or IPCC), an international committee working on collecting and analysing facts about the issue of global warming, have determined that anthropogenic factor is one of the most serious ones associated with the subject. For instance, their Summary for Policymakers mentions that the carbon emission level has increased by 40 per cent since the times before the industrial society (IPCC 2013, p. 11). Most of this amount is created by fossil fuel and land usage. Besides, the ocean is one of the forces that is affected by this matter. It absorbs a large portion of carbon dioxide, which negatively impacts its inhabitants. It is easy to support the idea of global warming by ordinary people by judging the facts that they observe in the news. For example, one of the latest articles by The Guardian talks about the effect of the global warming on the Arctic ice, which melts and causes local animals to suffer from the lack of food (McKie 2017). It is easy to trace the logical outcome of the melting ice in Arctic and Antarctic regions, as the rising sea level threatens to flood the human cities, some of which appear to be the world’s largest economic centres. Even nowadays, it is possible to notice how winters and summers are becoming less typical than before. Governmental Effort Of course, the changing climate makes government officials step out with initiatives that would prevent future catastrophe. For instance, a range of American and European administrations has made an effort to impose higher fees on technologies that have a massive ecological footprint, specifically those using fossil fuel. Nevertheless, most of the world’s economy is not tailored to suit the modern need for reducing the production and operation techniques associated with the high level of pollution. Thus there are no revolutionary changes to the subject’s policies that have been drafted in recent years. Climate Change Denial Despite the variety of facts that support the theory of global warming, many people believe the issue to be a conspiracy, and the translated threat is very exaggerated according to them. There is a precedent in the recent history of the event called the Climategate. A massive leak of climate scientists’ e-mails occurred in 2009, the information from which gave certain people reasons to believe that the issue is artificial and the research community is interested in hiding the truth from the society, publishing fake reports instead. However, according to the Oxford University scientists, the media hype over the event has vanished in several weeks and has not brought any significant effect on the general public (Carrington 2014, para. 2). One of the reasons why people may think that global warming is an artificial problem is a fact that research studies are often sponsored by governmental forces, which might be interested in particular results. Reports have the power to affect policies that will later form the countries’ economy. Another critical factor in the assessment of the issue comes from the fuel company managers. Many of them understand that new policies may directly affect their business, carrying high costs of maintaining operations or even closing the whole production. There is an ongoing battle between this group of people and ecological activists who try to impose sanctions on this field of industry. Nevertheless, oil is one of the primary resources in the modern economic and industrial system, and not a single government can refuse to exploit it. Socioeconomic Effect Despite a large number of people denying global warming, numerous issues must be addressed now to prevent the future crisis in the economy and social security. Some scientists even argue that the threat is underestimated, and new economic models must be developed to help the situation (Revesz, Howard, Arrow, Goulder, Kopp, Livermore, Oppenheimer

Valkyrie 2008 and and Downfall 2004 The Hitler Situation in Germany Essay

Valkyrie 2008 and and Downfall 2004 The Hitler Situation in Germany Essay.

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For this essay, you must use the documents attached with and watch two movies: Valkyrie (2008, dir. B. Singer) and Downfall (2004, dir. O. Hirschbiegel). Answer the questions in an essay format: Explain why it was so difficult for those who opposed Hitler to remove him from power even though many could see over time that Hitler made many mistakes and sacrificed German lives unnecessarily. Looking at the outcomes of WW2, what do you think could have changed for Europe and Germany had the Operation Valkyrie been successful (focus on the date of the attempt and where the front was at that time; also focus on who was behind the attempt – what does it tell you about the opposition)? Why even though Hitler could see he was losing the war, he continued to sacrifice German soldiers in vain? Finally, explain how the post-WW1 agreements and the Great Depression contributed to him assuming the leadership in Germany and how the Allies made sure no other dictator would take over the power in Germany after WW2. Requirements (minimum): 5 full pages of text TNR 12, 1.5 space + bibliography as page 6You must use the resources provided (texts + movies) and are encouraged to seek additional resources. Please cite correctly as per APA standards. Please submit with a cover page. Submission deadline: March 24, 2021
Valkyrie 2008 and and Downfall 2004 The Hitler Situation in Germany Essay