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Evan McAuliffe Mrs. Andrew September 6th, 2012 Introduction to Management Tim Hortons Organizational Environment Analysis General Environment International- Tim Hortons is already an internationally acclaimed corporation. Although it was originally rooted in Canada, it has spread internationally to the United States and on some Canadian and American military bases. They have self-serve locations in Ireland and England and also have a location in Afghanistan. They hope to expand their business into Dubai in the near future.These expansions have made a positive effect on their revenue, which is up 4.

8 percent. Demographic- Tim Hortons sells products that are for all ages. Their products tend to be cheaper than the competition, which makes their product available to the average Joe. Tim Hortons is a crucial part of Canadian culture. Sociocultural- Because Tim Hortons takes part in such a global market, the culture change between countries is necessary in order to be successful. They need to make sure that they do not offend or confuse anyone and be sure to adapt to different types of cultures and societies.Technological- Technology is very important for any country wanting to be successful in the modern world.

In order to be successful, Tim Hortons needs to be up to date technologically speaking. Tim Hortons has kept up with the times by having an application available for people to find their locations. Technology is not only important for the customer, but for the retailer as well; for example, their distribution and communication is done in an advanced technological way. They have assembly lines that exceed the average technology used in other corporations.Economic- The economic environment in the U. S and Canada are still erratic that are affecting the consumer demand and confidence. Political-legal- There is certain factors that affect Tim Hortons.

Some of these are tax policies, political stability, employment laws, environmental regulations, trade and tariff restrictions. Task Environment Customers- Tim Hortons customers are typically very loyal to the brand, which is mainly where their revenue comes from. They are typically your average Joe who wants good quality prices for a low price.Competitors- Tim Hortons has certain has to compete against big name international corporations such as Starbucks and McDonalds. Even though they have these tough competitors, they are still a unique type of restaurant that attracts certain customers. Suppliers- They use a supply chain to deliver their goods from point A to point B. Their suppliers source anything from ingredients to the logistical side of their business.

They work very close with their suppliers and try to boast the best supply chain possible. Distributors- They use land transportation as well as air transportation to distribute their products.

Product-Based Organizations

Product-Based Organizations.

Choose one of the following that best represents the organization or company you work for or are most interested in learning more about. Product-Based Organizations Service-Based Organizations Self-Service Based Organizations Health Care-Based Organizations Continuous Process-Based Organizations Defense-Based Organizations Write an essay describing how this type of organization would attain superior results through quality. Consider the tools and methods that would be employed. If the organization you are working for is using one or more of these tools or methods please summarize how.

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