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Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel is a product of Kohinoor Chemical Industries which provides a wide, diverse range of products, suitable for use of everyone ranging from young to adults. The Company wants to be recognized as the market leader in the hair oil market in Bangladesh, generating sustainable, profitable growth to the benefit of shareholders and employees. The oil production of Pumpkin is stopped for the couple of months and we are not marketing their oil for the period. To achieve their vision of becoming the largest hair oil industry in Bangladesh, Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel should take the following actions

We are targeting consumer audience for Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel. Consumer audience means individual and families who buy products for personal or family use. This is the greater segment of oil market and surely the complex one. Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel is suppose to be consumed by middle aged people. However, this time Tibet kodur (Pumpkin) tel is relaunching its product and offering new type of oil. Now Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel is not only limited for the adults but also trying to fulfill the needs of the youth.

At the very beginning it was important to analyze past and present market situation . Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel which gives you an idea about micro and marco environment. Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel was the market leader till 90’s. Price, quality and huge circulation were the major tactics for Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel to stop capturing maximum market shares. At present it doesn’t have that much industry competitor . But new types of products are coming in the industry. But they have market competitors like Parachute, Jui, Vatika etc. Presently, almost from the year 2000 the market of Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel started to decline.

Analyzing the current situation of Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel leads toward two marketing objectives. These ares- (a) Sales Target. (b) Market share Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel needs to boost up it sales at any cost to capture the maximum market share in the hair oil market. In this stage it is time to identify the target market and positioning strategy for the market. Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel have been positioned by product attributed or benefits. This approach identified a product attribute or benefit that is meaningful to customers and then develops a positioning strategy around it.

They want to position by the product benefits that the customers get. Basically the summery of previous three steps are listed in an action plan. An action plan gives the idea of when the campaign should start, how ideas would be materialized and the task related to marketing mix. The process of setting advertising objectives is one of the most challenging in the field of advertising. Our advertising objective is attainable, meaningful and realistic. We want to communicate with maximum number of our target audience. That will help us to attain our sales objective. Sales Objective: Tibet kodur(Pumpkin) tel have only one way that is boosting up its sell any how and anyway.

Advertising is working here as the dominant force to generate sales of new types of oil. We planned to do various types and process of doing advertising. * Communication Objective: This objective refers to effective communication about the product with the target audience. Tibet’s advertising campaign is the main weapon to inform and persuade the target audience. We will do a wide spared advertising campaign that will help us to attain our communication objective. Advertising Purpose:

To Relate Product to Needs: Advertisement of ‘Tibet kodur Tel” gives a sense to customers that how this product can fulfill their needs. To Modify Attitudes: ‘Tibet kodur Tel’ advertising will convince the customers in a way that they will switch from competitors product. Targeting Segment: As an effective agency, four things were considered in case of targeting an attractive segment. 1. Profitable opportunity: the chosen two segments for ‘Tibet Codur Tel’ are large enough to cover the investments. We are targeting youth and middle aged people. They cover the major part of the population in Bangladesh.

So we think these two segments will provide enough opportunity to cover the cost and generate profit. 2. Growth Potential: Our targets are youth and middle age. Today’s youth will be tomorrow’s middle age people; this is an ongoing process of life. If a teenager or young one likes our product, then whenever she will be thirty or forty, she will have a good intention about our product. So chosen segments have potential growth undoubtedly. 3. Acceptable risk: the hair oil market in Bangladesh is almost saturated. Offering new herbal oil is little bit risky.

Kohinoor should invest such amount of resources that can be returned by delivering an effective advertising. 4. Acceptable entry and exit barrier: Tibet codur tel is the first mover in cool hair oil market in Bangladesh. There are many other products of Tibet in the market. This is a well-known brand in the country. Therefore there are no barriers in entering the market. Competitor Analysis: In our country this is basically a monopoly market. But new competitors are arising.

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