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Three Main Events that Caused the Escalation of the Cold war essay help online free Other coursework help

For example they did decide on a few new things but the main focus lies on the disagreements. The decision to set up a coalition government in Poland was not honored by the Soviets who removed all the ex-members of the Polish government in London who had been allowed into the new coalition government by Stalin at Yalta. They also disagreed on the size of the German reparations and the Soviet’s demand for a bas in the Mediterranean. So it is clear that the first disagreements and therefore the roots of the mistrust between the East and he West began at Potsdam.Although not the only event that caused relations between the two sides to deteriorate it was certainly one of the main ones.

The second event is Churchill Iron Curtain speech on March 1946 where he described the Soviet block as an “Iron Curtain” and suggested a tougher approach towards it. In other words, with this speech, Britain’s ex-Prime Minister had made the call for firmer action by the West against the threat of communism. In order to meet this Soviet expansion, he called for an alliance between Britain and the ASSAI.Britain’s Prime Minister at the time, Attlee, had not been informed of the speech but did not disagree with its content and later thanked Churchill. Truman on the other hand had read the speech before hand and was present when it was given. Although the speech was not well perceived by the American public, Truman and his advisers privately thought that if fell into line with Trauma’s Iron Fist approach; “unless Russia is faced with an iron fist and strong language another war is in the making. ” In Moscow the speech received a hysterical response from Stalin who saw it as a liberate provocation and accused Churchill of being a warmonger.

From then on relations between East and West reached a new low. The Truman Doctrine did not deteriorate relations between East and West as much as the Marshall Plan. After the defeat Of Nazi Germany the civil war that was going on in Greece between the monarchists and the communists came more into focus. The British helped restore the royal government into power despite resistance from the communists however the draining impact of WI was being felt. In February 1947 they warned the USA that they could not maintain troops in Greece.Truman could not let yet another eastern European state fall into the hands of communists so in March 1947 Truman issued the Truman Doctrine, which was designed as a response to the situation in Greece. Since Stalin kept to his agreement with Churchill that Greece was an area of British influence and did nothing to directly help the Greek Communists one cannot really say that the Truman Doctrine further deteriorated relations between East and West.

The Marshall Plan on the other hand which was a plan to provide IIS financial support to war-torn Europe ad a more visible effect on the relations between the two sides.In theory the Marshal aid was available for any European country but in practice it went to only to countries that provided economic records ad opened up their economy to US capitalist interests I. E. Western Europe. The conditions imposed on the right to apply for the aid made it so that it was impossible for communist states to apply without a fundamental change to their system. The Soviet Union viewed the Marshall aid as nothing more than an attack on communism. The Soviet foreign minister, Molotov, condemned it as a foreign interference in the states of Europe and labeled the plan ‘dollar imperialism.

The ISRC effectively declared war on the Marshall Plan by tightening their hold over Eastern Europe through the setting up of TV’0 organizations. Conform, an organization to coordinate communist parties and groups thought out Europe set up in 1947, and Common, an organization that provided economic assistance to the countries of Eastern Europe set up in 1949. Thus, judging by the countermeasures undertaken by the soviets it is clear that the Marshall Plan had a deeper impact in the deterioration of relations between East and West.So overall in my opinion there were three main events that helped in the escalation of the Cold War. First there is the Potsdam Conference where the first disagreements started to arise. Second there was the Fulton, Missouri speech given by Churchill, which made the call for firmer action by the West against the threat of communism. Third the Marshall Plan, (which the Soviets took as a direct threat to Communism) which resulted in the Soviets, tightening the grip on Eastern Europe.

These were the three main events that in my opinion caused the deterioration of relations between East and West.

World Cultures Assignment

World Cultures Assignment.

1. Choose ONE of the following A, B, C or D option to complete your assignment:

A. Ethnography Paper

B. Film Analysis Paper
C. Photo Essay Paper
D. ECP Paper (English Conversation Partner; minimum 4 hours; deadline to rsvp via CCR is Feb. 24)

2. Choose a team of 3 members. If you chose “D”, you are working on your own.

3. Write a research paper for your chosen option. Adhere to the following requirements:

Length: 1 000 words minimum; 1 500 words, double-spaced, 12 font, [email protected] formatted paper with introductory, body and concluding paragraphs.

Avoid long, blocked quotes. You are expected to apply your paraphrasing skills, remembering to include in-text citations for these as well.

Even if you paraphrase, you must cite. In-text citations and a Reference page are BOTH required in order to comply with our Colleges’ Academic Integrity Policy.

Failure to include APA in-text citations AND a reference page for this assignment is plagiarism. As well, failure to acknowledge another’s borrowed idea(s) – either quoted or paraphrased is plagiarism. A 0 grade will be given if this paper is plagiarized.

Keep your paragraphs to about 15-20 sentences and well-balanced. And, aim for clear thoughts, grammar and mechanics. See me by appointment and or the Learning Commons if you require writing assistance.

Include a proper APA formatted title page, sub-headers, and page numbers.

As well, your APA research paper must contain varied, (i.e. combination of books, periodicals, journal articles, online sources from .org or .gov. vs .com sites) They must be in depth sources vice simply “homepage” content and be in keeping with the standard of post-secondary level research, meaning use the LRC databases, do not use Wikipedia or all internet sites.

You are required to use a minimum of 8 varied sources for your assignment in addition to your course readings or notes. Varied sourcing means not all the same type of source. For example, you can access GlobalEDGE, database, (i.e. Ebscohost, ERIC,GALE, etc.) for scholarly sources. Statistics Canada, National Film of Canada, and CBC, BBC, as well as for documentaries.

Above all, be sure to have credible and recent (post the year 2000) sources. Internet sources should not be all .com type; rather, .edu or .org are preferred. Also, avoid sources with no date and no author; they detract from the credibility of your sourcing.

Include multiple sourcing (rather than just one reference) within major sections of your assignment. For example, “Cultural Components”, meaning cultural beliefs, values, and customs will not come from 1 source, such as CIA Factbook or Kwintessential. Find the facts in more than one place and document them as follows: (Ferraro 2010; Hall 2011). Here, there are 2 sources – 1 by Ferraro and 1 by Hall on cultural customs for instance. Each source had the same fact but was found in more than one document.

Late submissions will received a 10% deduction for each calendar day the assignment is late up to a maximum of 3 days late (minus 30%). After 3 calendar days, the assignment will be recorded as a 0 grade.

Check the rubric and Turnitin report before submitting your final draft.

4. Adhere to your chosen option specific requirements below:

A. Mini-Ethnography Team Paper

Choose 1 country from the following to write your ethnography:

-Beijing, China; Milan, Italy; Accra, Ghana; Bangalore, India; Caracas, Venezuela

Answer the following questions related to the your city and country (1000 to 1500 words):

What are 3 key considerations a traveller or worker needs to be aware of or adapt to when he/she is in this area of the world and city in particular?

Based on your findings, discuss 4 main cultural similarities and differences to that of Canada as one travels or works in this part of the world.

Suggest unique ways on how one might demonstrate heightened CQ while there.

Remember, that you must still include other research in this film write-up. A minimum of 8 sources (not including the above sources/cites) must be used for this option as well (See Paper Requirements section above)

B. Film Team Analysis:

Watch one the following:

-The Way (Netflix);
-Searching for Sugarman (Netflix);
-On the Way to School (Netflix);
-The Stoning of Soraya M; (YouTube)
-Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (Netflix);
-Divorce Iranian Style (topdocumentaryfilms);
-The Cost of Coke (topdocumentaryfilms);
-The True Story of Che Guevara topdocumentaryfilms);
-Europe or Die ( HYPERLINK “https://www.filmsforaction/walloffilms” www.filmsforaction/walloffilms);
-Brazil: An inconvenient history (topdocumentaryfilms);
-Banaz: A love story (topdocumentaryfilms);
-Hundred Foot Journey (Netflix or any other method of viewing);
-Afghan Star (topdocumentaryfilms)

Answer the following for the above listed film:

Summarize the film (approx. 400 words).

Referencing the film, demonstrate your knowledge of at least 2 World Cultures course lessons from of the following (approx. 600 to 1100 words):

conceptualization v. perception
ethnocentrism and relativism
unconscious bias (i.e. staircase model);
emic and etic perspectives
value contrasts (i.e. see Hofstede’s Value Dimension Model or Hall’s Low/High Context Culture Model)
globalization’s effects on culture
challenges of maintaining and building equity
human rights issues and violations.

Remember, that you must still include other research in this film write-up. A minimum of 8 sources (not including the above sources/cites) must be used for this option as well (See Paper Requirements section above)

C. Photo Team Essay:

In an innovative way – that being illustrated through your own, original 5 photographs organized in a Powerpoint slideshow – demonstrate your understanding of world cultures course lessons to date. You will need access to Microsoft Powerpoint and a (preferably) digital camera for this assignment. For this option, you will spend time observing the world cultures around you, taking them in while reflecting on how they connect to at least 5 of 6 separate course lessons from the following:

conceptualizing and perceiving cultures

ways of dealing with diversity
assessing population and its impact on world cultures
globalization’s effect on world cultures
global inequality
international human rights

[I will not accept non-original photos such as clip art, magazine images or any other images taken from the internet.]

You will need to email me for a photo waiver if capturing a close up of another person(s).

Upload these images to a Microsoft Powerpoint (1 photo per slide). Provide a creative title for each photo.

Then, complete the following:

Describe what the photo means to you.

Discuss how a course lesson (see above) connects to your photo. Choose a separate lesson for each photo.

What message would you want the photo do you want to inform your audience about regarding the significance of the photo and world cultures.

Place your written text in the Notes section of each slide.

Remember, that you must still include other research in this photo essay write-up. A minimum of 8 sources must be used for this option as well (See Paper Requirements section above).

D English Conversation Partner (ECP):

To complete this option, you will need to complete the ECP application process at myConestoga.

Do a bit of homework on the person’s (your “match’s”) country of origin and values before meeting with him/her.

Good things to read up on and prior to your first meeting might be communication styles, greetings, and etiquette, values, food and music. Helpful sources include: Moran’s “Managing Cultural Differences, 9th Edition” (available online through the LRC) and GlobalEDGE.

Names in the write-up should be changed to ensure anonymity.

You will need to submit a copy of your meeting log with your paper. Submit it as one file and black out the name of your “match”. Do not submit it as 2 files.

Refer to the following to write your ECP paper option:

Write about 2 historical facts about the country that may have directly or indirectly impacted the individual’s cultural identity. They should be ones you would feel comfortable talking with you partner about.

Research the individual’s cultural background and lifestyle (i.e. ethnicity, major beliefs, values, paradoxes, customs, norms, etiquette, etc.). Write about the person’s cultures – what you have researched and what he/she communicated to you.

Research similar migrants’ experiences and discuss, respectfully and openly, these experiences with your partner. What were common and differing experiences with what you read and what your partner experienced?

Ethnocentric and cultural relativistic thinking are quite normal in these situations, so discuss if your partner and you experienced these types of thinking? Explain.

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