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Looking back to the story Rancho is the rebel among them always questioning things and believing that learning is more than just the usual mode of education. He encourages his friends to look beyond the ordinary and soon earns the wrath of the college director Viru Sahasrabuddhe. Despite his fun and frolic, Rancho always surprises everyone by topping the class. He even manages to win the affections of the director’s daughter Pia. But Rancho’s greatest contributions lies are making his friends realize their true calling. The twist comes when on Graduation Day.

After being awarded the Student of the Year title, Rancho mysteriously disappears into oblivion. Years later, Farhan and Raju, finding a common thread, embark on a journey to find their friend. 3 Idiots is a story of friendship, hope, aspirations and most importantly, the goodness of life. With 3 Idiots, Rajkumar Hirani proves beyond doubt that there’s no better storyteller than him in the present generation. The film switches from present to flashback mode often but not once does Hirani lose the momentum. The medley of emotions that he brings forth as he establishes the film’s structure is indeed commendable.

Drawing towards a tragic climax it’s so cleverly done that it has the desired effect. There are scenes that’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry and they’ll make you think. Hirani does it all so beautifully that you want to go back to college and relive all those moments. The falling in love, the harassment by professors, the secret drinking sessions, the ragging of fellow students it’s all there. Hirani also sends across a message on student pressures but there’s no preaching here it’s all done in his inimitable style.

Most films have their own set of ‘highlight’ scenes. 3 Idiots is different because every scene is special and brings with it something that’s out of the ordinary. But there are a few that have a far lasting impact the entire ragging sequence; the camaraderie between Rancho and Pia; Chatur’s (the ‘brainy’ student) hilarious speech; the entire black-and-white depiction of Raju’s family; most of the scenes between Rancho and Viru; the sequences that lead to Raju’s recovery in the hospital and many more. After a point, you just stop counting.

Dialogues are snappy and totally effective (“In India, you get a pizza in 30 minutes guaranteed but not an ambulance”). The soundtrack, background score and cinematography is top class. Among the performances, Farhan Madhavan delivers his most retrained act ever. He takes the film back and forth with his narrative and is splendid even with comedy. Raju Rastogi is brilliant, especially in his breakdown scenes. Viru Sahastrabudhhe is sincere as expected, with his lisp act getting all the right nuances.

The life and soul of 3 Idiots is of course Rancho. His perfection lies in the fact that he makes everything look so easy and spontaneous. And at all the right moments, he brings the film alive with his sheer brilliance. From his look to his walk to his manner of speech by Rancho and that’s what stays with us. If you thought Rancho couldn’t get any better than he is, think again. Rancho is the heart and soul of 3 Idiots and he proves why he’s simply a class apart.

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Radar refers to a gadget that detects the presence of some other objects in the area. For instance radar is used in airports to monitor air traffic flow. The way you have used the word clearly shows that you understand what radar is. The Unlicensed National Information Infrastructure took in to consideration the most possible ways of staying undetected in radar. You have given examples of the uses of radar and I specifically like the military uses. This is because radar is very important in the military in establishing the presence of suspicious foreign objects in the air. Radar has indeed been used in many ways in recent times including conservation and security. I am glad that you looked at its pros and cons as these always compliment the discussion.

Roaming charges

The description of roaming charges is accurate and full of meaning. Roaming is indeed the access of one’s primary network services while in a different country or geographical region where the default cell is not available and through the use of the host countries’ partner networks. Therefore, the charges are the deduction from airtime that the host network makes to facilitate the connection. The expense or foaming mat makes it difficult or too high to access some basic services such as bandwidth and internet. SNR value would be unacceptable if it is too high and punitive. It should not go beyond the industry standards and the signal should be strong enough. Great post, keep the facts up!


Processing gain can lead to corruption of important data rendering it useless. To protect it from interference, encoding is encouraged in a process known as chipping. Like mentioned, in chipping, the process involves the conversion small data normally a bit into a series of bits and this is referred to as chipping. I this process, you mentioned that Boolean XOR and pseudorandom number are used on this data. This is very important to note so as to fully understand the subject and the operation. The system has a way of trying to secure the data so incase it is corrupted before its destination, the object is able to process and interpret it through checking the functional chips that have the clear data reception.

Frequency Hopping

I like the start of this post, because it is very confident and assuring. Brain and style are two rare subjects to appear on the same environment. Heddy and Lamar’s invention was such a marvel work of artists who used musical notes to send important messages. This was a very creative invention which some few people can understand in modern world. Amplitude modulation was once the greatest invention of the radio but that could not stand for long. However in this technology, rivals could jam signals to remain in dominance. By setting different frequencies, the parties are able to communicate without being detected or exposed. The main disadvantage of this network is that it prone to interference by rivals efforts through the user of strong equipment.

Frequency range

This post involves detailed analysis and presentation of facts. The 3.65-3.7 GHz frequency range was thought to interfere with satellite signals. The government was also quote indicating that it intends to use them. The regulation on these frequencies gives the range between 4.94 and 4.99 as emergency fr4equencies for use in seeking help during emergency distresses. Not all devices can access this frequency range remotely and therefore when one is out of range, the frequency can be accessed through roaming if the gadget is in good condition. It is simple; when out of range, the cell proposes and suggests other available networks so as to avoid repeats. When the 2.4 became overcrowded in 1997, 5GHz was adopted for Wi-Fi. The speeds have continued to stabilize and within a few years, they may also need an upgrade.

The remote control and Bluetooth control

Sometimes we forget the essential things that we interact with everyday. The working of the things we interact with may be another different story. In most cases, we only know that we can use them but the actual knowledge of how they operate is limited. The first remote control was used in 1939 with limited functionality due to the limited technology to support it at the time. Today, remotes have become an essential to day to day life. Bluetooth technology is what has now come to replace the conventional remote control. It offers more comfort with fewer gadgets. Personally I use both the remote and Bluetooth depending on the occasion. The technology has made a significance and convenience change from manual operation to remote controls and now Bluetooth control. It increases comfort but sadly encourages laziness.


Radios are single channel communication protocols whereby one message is sent at a time. For instance, there are pauses between responses as the operator switches between speak and listen mode. A good example is the walkie-talkie. Later inventions could however overcome this challenge and conversations were flowing without having to switch back and forth through modes. The full duplex can be observed through the cell phone and other similar devices that use the technology. For computers, half duplex is used in most times since full duplex is really not required. These two differentiate radio communication by clarifying the two duplexes. That’s clear technology clarified.