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Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode I have a self assessment due tonight at 10:30pm central time for my management class need a fast hard worker Please read and follow all directions documents attached to help complete

Unfortunately, this assessment is not offered for free online. So, it is located in a PDF file on WesternOnline in the clearly labeled folder. Please take the assessment called the Thomas- Kilmann Conflict Mode, score it, note and interpret your results, write a Self-Assessment (see pages 4-6 in syllabus), and come to class (if your schedule allows) ready to discuss how your results relate to managing conflict. As noted in the syllabus, the more time and effort you spend thinking about your results when the self-assessments are due (like this one), the less work you will have to do on the Leadership Development Plan! ☺ ASSIGNMENT: Have you ever thought about how you handle conflict? Did you know that five conflict-handling modes have been identified for use in various situations? If you haven’t thought about these questions, then this assignment will provide you with some very interesting information! • Go to our WesternOnline folder and locate the assessment. You will need to print it. • Complete the assessment – it will take approximately 15 minutes so be sure to allow enough time. It is best to take it when you are comfortable and alert – taking it an hour before work, after an all-nighter, or when you’re in a bad mood may skew your results and make them less than helpful. • Be sure to answer all of the questions honestly. Gear your responses toward how you behave and think in a WORK or SCHOOL setting (not just on weekends or in social settings). • After taking the assessment, be sure to note your results (i.e., competing, collaborating, avoiding, etc.) and examine the resources provided in the PDF file. You should also visit this link to better understand your results: • Using this information, write a Self-Assessment based on your results (see pages 4-6 in the syllabus for instructions). This is how the assignment should be formatted Complete each assessment as assigned in the Course Outline and bring the specified write-up to class on the designated date – if you can attend the live session (see Course Outline). You must format them using the following headings: ✓ DEFINE: Use the readings and additional sources to clearly define the trait or skill that was assessed (recall from above that the assessments and results correspond to the theoretical concepts presented in class that week, so use that information here). Use a variety of sources for information and give proper citations for each source used, each time it is used, throughout the paper. Citations must be used whenever the information or ideas presented in the paper originated with someone else, not just for direct quotations. ✓ DESCRIBE: Examine your results and the interpretation of your results. Note what your scores mean in the greater context. If you do not understand the meaning of your results, be sure to ask your classmates and professor for clarification — do not simply stop by thinking “I really don’t understand this” — this is not an acceptable response. ✓ DISCUSS: Note whether you think your results are accurate (for you). How do your results relate to the ways in which you handled situations in the past, namely at work or school? Share examples to demonstrate how you relied upon the trait or skill in the past. ✓ DEVELOP: Generate ideas for how you can make improvements. What are some specific action plans for instituting change? For example, if you do not have sufficient traits or skills in an area, how will you develop them? Be realistic in your plans. There are many resources available (namely online) to assist in tailoring specific action plans to suit your needs.