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Thomas JEFFERSON Essay, Research Paper

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is a American leader and political philosopher, writer of the Declaration

of Independence, and the 3rd president of the United States. ( 1801-1809 )

Jefferson was among the most superb American advocates of the Enlightenment, the motion of

18th-century idea that emphasized the possibilities of human ground. A Virginia blue blood, he had

the clip and resources to educate himself in history, literature, jurisprudence, architecture, scientific discipline, and

doctrine ; as diplomat and friend of Gallic and British intellectuals, he had direct entree to

motive and the chance to use Enlightenment political doctrine to the undertaking of nation-


Theorist of Independence

During his 20s, Jefferson read voraciously in Enlightenment doctrine, 17th-century English

history, political theory, and jurisprudence. Pulling on this acquisition, he drafted in1774a Summary View of

the Rights of British America as instructions for Virginia & # 8217 ; s delegates to the First Continental

Congress, which met to see the settlements & # 8217 ; grudges against Great Britain. Virginia leaders

alternatively adopted a more legalistic set of instructions, , and Summary View was published

anonymously as a booklet. As Jefferson & # 8217 ; s writing became widely known, nevertheless, he moved

all of a sudden into the front rank of American political theoreticians.

In the booklet, Jefferson argued that the original colonists of the settlements came as persons

instead than as agents of the British authorities. The colonial authoritiess they formed hence

embodied the natural right of exiles from one state to choose the footings of their subjugation a

new swayer. Colonial legislative assemblies and the British Parliament, he asserted, shared power, and both were

responsible for protecting the & # 8220 ; autonomies and rights & # 8221 ; of the people.

The Declaration of Independence, drafted chiefly by Jefferson in late June 1776 for the

2nd Continental Congress, drew the deductions of this historical position to their logical decision,

proclaiming that the oppressive Acts of the Apostless of the British authorities gave the settlers the right to & # 8220 ; fade out

the political sets & # 8221 ; that had connected them with the female parent state.

Early Life

Jefferson was born on April 13, 1773, at Shadwell in Ambermale County, Virginia. His

male parent was a plantation proprietor, and his female parent belonged to the Randolph household, which was

prominent in colonial Virginia. From his male parent and from his environment he acquired an intense

involvement in vegetation, geology, mapmaking, and North American geographic expedition, and from his childhood

teacher love of Greek and Latin. As a pupil at the College of William and Mary in the early

1760s, he studied unde

R William Small, who knew in deepness the Scots Enlightenment, with its extremely

integrated attack to jurisprudence, history, doctrine, and scientific discipline. In George With, he found an every bit

gifted instructor of the jurisprudence. Jefferson was admitted to the saloon in 1767 and foremost elected to the Virginia

House of his place, Monticello. Despite several desultory wooing & # 8217 ; s, he did non earnestly see

matrimony until 1770, when he met Martha Wayles Skelton, a Wealthy widow of 23. They were

married in1772.

Jefferson as President

In the election of 1800, Jefferson an his fellow Republican Aaron Burr received an equal

figure of electoral ballots, therefore making a tie and throwing the presidential election into the House of

Representatives. After 36 ballots, the House declared Jefferson elected.

As had Adams before him, Jefferson faced resistance from an sturdy cabal

within his ain party every bit good as from the Federalists. He steered a steady class between these two

extremes, naming some qualified Federalists to office and declining a sweeping purging of

officers inherited signifier the Adams disposal. He supported abrogation of the Judiciary Act of

1801, which had created a dearly-won grade of federal entreaties tribunals and would hold encouraged entreaties

from province tribunals, but he opposed any assault on the independency of the Federalists-dominated

bench ; Jefferson & # 8217 ; s three assignments to the Supreme Court, made between 1804 and 1807,

were all strong patriots and maintainers of judicial independency

During his first term his lifelong interested in the West and in American-French dealingss

prompted his major presidential accomplishment, the purchase from France of Louisiana-all the western

land drained by the Missouri and Missisipi rivers-and the organisation of an expedition by William

Clark and Meriwether Lewis to research the British to esteem US neutrality on the high seas during

the Napoleonic Wars, he persuaded Congress in 1807 to embargo all trade with Britain-a move that

failed to arouse any grants, devastated the state & # 8217 ; s economic system for a coevals, and alienated New

England, which lived by foreign trade.


After go forthing office he retired to Monticello where he lived until his decease on July 4, 1826,

matching with John Adams about the great issues of revolution and constitutinalism, seeking to

continue his declinig estate for his girls alternatively of his creditors, and dwelling aver the baneful

effects of bondage. He was unwilling, for fiscal grounds, to liberate his ain slaves, and he disagreed

with abolitionist friends who held that inkinesss were equal to Whites. His self-contradictory beliefs in human

self-respect and in racial lower status typified the quandary of the state he had helped to make.

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