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This will be an extension off of the first paper you originally wrote for me That was apart of

This will be an extension off of the first paper you originally wrote for me That was apart of a research paper. Below I’ve attached a sample paper that was provided by the professor .please follow format including citations and reference pages. Ive also provided the original paper that you wrote as a reference to base the paper off of. Thank you

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Components of funding

Funding in a business must be well orchestrated so as to impress the sponsor. There are a few important factors to consider whole preparing a good funding proposal (Satrustegui, Koldo, Gutierrez-Goiria & Lezama, 2014).

The budget is a key component. It is very important to have a plan on how the funds will be used once received. It should be smart and clear. The funding source should be made to understand the problem, then believe in the solutions being sought as well as the qualifications and skills to handle it. There should also be a clear indication of how and when to pay back the funds if it is not a grant. Lastly, it should be a mutual understanding between the two parties to invest the funds in the project.

Work cited


Compare and contrast Jordan Peele’s film, “Us” and “Get Out.”

This will be an extension off of the first paper you originally wrote for me That was apart of Compare and contrast Jordan Peele’s film, “Us” and “Get Out.”.

Paper details

Prompt: Compare and contrast Jordan Peele’s film, “Us” and “Get Out.” LENGTH: 1,500 words (approx. 6 pages; word count is more important than the page count) – FILM: 6 minutes or longer MINIMUM NUMBER OF SOURCES (Essay only): Discuss TWO works from class (you may add ADDITIONAL works, either from inside or outside of class, but you must include at least two works from class.) And at least TWO secondary sources. (An outside article/blog/opinion that supports your argument or you refute in your paper. Wikipedia and dictionaries are not appropriate sources.) ———————————————————— YOUR ESSAY: Based on the books, literature and films we have studied so far—or similar horror works you find during your research—craft an essay discussing your understanding of the themes in the black horror aesthetic and their meaning, context and/or effectiveness. You should refer to the course work and at least two sources—which would include quoting from the works themselves. (Outside scholarship is required—TWO articles or blog posts, for example—but you must discuss at least two class works even if they don’t have equal weight.) Be as specific as possible. POSSIBLE APPROACHES: You may write a compare and contrast essay about two or more of the works we have studied (or comparing a work we have studied to another outside of class); an analysis of two or more works; or present a specific argument (i.e. argumentative essay) that you then use your analysis of works to bolster. You should have a thesis statement in your first paragraph and lay out your subtopics. Each paragraph introducing a new subject or idea should have a topic sentence. FORMAT: Assignments MUST be emailed as a Word document (or Word compatible) of PDF. You must write DOUBLE-SPACED in a 12-pt font, preferably Times New Roman. The word count will be weighed more heavily than the page count, so do not rely upon specialty fonts to increase your page count. Again, it is best to use Times New Roman. Essays may be formatted in MLA or APA style, but all citations should be cited in a Works Cited page. DEADLINE: You will receive full credit for turning your paper in on time as long as I receive it by midnight PST on November 26. Late papers will be marked down. PROMPT: Compare and contrast Jordan Peele’s Us and Get Out.

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I need a paraphrasing for my project that in the file based on the attached file.
The paraphrase must be the same idea with different words.
Zero Plagiarism and good grammar and try to extend the ideas as much as you can using the links in the reference part.
Maintain same titles (Name of projects and section headings) and main structure of the attachment.
Using APA referencing style.

The Impact of the Internet and Social Media on Culture

The Impact of the Internet and Social Media on Culture.

The Impact of the Internet and Social Media on Culture Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details 1. Identify a debatable issue or problem relevant to your discipline or field of study and your position/stance on the issue—your thesis. 2. Put the issue into context for the intended audience, including the background or the history of the problem and the cause(s) of the problem. 3. Examine the What, How and Why of the issue from multiple perspectives including the opinions, arguments and counter arguments of the stakeholders affected by the issue. 4. Engage directly with the ideas, opinions and recommendations of key figures, experts and/or non- experts associated with the problem. 5. Propose a plan or recommendations based on your research that if executed could help resolve the problem and to what extent. 6. Satisfy each of the conditions above in an ethically researched, well-reasoned, and persuasive manner that demonstrates your critical thinking and the writing skills developed over the term: a. Includesanoriginaltitlepagewithwordcount(2500-3000wordsisabout8-10double- spaced pages of text) a minimum of 2 relevant images or graphics, and a list of References in APA style. b. Demonstrates the effective use of a narrative (personal story, testimony, or timeline) within the paper. c. Demonstrates the effective use of the other writing strategies (writing patterns and rhetorical appeals) discussed in class and in the course readings. d. Demonstrates ethical use of citation practices through APA in-text citations and an APA list of References.

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Exercise in the elderly

Exercise in the elderly.

The need for exercise in the elderly paper, identify the educational leaning diagnosis and a plan that includes your learnning objectives and strategies on how you are going to address each learning domain. for example which nurising diagnosis serves as thefocus for your teaching intervention. apa. 

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