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This weeks discussion board..

This weeks discussion board… Can you help me understand this Management question?

Describe when Material Requirements Planning (MRP) or Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) should be utilized in a production/assembly business. Be sure to consider both business size and the speed of production/assembly in your analysis.
– 200-300 words
– at least two references
Operations ManagementMcGraw-Hill Education; 13thedition (February 15, 2017) by William J Stevensone-copyTextbook with Connect access code: ISBN13: 978-1259948206
Read: Stevenson, Chapter 12
This weeks discussion board..

Miami Dade County Public Schools Handling Petitions Discussion.

How Would You Handle This Petition?Betty Smith, a unit clerk, has come to see you, the nurse-manager of the medical unit, to complain of flagrant discriminatory practices against female employees of University General Hospital. She alleges that women are denied promotional and training opportunities comparable to those made available to men. She shows you a petition with 35 signatures supporting her allegations. Ms. Smith has threaten to forward this petition to the administrator of the hospital, the press, and the Department of Labor unless corrective action is taken at once. Being a woman yourself, you have some sympathy for Ms. Smith’s complaint. However, you believe overall that employees at University General are treated fairly regardless of their sex.Ms. Smith, a fairly good employee, has worked on your unit for 4 years. However, she has been creating problems lately. She has been reprimanded for taking to much time for coffee breaks. Personnel evaluations that recommend pay raises and promotions are due next week. Instructions:Read the scenario above and answer the following questions:How should you handle this problem?Is the personnel evaluation an appropriate time to address the petition?Outline your plan and explain your rationaleYour paper should be:
Typed according to APA style for margins, formatting and spacing standards.
Miami Dade County Public Schools Handling Petitions Discussion

one page per question, will put the questions in the paper details section

MLA format:) Essay Question 1: Although written over a hundred years apart, Wordsworth’s “Tintern Abbey” and Yeats’ “Leda and the Swan” are both poems that reflect on particular moments in time and meditate on their historical significance. For Wordsworth, the moment was the beginning of the social revolution in France, and for Yeats it was the aftermath of the First World War (compared to the Trojan War—the subject of the poem). Compare and contrast the two different statements the poets are making in these poems about the role of man and Nature. Essay Question 2: Both of Whitman’s poems, “O Captain! My Captain!” and “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d” and Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” rely on the first person point of view—the strength of the individual voice that we, the readers, hear in the poem. But the voices are very different from one another. The voice we hear in Whitman is energetic and forceful—the punctuation we see most often is the exclamation mark—or, if there is a question mark, the question is rhetorical, and Whitman quickly answers himself. In “Prufrock,” however, the questions are different: “Do I dare/Disturb the universe?” “And how should I presume?” Compare and contrast each poet’s use of the first person point of view and its tone in these two poems. Essay Question 3: The Death of Ivan Ilyich and The Metamorphosis are similar in that each focus on a main character in a very realistic writing style. We, the readers, see the daily events, no matter how trivial, of these characters’ lives. The difference, though, is that Tolstoy has presented a brutally honest portrayal of real life while Kafka has presented a surreal portrayal—men never actually transform into bugs. But the main point of both is to make a comment on the social norms of the times. Compare and contrast the social statements that each author makes in these works.

Religion and violence

essay writer free Religion and violence.

In Letter to a Christian Nation, Sam Harris presents
religion (not only American Christianity) as irrational, obsolete, and
guilty of great harm in the world. Harris questions not only the
failings of contemporary religious believers and institutions, but the
very beliefs that inspire religious life.Drawing from the essays in “Subverting Hatred,” show how one specific
religious teaching or practice (perhaps purged of the flaws Harris
targets) might contribute to the easing of tension or the reduction of violence in the world today. Be specific and give examples. Show how this teaching or practice might be made acceptable to persons of any background.
Religion and violence

Module 03 Midterm Exam

Module 03 Midterm Exam.

This exam covers all readings, course activities, and lecture content assigned from Modules 1 through 3. Choose three of the five questions below. For each
question chosen, write an essay response of 250-300 words. In your
response, be sure to refer to specific concepts from the readings,
lecture notes, and/or discussions, and use these concepts to support
your points. Please state the question prior to your answer.Choose a social problem, and explain how the sociological
imagination, as defined by C. Wright Mills, can be used to understand
the causes and consequences of that problem. Be sure that you address
and apply the components of the sociological imagination in your
response.Explain what is meant by the terms “ascribed status” and
“achieved status.” Discuss a specific example that illustrates how a
person’s ascribed status could influence his or her achieved status.Compare and contrast Karl Marx’s and Max Weber’s theories of
social class. Explain which theory you think is more accurate and why.What are the key components of culture? Discuss at least three
components of culture, giving specific examples of each component.Why is socialization so important to the development of our
self-concept? Explain the role of socialization in shaping our lives,
using at least three concepts from the course material in your
explanation. Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.
Module 03 Midterm Exam

Rasmussen College The Pathophysiology of Immune System Disorder Research Paper

Rasmussen College The Pathophysiology of Immune System Disorder Research Paper.

Identify a person you know who has an immune system disorder or cancer. Review content in your text for potential types of disorders. Interview the affected person and write a 3-5 page paper identifying your findings including: Identify the pathophysiology of the immune system disorderDiscuss the treatment for the immune system disorderSummarize the findings of the interview.Use at least one scholarly source to support your findings or identify therapies that may be new or different from what the affected person may be using. Examples of scholarly sources include academic journals, textbooks, reference texts, and CINAHL nursing guides. You can find useful reference materials for this assignment in the School of Nursing guide: your sources in-text and on a References page using APA format. Have questions about APA? Visit the online APA guide: you may want to use to guide your interview:Which immune system disorder do you have?How long have you had this disorder?How has this disorder changed your life (home and work)?Are you able to carry out daily activities independently?What therapies are you using to manage this disorder?What, if any, side effects does the treatment have?What therapies are you using to manage this disorder?What, if any, side effects doe the treatment have?Has this disorder changed your body?Does this disorder have any emotional effects on you?Have alternative therapies, such as Eastern medicine (acupuncture, herbal treatment, yoga) been tried or recommended?
Rasmussen College The Pathophysiology of Immune System Disorder Research Paper