This week covers present value, a foundational concept in Finance. In order to understand and make sound investment decisions,

This week covers present value, a foundational concept in Finance. In order to understand and make sound investment decisions, a financial manager must be able to compare and contrast projects offering different cash flow streams. Applying time value of money theory provides this standard.

For this discussion board, research a bank, local credit union, or regional financial institution you may use or are aware of. Find two safe savings products they offer. The most likely products include money market, certificate of deposit (CD’s), or a savings account. Consider an investment period for each of these products greater than 2 years. For example, you could select a 3-year CD and a money market fund you hold for 5-years. Feel free to use Bank Rate for some of the best rates on these different products.

For this discussion board, answer the following questions:

Identify the financial institution and how you heard of this company.

Describe the two products that you would save with. You may want to identify the trade-off between the rate, access to funds, and time horizon.

Assuming $10,000 in each investment, what would the account be worth given the time horizon? provide the following variables:

Present Value (PV)

Interest (I)

Time Horizon (N)

Future Value (FV)[supanova_question]

Ethics and Emotions in Business

Ethics and Emotions in Business.

Identify an ethical issue that you encountered in a business setting and discuss this in terms of how the scenario impacted you emotionally and how it might be considered from the position of intuitionism

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This week covers present value, a foundational concept in Finance. In order to understand and make sound investment decisions, CONFIDENCE INTERVALS AND HYPOTHESIS TESTING.



Overview You are a consultant who works for the Diligent Consulting Group. In this Case, you are engaged on a consulting basis by Loving Organic Foods. In order to get a better idea of what might have motivated customers’ buying habits you are asked to analyze a customer database. You realize the database is still incomplete, so you recontact these customers and collect additional information. The database now includes “Annual Amount Spent on Organic Food,” “Age,” “Annual Income,” “Number of People in the Household,” and “Gender.” Case Assignment Using Excel, generate descriptive statistics for these new variables: “Annual Income,” “Number of People in the Household,” and “Gender.” You have much more information about the customers than you did in the Module 1 Case. After you have reviewed the results generated above, write a report to your boss that briefly describes the results that you obtained. Please include the following in your report: 1. The descriptive statistics you generated. 2. Your interpretation of the descriptive statistics and any visual displays or other tools you used to analyze the data. 3. Your recommendation on how this new data might be used for marketing purposes.

4. Comment on whether this new recommendation is different than the one you provided in the Module 1 case. If so, explain why it is different. 5. Compare your statistical results from the new variables with those of the industry. 6. Lastly, your client argues that the amount of money spent on organic food is the same for females and males. You decide to test this at the α = 0.10 level, using a two-sample hypothesis test. You don’t know the population standard deviation, but you assume they are the same. Run this test in Excel and interpret the results. Can you support your client’s claim? Data: Download the Excel-based data file: BUS520 Module 2 Case. Assignment Expectations You can again search the professional market research reports from the IBISWorld database to conduct the industry analysis. IBISWorld Overview (n.d.). IBISWorld, Inc., New York, NY.  IBISWorld Forecast (n.d.). IBISWorld, Inc., New York, NY. IBISWorld Data and Sources (n.d.). IBISWorld, Inc., New York, NY. IBISWorld Navigation Tips (n.d.). IBISWorld, Inc., New York, NY. Written Report Length requirements: 4–5 pages minimum (not including Cover and Reference pages). NOTE: You must submit 4–5 pages of written discussion and analysis. Provide a brief introduction to/background of the problem, similar to the introduction/background you provided in Module 1 Case. Provide a brief description of organic food industry and target market characteristics such as their demographics, lifestyles, and shopping behaviors. This should be similar to the description you provided in Module 1 Case, but now you have more variables that you want to ensure you are able to compare to the industry data. Provide a written analysis that addresses each of requirements listed under the “Case Assignment” section. Write clearly, simply, and logically. Use double-spaced, black Verdana or Times Roman font in 12 pt. type size. Please use keywords as headings to organize the report. Avoid redundancy and general statements such as “All organizations exist to make a profit.” Make every sentence count. Paraphrase the facts using your own words and ideas, employing quotes sparingly. Quotes, if absolutely necessary, should rarely exceed five words. Upload both your written report and Excel file to the Case 2 Dropbox.

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Addison diseases study case

Addison diseases study case.

Description Caso estudio # 1 lab Addison’s Disease Case Studies This 32-year-old white professional female was noted to have increasing melanosis affecting her skin and gums. She noted that she had become weaker over the past several weeks. She complained of nausea, occasional vomiting, and anorexia. She experienced a 10-pound weight loss in the last 8 weeks. She complained of a relative recent onset of moderate high-back pain. She has noted constipation but has no other gastrointestinal symptoms. She noted early satiety. Over the last 2 years she has developed Reynaud’s phenomena. Her physical exam reveals a thin woman with a dark tan (she recently returned from a vacation in the Caribbean). She weighed 90 lbs and was 5’2” tall. She had very little axillary hair but had all normal primary and secondary sexual characteristics. There was evidence of a melanotic gum line around her teeth. The creases of her hands were hypermelanotic. The remaining physical examination was normal. Studies Results CBC, Normal Chemical profile Normal except: Na = 129 (normal: 136-145 mEq/L) K = 5.1 (normal: 3.5-5 mEq/L) Albumin 3.0 (normal: 3.5-5 g/dL) EGD Mild gastritis Gastric Emptying Delayed gastric emptying CT Scan Abdomen Adrenal glands not visible CT Scan of the Brain No pituitary tumor Cortisol 8 AM 2 mcg/dL (normal: 5-23 mcg/dL) ACTH 8 AM 3,200 pg/mL (normal: < 1 Units/mL) ANA Positive 1:120 (normal: negative at 1:40 dilution) T4 (Free), p. 497 2.5 ng/dL (normal: 0.8-2.8 ng/dL) TSH, p. 486 4 microUnits/mL (normal: 2-10 microUnits/mL) Diagnostic Analysis With the low cortisol level, the diagnosis of Addison disease was made. Her ACTH was high, indicating secondary adrenal failure. ACTH has actions comparable to melanocytic-stimulating hormone thus causing hyperpigmentation, and elevated levels of ACTH caused this woman to be very darkly tanned. No pituitary tumor was found indicating that this was primary adrenal failure. Her elevated ANA and hydroxylase antibodies indicated that she had an autoimmune cause of her Addison’s disease. The small or absent adrenal glands noted on CT scan corroborated autoimmune destruction of her adrenal glands. Although one of her main presenting symptoms was upper GI dysfunction, no pathology, such as peptic disease, was found. Her reduced gastric transit was caused by her Addison disease. Critical Thinking Questions 1. Of all the tests this young woman had, which single test would be easiest, most diagnostic, and would have explained her entire symptom complex? 2. What are some of the other adrenal function tests that could have been performed to assist in the diagnosis of this woman’s adrenal failure? 3. What is the difference between primary and secondary Addison disease, and how can the two be separated? 4. Why was this woman’s sodium low and her potassium elevated?

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Controlling employees in organizations

Controlling employees in organizations.

 Controlling employees in organizations!! Last year, in very few cases students did not provide a scientific essay (either not using any literature at all, only non-scientific internet sources, or listing a few references without indicating their use in the text). In these cases I rejected the essay as being non-scientific and therefore not meeting the exam requirements. Structure of the essay: One of the materials provided in Blackboard says: “(E)ssays should make an argument: your essay should have a point and reach a conclusion, even if tentative, and you should try to convince the reader that your point is correct.” o Statement: From the above it becomes clear that you need to provide a clear statement about the point that your essay is going to make. Without such a statement it will be impossible for me to evaluate whether your main section convincingly argues for your statement and whether your conclusion connects to the purpose of your essay. o Main part of the text: Please note that the following statements require different ways of argumentations in the main part of the essay: • “I argue that gender has nothing to do with good leadership.”, • “Women are better leaders depending on the situation.” • “Asking whether women are better leaders is meaningless since such a question only serves reinforcing the use of gender stereotypes.” o Conclusion: ‘Does the conclusion connect to the statement?’, will be the question that I ask here. Or does that final part of the essay draw a conclusion unrelated to the statement made in the introduction or unrelated to what has been written in the main section? o List of references: Max. 6 pages, excl. list of references.

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EOGRAPHY Description Please use the readings in the accompanying pdf document (Chapters 3 and 4 of Getis, Getis, Bjelland and Fellmann) and additional information derived from your own research to address the following seven, multi-part questions in short essay form: 1. Briefly summarize the differences between Igneous Rocks, Sedimentary Rocks and Metamorphic Rocks. 2. Explain the major theory that accounts for the Movement of the Continents. What is the significance of Plate Tectonics? 3. What are the main types of Tectonic Forces? Describe how these forces create features at the surface of the Earth. 4. Summarize the main forms of Gradational (“gradual”) Forces that continuously act to re-shape Earth’s surface. 5. What are the main characteristics of the Global Air Circulation Pattern? 6. When geographers examine Climatic Change, they note a big difference between the causes of Long-Term and Short-Term changes. Briefly explain them. 7. Negative human impacts on the environment include effects on (a) water, (b) the air, (c) landforms, and (d) plants and animals. Select TWO of these categories and explain what the most significant human impacts are and how they might be addressed most effectively.

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Coaching Case Study [CLO: 1]

Coaching Case Study [CLO: 1].

Description A key role of human resource is to ensure that all levels of the organization are prepared to fulfill their roles. To ensure that strategic organizational goals are met, leadership must have the necessary skills. HR is tasked with the role of training at all levels. Prior to beginning work on the discussion, read the case study “Example 2: Senior Management Coaching at Vodaphone” in Chapter 1 of the course text. After reading the case study, answer the following questions: Why was coaching necessary at Vodaphone? How does coaching improve organizational collaboration? What are the positive and negative effects of coaching in culturally diverse organizations?

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New ERP methodology to mitigate challenges and issues in an ERP implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

New ERP methodology to mitigate challenges and issues in an ERP implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365?.

Title: New ERP methodology to mitigate challenges and issues in an ERP implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Title: New ERP methodology to mitigate challenges and issues in an ERP implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365? Executive summary (1 page) Section A: Research report (5 pages) – Research motivation – What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)? – What are the drivers for an organization to implement an ERP software? – ERP Industry Overall and Main Competitors in the industry – ERP Decision – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Microsoft Dynamics 365 – SWOT Table – ERP – Implementation methodologies – The next step: The ERP implementation challenge Section B: Business case (5 pages) – ERP implementation process – Top 2 ERP methodologies in the market waterfall and agile – Pros and Cons of each ERP implementation methodology (waterfall and agile) – ERP implementation phases – Challenges of ERP implementation – Top 10 users complains during an ERP implementation – Some examples of challenges – Communication – Standardization – Lack of business processes – Project management – Customization – Stakeholders support – Market validation – why we should care about the problem – is it something relevant – is it enough people bothered by the problem – New opportunity for a hybrid methodology for ERP implementation – Hybrid methodology: Combination of waterfall and agile for the ERP implementation + Soft skills that address top 10 consumers complains and examples of challenges from previous session – Hybrid methodology: ERP implementation phases – Pros and Cons compared with Waterfall and Agile – Expected benefits to mitigate the challenge to implement ERP in an organization within a hybrid methodology Section C: PoC – Proof of Concept (5 pages) – Plan of how would a hybrid ERP implementation would work for businesses – Project plan of how an hybrid ERP methodology can be implement in a business – What are the key feature or metric that will prove the hybrid methodology will work better than waterfall or agile? – Fictional or Realistic KPI, OCR, matrix to represent how the hybrid methodology would work

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Patient Information: When its okay to disclose

Patient Information: When its okay to disclose.

Description Instructions Students are responsible for a 7-page paper including a title page and references that must follow the analysis structure posted on Canvas. While ethical principles have equal rank with no one principle taking priority in all cases, in health care practice one or more ethical principles may be subordinated for another. As health care practitioners, we must justify the decisions that we make when we apply the principles and subordinate one for another. Multiple perspectives must be considered before a final practice decision is made. This assignment challenges you to see both sides of an issue by “believing” the side you don’t agree with. Using the Believing Game questions, write a paper justifying the opposite side of an issue from what you believe

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The origins and functions of the Hindu Caste System

The origins and functions of the Hindu Caste System.

Beginning around 1900 BCE large numbers of Indo-European migrants known as Aryans, moved into India from central Asia. Merging with the local Dravidian culture they developed a distinctive Indian society, characterized by a complex social class system called the caste system. Analyze and discuss the Hindu caste system by addressing its origins, and how it is linked to the religious belief system, identifying the major Indian castes and subcastes that make up the Indian social pyramid and explaining its purpose. Your essay should include a discussion in which you evaluate the caste system, and argue if it is a stabilizing or destabilizing factor in Indian society (or both). All discussion must be supported. Read the following linked , and use this source to support your discussion. Use APA to format the essay.

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