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This peer review and feedback is important. Be thorough and give quality and insightful feedback that will aid and

This peer review and feedback is important. Be thorough and give quality and insightful feedback that will aid and help the healthcare environment and your assigned partner push forward into the 21st century. You are required to provide at least one positive and one improvement that can be used to enhance your partner’s paper.

Prepare the peer review feedback in a constructive manner that will assist your assigned partner in evaluating and improving upon their original submission. Be sure to answer the questions thoroughly. Use the template provided to help you write your response before posting it in the forum. The template includes questions you must address in your peer review.



 Summary of the Paper regarding: Problem Statement of the paper Goal and Objectives Methodology – Techniques – Methods – Tools Main Results Conclusion Your comment about the paper I will send the pdf for the writer so he/she can read the article and then they can make a summary of the paper using all of the above requirement.

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reshearch in criminoogy

This peer review and feedback is important. Be thorough and give quality and insightful feedback that will aid and 1.Think about a question in criminology/criminal justice that you would like to explore/study. Write out your research question here.
2.Are there any criminological theories associated with your research question? In other words, if one was to do research on this question, would there be related criminological theories about which there have been published studies completed? (Criminological Paradigms: Rational Choice, Positivist, Integrated, Interaction, and Critical have *many* criminological theories associated with them. It’s *very* likely that your research question has a related criminological theory). Identify and describe that theory here.
3.Identify the component parts of your research question (the main areas of inquiry).
Example: If your research question is: How do police chiefs effectively eradicate sexism among the ranks of their police units?…..then your component parts would include: Policing; Police Leadership; Leadership (general) Strategies; Sexism and Discrimination in Policing; Police Culture; Police Training…..and probably many more!
4.Complete some library research on your research question. Using the “component parts” or areas of inquiry relating to your question as search words, find 5 sources from the library (not Google) that help to answer your research question. Search for research articles, books, book reviews, etc. on the components/related ideas in your question (not newspaper articles though!). Then…draft a Microsoft Word document and upload it here that offers: 1) one APA-formatted References list, properly alphabetized, with hanging indent, etc. which includes all of the sources you’ve found. Annotate this list, meaning after each citation, prior to the next citation, include one bullet with one sentence summarizing the contents of the source. Refer to the Sample Annotated Reference List in the weekly folder for what this should look like.

Logistic Regression

ObjectiveThe goal of this homework is to give you exposure to the practice of training and testing machine-learning models. In particular, you need to build a logistic regression classifier. The performance of those classifiers should be measured by accuracy. The task is to classify patients into high medical spending and low medical spending. The primary goal of the assignment is for you to learn to experiment with feature engineering, and to review some concepts we’ve covered in class.
DataThe data (a1_data.csv) for this assignment was prepared for you. The data preprocessing steps explained in the linear algorithms notebook (week 4), including combining CHBMIX42 and BMINDX53, removing outliers, and creating dummy variables, were applied. You should use this file as a data source.
What to doThis is a fairly open-ended assignment, but I would recommend applying three different feature engineering methods. The first two of them are introduced in the section about common mistakes in linear regression.
LinearityAlthough linear regression and logistic regression assume a linear relationship between dependent and independent variables, the actual data distribution might not follow linearity. If this is the case, you may apply polynomial terms. Please see p.10 in the week 4 slides.

MulticollinearityAlthough linear regression and logistic regression assume no or little multicollinearity between independent variables, it might not be true in your data. If you find multicollinearity between independent variables, then you can multiply them. Please see p.11 to p.13 in the week 4 slides.

Noisy featureIn most cases, having more independent variables (i.e., features) helps to build a better model. However, if there is only a random pattern between an independent variable and a dependent variable, then it might be better to drop the independent variable.

By mixing these three strategies, try to beat the baseline classifier with an accuracy of 0.63 and show your work.
What to submitIt might be hard to improve the performance of logistic regression classifiers. Therefore, it is important to explain what you did and how they worked. Taking into consideration everything you tried and whether or not it worked, provide a discussion of your overall results. Did you notice any method that particularly worked or not? Do you have any ideas for why these happened? What did you learn? To demonstrate your work, you need to write a report (a .docx file). Please include your best accuracy for A1 in your report and what method you applied.
Please attach a .ipynb file where you include the feature engineering enabled your best classifier. Please note that you should not include all methods you tried. Only the best method and coding for that need to be submitted in the notebook. Please use the a1.ipynb file distributed together.
In short, you need submit a report (.docx) as well as a notebook (.ipynb).
Grading CriteriaThe performance will be counted as 40% of the grade for assignment 1. Your efforts you made, logic to build the best classifier, and reflection on methods you applied will be counted as 60% of the grade.
RubricReflection Paper
Reflection Paper
CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeContentWhether to summarize, synthesize, and apply critical thinking
50 ptsFull Marks
Interprets topic in accurate and insightful ways. Uses information thoughtfully, in a way that are factually relevant and accurate. Composition demonstrates analysis and might offer alternative thoughts or creative viewpoints based on concrete evidence.
37.5 ptsProficient
Accurately interprets topic; uses main points of information from assigned texts. May repeat the ideas of theorists but attempts to offer new insight; but does not provoke significant new thinking or further consideration.
25 ptsNeeds Work
Makes errors in interpreting topic. Opinion based and superficial commentary only.
50 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIntegration of external resources/referencesProper in-text citations from readings, and textbook
30 ptsFull Marks
External resources/references are used to support the context very well.
15 ptsProficient
Some external resources/references are used to support the context, but more references should be used.
0 ptsNo Marks
No external resources/references are used to support the context.
30 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStructureWriting, Grammar, APA style
20 ptsFull Marks
The following writing instructions are kept very well: 400-600 words, (12-point font, double-spaced), APA 7th edition style, 4 to 5 paragraphs, introduction, two or three paragraphs about what you learn, and conclusion.
10.67 ptsProficient
Some following writing instructions are kept kept but there are still some mistakes: 400-600 words, (12-point font, double-spaced), APA 7th edition style, 4 to 5 paragraphs, introduction, two or three paragraphs about what you learn, and conclusion.
0 ptsNo Marks
The following writing instructions are not kept: 400-600 words, (12-point font, double-spaced), APA 7th edition style, 4 to 5 paragraphs, introduction, two or three paragraphs about what you learn, and conclusion.
20 ptsTotal Points: 100

Criminal Law: Correctional institutions

Criminal Law: Correctional institutions.

This essay assignment has several parts to it: (#1 Formal Introduction to explain the importance of communicating effectively with offenders, #2 all questions to be answered in body of essay (no bullet points), #3 formal conclusion, #4 completed misconduct report for scenario)

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Astronomy Question

1. Suppose that the Earth spun backwards but still orbits the Sun…what would happen to the seasons and the day/night cycle in thissituation for San Diego? Why? What would happen at the Northand South Poles? What would happen at the Equator? How wouldthis affect life on Earth?
2. Suppose that the Moon moved closer to the Earth…how would the phases appear to us on Earth? Would we have all of the lunar phases, some of the phases, or none of the phases? Would you have eclipses? Why or why not? How would tides change?

Effects of Globalization on Cities and Communities

Effects of Globalization on Cities and Communities.

Option A: Effects of Globalization on Cities and Communities Option A will require you to develop a research-based and well-written responsive essay concerning the effects of globalization on cities and communities. There is much research on the topic of globalization; however, you should be able to synthesize the wealth of information and to present a clear and well-researched responsive essay. Develop a responsive essay that addresses (at a minimum) the following: -Define globalization. -Discuss the historical origin of globalization -Identify at least one theoretical perspective used to analyze globalization. -Discuss general dimensions of globalization (please access the link below for an explanation of the general dimensions, which are interconnection, intensity, integration and institutionalization, pace, and level of impact). -Identify major debates concerning globalization (e.g., hyperglobalizers; transformationalists). -How have social institutions (or processes) in cities been affected by globalization? (Here, you can discuss what some call “dimensions”. These include: the economy, politics, culture, technology and international trade relations). -What are some successes, failures, and consequences of globalization? Identify current and/or future trends of globalization and its effect on cities. Formatting Be sure to follow all requirements concerning citations and requirements for submitting a well-developed responsive essay. Please single space your response. You can use the questions as an outline (or format) for your responses.

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New answer

10 jobs were selected to train professional jobs in a title in the Joe area paragraph.

What is required is the use of 5 vocabulary words and 3 grammar as shown below.

Each paragraph must include 11 sentences in the form of an article used. Underline or

highlight vocabulary and grammar

Write a paragraph about Talk about every job like it’s your dream job
Describe the job responsibilities.
Explain why the job is right for you.
You must highlight the wordsUnderline the grammatical rules you are required to apply
It is forbidden to quote and it is forbidden to use the Internet, it must be in your own style
You must apply the complete grammar rules in three sentences in each topic and underline themYou must use eight words from the unit in each topic and put a highlighter on them (you must apply the required)
Avoid plagiarismYou should use your own words and your own style