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This paper should be in long-memo format, and a minimum of 2000 words. Your objective is to provide a

This paper should be in long-memo format, and a minimum of 2000 words. Your objective is to provide a summary of a financial statement audit. This Memo is to be written to your supervisor, explaining the purpose of an audit, as well as summarizing the financial statement audit process.

The Memo should be sure to address the following concepts:

Demand for Reliable Information
Auditor Independence
Generally Accepted Auditing Standards
Audit Risk
Internal Controls
Subsequent Events
Audit Report



Explore a new retail business model Appreciate the challenges in customer acquisition for a start-up retailer Apply knowledge of marketing to make tactical decisions in pricing and promotions Gain hands-on experience in analytics using data provided with the case. Summary This case focuses on customer lifetime value analysis and how this analysis, when paired with previous experience with consumer promotions, can guide thinking in developing the best strategies and tactics for entering new markets. Specializing in local organic meat and produce, Retail Relay has developed a new business model for on-line grocery shopping and delivery. Having succeeded in the small market of Charlottesville, Virginia, it is considering expanding to other, larger markets. Assignment Questions: What is the expected customer lifetime value of a newly acquired customer? Use annual discount rate of 10%. Show your calculation. What is likely to happen to this value as Retail Relay become a larger company? Is the Valpak promotion worth pursuing at a larger scale? What about door-hanger coupons? Would you recommend any adjustments to the company’s social media marketing campaign? Should Retail Relay move forward with the Richmond expansion?

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Lockean phrase “tufts my servants have cut,”

This paper should be in long-memo format, and a minimum of 2000 words. Your objective is to provide a Lockean phrase “tufts my servants have cut,”.

 Description One element that you could really expand upon in the final paper is the Lockean phrase “tufts my servants have cut,” this phrase may imply that an individual’s right to the fruits of their own labor is limited, and that owners of property have a greater right than those who labor. The implication here is obvious—facebook, for example, may have a right to own your social media content in this interpretation.Your argument in the final paper greatly rests on your interpretation of this phrase.

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Answer questions

2. What does Laurino see as some of the physical and sensory markers of her Italian identity ? Does she describe these markers in a positive or negative light ? 3. What does unmanaged hair symbolize in American culture, according to Laurino? What do people associate it with and how are these associations symbolic of social and economic status ? 4. Ultimately , how does Laurino describe herself in terms of class ( para graph 22 ) ? What do you feel Laurino is trying to say about class , particu larly as it relates to American culture? 5. Why does Laurino refer to the Ginzos as her “rearview mirror” (para graph 26)? What is trying she trying to move beyond ? 6. Why does Laurino’s husband laugh when she tells him that she tried to as similate by imitating Jewish culture (paragraph 29)? 7. What is Laurino’s ” new fear about smell ” ( paragraph 39 ) ? 8. What voices does Laurino want to uncover (paragraph 50)? How were they silenced ? In your answer , use examples from throughout the essay. The Way We Are Told 9. To what does Laurino compare the blue of the gym uniforms (paragraph 1)? What does the comparison imply ? 10. Are there sections of Laurino’s narrative that you find humorous ? Which sections are they and why are they funny ? How might humor help her set the tone in her essay ? 11. At what points does Laurino use dialogue in her narrative? Is this effective ? 12. As with many narratives, Laurino does not state her theses directly. She does, however, want to convey specific messages about class, ethnic her itage, and identity. Summarize two or three of the claims you feel she is making . 13. Reflect on the title. Does the word ” scents ” usually carry negative or posi tive connotations ? Why doesn’t Laurino use the word ” smells ” as a title?”

NCBI search and BLAST Tool.

NCBI search and BLAST Tool..

 For this assignment, you will search for gene sequences on NCBI and necessary information with Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST). The focus is the LuxI gene sequence and comparison between different organisms. The detailed instructions are in the Word document file attached. The questions that need to be answered are bold and underlined.

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Force Management processes of the Department of the Defense and U.S. Army

Force Management processes of the Department of the Defense and U.S. Army.

Explain the connection between the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development Systems (JCIDS) and the Defense Acquisition Systems (DAS) in terms of material development. 2nd Paragraph: 400 words; Discussing the Total Army Analysis (TAA) process and provide two key elements that influence decisions made by Department of the Army Senior Leaders Council. 3rd Paragraph: 400 words; The Army Planning Programming Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process is a calendar driven event. Discuss the PPBE process and how it supports Army war fighting capabilities. 4th Paragraph: 400 words; Identify and discuss the importance of one of the Army’s Program Executive Offices (PEO) along with a program under the responsibility of the selected PEO. additional info: Demonstrate and communicate the knowledge of the facts and the understanding of the facts and also good content and understanding the content. Each paragraph must have a Definition of the acronym’s in parenthesis’s. Explain the processes, Elaborate on the processes and Provide examples.

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