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This paper is about fitness gym business.

This paper is about fitness gym business..

. Efforts: Describe the cultural awareness and civic engagement efforts in which your business will be involved. What is the best desired potential
outcome of these cultural awareness and civic engagement efforts?
B. Alignment: How do these efforts align to the corporate mission, vision, and values?
C. Impact: How will the alignment of the cultural awareness and civic engagement efforts with corporate mission, vision, and values improve
corporate exposure and profits?Your paper must be submitted as a 2- to 4-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font,
one-inch margins, and sources cited in APA format
This paper is about fitness gym business.

Ohio State University Chapter 13 Globalization and Sport Essay.

Topics: Globalization and sport
*I DO NOT OWN BOOK* Read: Sport in Contemporary Society Ch. 33, 34; (10th Edition) by D. Stanley Eitzen
Fair & Foul Ch. 13 (6th Edition) by D. Stanley Eitzen
Nike Sweatshops: Behind the Swoosh

Essay 10 Assignment:
To complete the assignment answer the prompts as a cohesive essay. Include quotes from the articles and an explanation of the their meaning along with a discussion of the readings’ content.
Essay Prompts:
First, how is globalization defined (use Eitzen for this). Next explain how Eitzen explains the effects of globalization in sport. Lastly, after watching the Behind the Swoosh video, and reading David Macaray’s article, explain how Nike’s use of child labor and unfair labor practices taints not only the brand, but sport overall. What should be the response of the global sport community to Nike’s crimes?
Ohio State University Chapter 13 Globalization and Sport Essay

MLS 5331 University of Texas at El Paso Social Penetration Theory Essay.

This 10 to 12-page essay will ask you to
synthesize concepts and theories from the course with a case study, personal
experience, or other extended example. You will be graded on your ability to
elaborate on key issues in Leadership Communication, demonstrate ethical and
effective leadership skills in your responses, and synthesize concepts in
Communication with real world issues. Students will be graded on the quality of
the writing, the depth of critical thinking presented in the essay, and on the
overall organization of the essay’s main ideas. Use proper
citation formatting (APA 7th Ed.).
MLS 5331 University of Texas at El Paso Social Penetration Theory Essay

There are various approaches that can be deliberate for considering project feasibility and vital consideration necessary for each feasibility methods. The purpose of this study is not to solve the problem, but to decide whether the problem is worth solving. It includes tests such as Operational, Technical, Economic and Schedule feasibility. Operational feasibility study tests the operational range of the new information system before it is going to be established. The requested new system must have high operational feasibility and the usability will be high as well. With the start of the new system, will the restaurant’s employee’s (waitresses, owners) be fully involved in making and processing the new system? Is the current paper-based system well liked and efficiently and effectively been used, and are they comfortable using the existing system? Do the waitresses and the owners Frank Anderson, Gina Wong and Wayne O’Conner support the project? Will they see the need for a modification for the existing paper-based system? Will there be any new request from the owners using the system or required any new modifications after the new system been made? Will the new system be secure from viruses? And no further changes will be made in the future? Technical Feasibility This feasibility study deliberates about the technical requirements of the new proposed system for the restaurant which will effectively satisfy the employees. Considerations of the technical requirements are then compared to the technical capability of the restaurant. Software, hardware and network settings must be installed in part of the new system invention; can the Le Diner Restaurant obtain those kinds on production? Will there be a prototype for the new system, and will there be a trial to try on before building the actual system? Do the staff and owners have the skills and experience in other words practical knowledge in IT; do they have an IT background? If not, can it be learned and taught? Will the new system incorporate with other company information systems? Will the combination of hardware and software supply sufficient routine and performance? Does the new system available and has been made by other IT professional before and does the technology even exists at all? Economic Feasibility Economic feasibility involves a method and also an effort to make sure whether or not it is consistent and likely to complete. This feasibility basically evaluating the efficiency of the new system, where it analysed the new system costs and incomes as well as benefits of the proposed system and whether it will be greater than its lifetime costs, in other words it must be an accurate weigh for the cost versus the benefits before taking any action. To determine the total cost of ownership, estimation costs must be done for: The management, IT team and employees Training personnel Hardware such as required desktop, CPU and software such as the required application to build the new system request which are the stock control software and point of sale software. The estimated costs for postponing the project License and fees Consulting costs Facility costs Installing the system Conversion of file An analysis that needs to be considered is as follows: Will the new system be cost effective? Which means will it be worth the price to be spent for the new system to be implemented? Providing a basis for comparing developments. Comparison between the total expected cost of each section against the total expected benefits, to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs and by how much. Will the system be promising or possible with the given resource constraints, Resource constraints is an important resources that IT teams have to plan and manage on regular basis are machines, materials, people and working capital. Obviously, if these resources are available in abundance then the project could be accelerated to achieve shorter project duration. Other than the importance of costs, economic feasibility also evaluates tangible and intangible benefits to the restaurant. Tangible Benefits They are the costs for which it is assigned on a specific financial value and measured in Dollar ($) value. In this case the new system inventory software A new customer ordering system and food preparation system practically using the point-of-sale. The new system will eventually help to reduce the use of paper and also will automatically save costs spent. Budget saved from buying a new cupboard for the records to be filled in. With the new system the restaurant will have an increase of profit because of fast services. The new system will be beneficial for the waitresses in many ways such as a new food ordering system where they’re using Portable Device Assistance. Intangible Benefits Overtime for the employees will be eliminate The waitresses will enjoy their work with the help of Portable Device Assistance (P.D.A), where they can make their work more efficient and easy. It will create a working environment which is effortless and less manpower required because the new system is in its simplest form of usage. Schedule Feasibility Schedule Feasibility is a consideration and collaboration between time and costs. It is also the probability of the schedules time frame for the new system being completed within its expected due date. If the system has a high possibility of completion by the chosen due date, then this feasibility is considered to be high. The restaurant management need to establish a firm timetable for the project, will they established such timetable? Can the restaurant or IT team control the aspects that will eventually impacted schedule feasibility? What are conditions must be satisfied during the development of the system? Will an accelerated schedule pose any risks? If so, are the risks acceptable? Will project management techniques be available to coordinate and control the project? TASK 2 Task 2 – Feasibility Report LE DINER To: Steering Committee From: Mohammad Sueib bin Suhaimi, Assistant Project Leader Date: 11th April 2013 Subject: Feasibility Report of the new system for Le Diner Italian Restaurant Introduction I, Mohammad Sueib bin Suhaimi conducted and investigate the different system criteria regarding about the current system and also for the new system. The main purpose of this feasibility report is to decide whether to develop the new system and to determine if the proposed solution is practical and feasible with the support of the different criteria of the feasibility study. Below is the Background of the existing system of the restaurant and also the problems that arises while conducting the system. There are problems that need to be considered and needed some attention and required necessary changes in order for the restaurant to have a better and time consuming system that will work for the employees. Existing System Background The Italian restaurant is owned and shared by three people whom are friends named Frank Anderson, Gina Wong and Wayne O’Conner. The restaurant is moderately in size and currently the system is done manually by hand. The goods are sent to the backdoor of the restaurant and Frank check the goods and update the stock log book every night after daily sales have been tallies. The current customer ordering system is where the waitresses of the restaurant takes order from customers and write it on order tickets and later been send to cash counter to total up, and next they send it to the kitchen where the orders are prepared, once it has been prepared the waitress will deliver the food to the customer and the order ticket will be placed into order ticket box. The tickets are reviewed nightly and Frank makes some adjustment to inventory. Problem The main problem of the existing system are basically the used of hand and paper based system which errors are occurred regularly. In Addition, the inventory systems are also paper-based, where it affects the supplier delivery order causing inconvenience, creating out-of-stock problems and impacting sales. When the inventory stock is low they have to reordered the goods where most of the time the time management is poor and not organized properly. As a result and in some cases the foods are wrongly ordered. The customer ordering system are also affected because of the system, as a result the order ticket are sometimes misplaced. Either never sent to the kitchen for prepare or never sent into the order tickets box. Therefore, the kitchen staff are struggling to keep up with the food preparation and making sure the foods are prepared at the correct order, and retrieved by the appropriate waitress. Benefits of the New System The new system will eventually help to reduce the use of paper and also will automatically saved costs spent. A new ordering system is where the customer’s order will be redirected to the kitchen complete with the detail of the waitress that is placing the order for different tables for different groups of customer that dined in the restaurant, a device which is specially made for the restaurant that eventually will eliminate the use of paper and manual work by the waitresses. With the new ordering system, food preparation in the kitchen will be much easier, smooth and proper. The new system will capture the point-of-sales data which is the information from a barcode data that will automatically assembled and collect the given info needed for inventory stock. Typically, the information gathered would identify the goods that are low in stock, at what prices, and when and where the transaction took place. As a result, it will eliminate the stock problems and stock problem. The system is also saves time where it helps the waitress to handles orders easier and proper. Frank himself who’s in charge for the stock, the new system will automatically save, record and update all the important details he needs for inventory management and food ordering Feasibility of a New System Operational Feasibility It is very important for the employee of the restaurant to get involved and take part of creating the new system Will the user use the system once it has been made? This goes to the waitresses and also Frank that will use the system, the system will eventually will be user friendly and easy access for them to use and will not take a long time for them to learn to use it. The working environment of the restaurant will change to reliable and fast service. The customer will receive their foods on an earliest point of time after placing their orders, this will effect of how the system will be beneficial for the end user. The system again is user friendly, the user of the system will quickly adapt to the change and the system will have an easy access and different language system as well so that different people with different background will understand and will quickly understand how the system works. As a result the system actually will reduce the work load if used effectively. Technical Feasibility Is the project possible with current technology? The current necessity of building the new system is possible with the current technology available. The web based centralized application for Le Diner Restaurant can be implemented based on J2EE framework. Currently the new system technology is available with various third party dealers and which is also compatible with other systems but this new device and system will be added some new features and updated features that will be beneficial for every party involved. There are a few things to be consider as well to think through in this feasibility include manpower such as debuggers, testers, system analyst and programmer. Also need to consider the software and hardware to be used. Of course, the researcher needs to examine the monetary factors since it might need a huge investment. Resource constraints is very important in technical feasibility, it is crucial on having to plan and manage on usual basis are people, machineries, materials, and the people involve as far as working capital. Apparently, if the given resources constraints are obtainable then the project of the new system creation could be speeded up to accomplish shorter project duration, which automatically will affect the schedule feasibility. The system can be learned as it has no language barrier, as it is installed with a special all language translator that will translate from English to different kinds of other language. The device and the new system will be user friendly and the language will be in its simplest form for better understanding especially for older generation where basically they don’t want to learn much compare to the younger generation. Economic Feasibility It will be an increased flexibility

ART 45A UOM Reading Analysis Materiality of Mourning Essay

ART 45A UOM Reading Analysis Materiality of Mourning Essay.

Total two entry (1 and 2) Each entry write at least 200 words. Total at least 400 words, put answers in attached file template. Please download and use Reading Response Template (See attached file) to format your responses.ENTRY 1: Note: this is a multi-part entry. Please read the interview between Lindsey Davis and artist Maya Lin, THEN spend time looking at the website for Lin’s project “What is Missing?”. Please make sure to clearly respond to both sources in your writing.Part 1:Title: “Dematerializing the Memorial” (Links to an external site.) interview with Maya LinAuthor: Lindsey DavisNote: be very careful to attribute the interviewer (Lindsey Davis) and the interviewee (artist May Lin) correctly in your responses. Do not get them mixed up.Part 2:Please spend time looking around the What is Missing (Links to an external site.) project website (this is what the interview above is about)ENTRY 2: Title: Doris Salcedo: The Materiality of Mourning (see attached file)“From the Artist” (pp. xvii-xix) Note: this essay is authored by Doris Salcedo herself“Introduction” (pp. 1-13) Note: this Introduction is authored by Mary Schneider EnriquezAuthor: Mary Schneider EnriquezCriteria for Success:Below is the rubric that will be used to evaluate your Reading Response Assignments. You may use this rubric and the guidelines above to self evaluate whether you have done an excellent, satisfactory or insufficient job completing the assignment.RubricReading Response Rubric (1)Reading Response Rubric (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeReferences2 to >1.5 ptsFull PointsFor both entries, student actively refers to at least 2 specifics from the reading(s) to support their reflections. It is clear through their discussion that they’ve read/viewed and engaged with ALL assigned material.1.5 to >1.0 ptsSufficient1 to >0.5 ptsRoom for ImprovementReferences to the reading content are somewhat vague, tangential, unrelated to the reading content or how it relates to art / one entry is missing0.5 to >0.0 ptsInsufficient0 ptsZeroNo clear references to the reading content / unclear that the student has truly read all materials2 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePersonal reflection, interpretation, analysis and synthesis2 to >1.5 ptsFull PointsStudent actively engages with the content of the reading(s) using personal reflection, analysis, interpretation, and/or synthesis, foregrounding their own original thinking about the reading.1.5 to >1.0 ptsSufficient1 to >0.5 ptsRoom for ImprovementStudent’s response veers towards summarizing or telling what the reading was about / is vague, lacking in strong support details / lacks strong personal reflection / one entry is missing0.5 to >0.0 ptsInsufficient0 ptsZeroNo submissions / submissions are far too short / submissions do not respond clearly to the correct assigned readings2 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeProper attribution, quoting, paraphrasing1 to >0.75 ptsFull PointsStudent consistently attributes sources by name and title accurately and properly quotes and paraphrases when referring to someone else’s words or ideas.0.75 to >0.5 ptsSufficient0.5 to >0.25 ptsRoom for ImprovementStudent sometimes, but not consistently, quotes, paraphrases, and attributes by name the authors whose words/ideas they are sharing / one entry is missing0.25 to >0.0 ptsInsufficient0 ptsZeroStudent fails to properly attribute any sources by name/title, or to quote/paraphrase properly, thereby risking a situation of plagiarism.1 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLength1 to >0.75 ptsFull PointsThe BODY of the student’s response (not including headers, in-text citations, etc.) is between 200-300 words in length.0.75 to >0.5 ptsSufficient0.5 to >0.25 ptsRoom for ImprovementBoth responses are under the 200 word minimum by up to 25 words (between 175-199 words) / one response is more that 25 words below 200 or missing0.25 to >0.0 ptsInsufficient0 ptsZeroBoth responses are less than 175 words in length / one or both entries are missing1 ptsTotal Points: 6PreviousNex
ART 45A UOM Reading Analysis Materiality of Mourning Essay

Assessing Project Management Skills in the UAE Contracting Industry Proposal

online dissertation writing History of Changes The impressive development of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the non-oil segment results in the improvement of the construction activity (Haddad 2014). The discovering of the oil resources contributed to the dramatic transformation of the country in the sphere of industry and economics. The willingness of the government to reduce the oil dependence consequently led to the investments into the non-oil sector (Haddad 2014). The constructing industry received the priority and became the significant part of the UAE economics. Being the engine of the economic development of the country, constructing industry enjoys incredible popularity over the last decades (Gorgenlander 2011). Since project management is an essential element in construction, employees engaged in these positions need to build up the skills corresponding to the high level of the industry development (Ochieng, Price

Please re-read your reflections from the past 7 weeks. Then write an essay reflecting on this goal journey

Please re-read your reflections from the past 7 weeks. Then write an essay reflecting on this goal journey.

Physical Wellness Goals: Loose 12 pounds by the end of the semesterEmotional Wellness Goals: To eliminate my anger issuesSpiritual Wellness Goals: To be more religiousPlease re-read your reflections from the past 7 weeks. Then write an essay reflecting on this goal journey. Below are some prompts to consider, please feel free to add your ownPrompts to consider:How did you feel about this wellness project before you started? And now?Answer: At first i wasn’t really into it but now i find it as a great way of accomplishing things in lifeDid you find the original goal write-up process to be challenging? Do you think it helped you create SMART goals? Why or why not?Answer: I found the anger management challenging due to the fact that i had a brother who constantly annoyed me. Did you achieve your goals? Why or Why not?Answer: I achieve my physical and spiritual goals, although i didn’t completely finish my physical but i still made progress by loosing 8 out of 12 pounds. What was the toughest part of this project? How did you deal with that challenge?Answer: Finding time, i dealt with it by working out at nightWill you use this style of goal setting and reflecting in the future? Why or why not?Answer: Definitely, it helped in keeping focus and never giving upWould you encourage others to try this type of goal setting and reflecting? Why or why not?Answer: Definitely, because it helped me so muchHow did this wellness project impact your own personal wellness?Answer: It helped me with goals i kept procrastinating about.
Please re-read your reflections from the past 7 weeks. Then write an essay reflecting on this goal journey

Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke Music Comparison Essay

Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke Music Comparison Essay. In the beginning of the twentieth century jazz was a new and developing, and yet very important and popular style of music. Full of improvisations and energy, great mood and various interesting techniques, this style was incredibly attractive for the musicians of all kinds. Many talented people played their jazz music creating a massive influence on the genre and its history. Among the most well known and influential jazz musicians of their era were Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke. Armstrong played an important role in the process of development of jazz music. His popularity is worldwide. Armstrong appeared in many films, wrote autobiographies and was loved and admired for his very special voice and singing style (Daniels, par. 1). The start of this musician’s popularity happened during the beginning of the World War I in New Orleans. Armstrong learned and improved his musical skills and the abilities to read music while he worked as a member of a riverboat band. Armstrong moved from band to band and from city to city trying to fit into different groups, where he had to stay in the shadow of more famous musicians. His first records appeared in 1920s and 1930s, then his tours started and his fame grew. Bix Beiderbecke lived a short life due to his heavy drinking. He earned recognition because of his special talent for improvisation and his pure and cheerful tone. Bix was a raw talent, but he never learnt to read the music properly (Leon “Bix” Beiderbecke, par. 1). His first records were made together with Wolverine Orchestra. He quit that Orchestra and soon joined Original Dixieland Jass Band, but he did not stay with them long, he was fired for his lack of musical education. Bix’s famous solo piece called “In a Mist” was recorded together with Frankie Trumbauer’s Orchestra. Bix spent his best years with Whiteman’s Orchestra, earned a lot of money and admiration, but the fame encouraged his drinking and soon he got delirium tremens, which slowed down his career. Bix Beiderbecke’s style and career were influenced by a well known band of that time called Original Dixieland Jass Band. The band included five people. They announced themselves as “the creators of jazz” (Original Dixieland Jass Band, par. 1). This statement reflects such important feature of the social conditions of that time as racism. The band consisted only of white men and they played within the musical style started by the African-Americans, yet they claimed to be its inventors. Today jazz is well known as the genre mainly played by the musicians of African-American origin, and Bix Beiderbecke is still famous for being an outstanding white guy, who played fantastic jazz music. Armstrong enjoyed playing together with many well known jazz musicians; one of them was Joe Oliver (Armstrong, Louis, par. 5). The young musician got under the influences of multiple people before becoming well known and creating a massive impact of his own. Both Armstrong and Beiderbecke are still very famous in the world of jazz music, their styles are easy to recognize due to many peculiarities and special traits. Both talents are admired and copied by the followers. Political and social conditions, which occurred during the lifetimes of both musicians, were poor and difficult. First of all, in 1917 the First World War burst out. It was accompanied by great dangers, increasing level of crimes, disturbing social situations, multiple waves of immigration to the United States. Bix’s parents did not approve of his desire to join musical career and sent him to military school, which affected his education, as a result Bix had problems trying to find a job, as his theoretical musical skills and knowledge were poor. Liquor prohibition that was active at that period of time in the United States did not stop Bix Beiderbecke from consuming large portions of alcohol, having a drinking addiction and becoming ill. Louis Armstrong faced a lot of difficulties finding an employment during the times of the War. Besides, the high rate of criminal activity in the country led Armstrong to the incident that happened in 1912 when he fired a pistol in the air during the New Year’s Eve celebration and was arrested for that. The Great Depression of 1930s also influenced Armstrong, he lost several jobs, moved to Los Angeles and was taken to jail for marijuana possession. It took Armstrong a lot of effort to keep his work and popularity going. He did a lot of touring around the United States and Europe during the times of Great Depression. Louis Armstrong’s special style is also described as “hot jazz”. This approach originally appeared in the beginning of the 1900s right in the area were Armstrong came from – New Orleans (Teichroew, par. 1). This stream was later carried out of the region of New Orleans and spread all over the country. Hot jazz also created many blends when it mixed together with other musical genres such as blues or ragtime. The stream of hot jazz was popular up to the beginning of the 1930s. This was the time when swing bands took over and occupied all the vacancies in the American clubs. In the bands created by Louis Armstrong called Hot Five and Hot Seven the musical emphasis was made on the solos and improvisations. The beauty of the hot jazz is in its flowing structure of the tone and the magical harmony between all the instruments involved. Bix Beiderbecke’s music is more reflective. If we look at his background and history of his musical career, this musician spent most of his years playing in bands where he had to be a part of the team and he did not create many solo pieces. Bix’s music reflects the main style of the era he lived in and the area where he worked. The sounding of Beiderbecke’s pieces fits perfectly into the commercial preferences of the audience of that time. For a long time Bix had to work with groups of musicians, who already had own style and were stable bands. Being among such bands he learnt to adjust to their tunes and melt into their melodies perfectly. This is why Bix’s style is reflective. Comparing the two musicians, I have to notice that Beiderbecke’s improvisation is quite different to the style of Armstrong. First of all, Bix’s works were not directed to make the musician stand out, he was dependent from the styles of more experienced and educated people around him, this is why his raw talent did not open up fully. At the same time, Armstrong has gone past the stage of being dependant and grew into a famous artist with own peculiarities. Besides, the standard set of instruments for the hit jazz band included trumpet, drums, clarinet and banjo, while the bands where Bix Beiderbecke played also involved piano, sometimes violins and tuba. The reasons of such difference between the amounts of fame each of these great musicians received are not hard to understand. Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong lived very different lives. They both had the urge to become well known and to express their talents in multiple ways; they both went looking for development and acceptance. They both had to face serious difficulties and make important choices. Beiderbecke and Armstrong’s lives were influenced by the political and social shifts in the world around them. These musicians lived during the times of a massive War that shocked the humanity, the Great Depression, they were undergoing many negative influences happening in the society of the United States, for example the development of Mafia and the growing rate of criminal activity. Sometimes these historical conditions were throwing the musicians into the wrong directions. Louis Armstrong was a disciplined man, he was purposeful. His strong desire to stand out, to prove his talent and improve his professional skills gradually led him to success. At the same time, Beiderbecke lived a very short life, he died at the age of twenty eight from serious illnesses caused by his lifestyle and habits. Bix simply did not have time to demonstrate the full power of his talent. He died at the period of maturing as a musician, he worked and improved a lot, but his path of an artist never had the logical development due to his early death (Beiderbecke, Leon, “Bix”, par. 8). Armstrong lived a long and productive life and went through all the stages of a successful career; this is why his popularity is so huge compared to Beiderbecke’s. Works Cited Armstrong, Louis. Jazz. Web. Beiderbecke, Leon, “Bix”. Jazz. Web. Daniels, Patricia. Louis Armstrong: A Masterful Trumpet Player. 2014. Web. Leon “Bix” Beiderbecke Web. RedHotJazz. Web. Original Dixieland Jass Band. RedHotJazz. Web. Teichroew, Jacob. Hot Jazz. 2014. Web. Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke Music Comparison Essay