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This Outline is a Must Do! 1. Define theory as it relates to the framework in this article (Orem’s Essay

This Outline is a Must Do!

1. Define theory as it relates to the framework in this article (Orem’s theory)

2. Define research as it relates to the framwork in this article

3. Define Evidence Base Practice as it relates to the framework in this article.

4. Discss the relationship between theory (Orem’s), research, and evidece base practice.

5. Cite specific examples from this article.

(no copy and pasting and please do not save this article to your data base, thanks)

yuexuan- Japanese history paper

yuexuan- Japanese history paper.

this is the third year university history paper. the writer does not need to do the extra research for this assignment, while the assigned material would be provided that the writer must use those article as the sources. please read the requirement carefully before start working on this order. this is the very important final paper for this course. please assign the suitable writer for this order. thanks

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Textual Analysis of Risk Disclosures for the Cross-Section of Returns.

This Outline is a Must Do! 1. Define theory as it relates to the framework in this article (Orem’s Essay Textual Analysis of Risk Disclosures for the Cross-Section of Returns..

Two-page article summary plus a three-page critique of the Finance academic paper: Risk Factors That Matter – Textual Analysis of Risk Disclosures for the Cross-Section of Returns. The paper is attached. [Summary PART]: the main contribution/main theory/history or background [CRITIQUE PART]: Give some unique and special thinking about this paper. What’s maybe can improve? Any argument? You can comment on the approach/formula the author using the paper, or you can argue any concept/points of them. You also really welcome to relate other paper’s points (but same assets pricing filed under the finance).

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Hightone Electronics, Inc. Case Study

Hightone Electronics, Inc. Case Study.

The case studies in your course text Operations Management: An Integrated Approach offer glimpses into the real world of business operations, allowing for deeper analysis of issues related to operations management, budgeting, and business strategy. Read the case “Hightone Electronics, Inc.,” which begins on page 24 of your text. Then respond to case questions 1 and 2 on page 25.

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Research Methods for Managers

Research Methods for Managers.

 To complete an exercise in which they propose a research study designed to compare and contrast the performance of two university courses.

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Analysis paper about the poem “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold

Analysis paper about the poem “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold.

Write an analysis paper about the poem “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold using reader-response criticism. Link for the poem: Reader-response criticism removes the focus from the text and places it on the reader instead, by attempting to describe what goes on in the reader’s mind during the reading of a text. Readerresponse critics are not interested in a “correct” interpretation of a text or what the author intended. They are interested in the reader’s individual experience with a text. Thus, there is no single definitive reading of a text, because the reader is creating, as opposed to discovering, absolute meanings in texts. This approach is not a rationale for bizarre meanings or mistaken ones, but an exploration of the plurality of texts. This kind of strategy calls attention to how we read and what influences our readings, and what that reveals about ourselves.

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Trade Unions in Japan

Trade Unions in Japan.

I need a paper about the characteristics and the special features of Japanese trade Unions. The paper should also include the consequences for a foreign company that wants to invest in Japan. How is the day to day work and influence? Like in Europe?

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SAPGUI supply chain manangement

SAPGUI supply chain manangement.

Students need to іllustrate their knowledge of SAP-SCM module gained in series of hands-on workshoрs using the Global Bike Company (GBC). This is an individual assignment requiring eaсh student to submit the written assignment for assessment. Failing to do so will fail in the unit.

You can complete the assignment as you progress in your tutorial exercises. It involves capturing selected screen shots while working on the exercises. I would suggest to going through the questions below and copying the required screen shots to your assignment Doc file as you progress. Alternatively, you can complete the whole workshop and then work on your assignment.

Importantly, students need to illustrate that they have a full understanding of the SCM module, and the way it relates to theories discussed in the lecture.

Written Report and Submission:

Each student is required to present an individual written assignment, with each question being clearly labeled. Make sure that it is written in your own words and Harvard referencing is used as appropriate. The header sheet for this assignment includes:

Your name

Your student VU ID

Your unique SAP-APO Log in ID: SCM-xxx

Submission requirement:

Submit one hardcopy to your tutor, and electronic copy to VU collaborate (no turnitin requirement). Your ID will be locked soon after you hand in the assignment not allowing you to work further during the assessment. It will be released once the marking is complete.

IMPORTANT: Each question requires specific screenshot. No mark will be given for any irrelevant screenshots.


Create a forecast [5 marks] – refer Tut 1 (All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

What is demand planning? Why is it an initial important step in any supply chain planning? [1 mark]

How did you create the demand for finished bike FG-10 and ridge front bike FG-11 in SAP-ER2 system? Explain the demand forecast process using ER2 and SCM7. Attach screenshots. [1 mark]

Provide screen shots of planned independent requirement (PIR) for your finished products FG-10 and FG-11 in USA plant (XXX1)using SCM7. Compare it with the initial input values of demand information.[2 marks]

Note: No more than 1 screenshot for each product be submitted. Screenshot must be readable and complete up to show all data.

Provide BOM (Bill of material) diagram for FG-10 and FG-11 using the following information in ER2? Explain how these two BOMs are different from each other.

T.code to be used in ER2: CS11, material: FG-10-XXX, plant: XXX1, Alternative BOM: 1, BOM application: PP01. [1 mark]

Supply Chain Model & means of transportation [5 marks] – refer Tut 2 (All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

NOTE: Screenshots must be readable and complete up to this level only.

2.1 Provide a screen shot displaying all of the supply chain location objects clearly displaying plant, distribution centers (DC), customers, vendors and transportation zones. Briefly explain what role each one has in a supply chain. [1 mark]

2.2 How many vendors and customers are located in USA? Provide the names and where they are located? Who is the immediate partner of a vendor in a supply chain? [1.5 mark]

2.3 Produce a screen shot of ‘assignment of means of transportation’ between a plant and two customers for finished goods FG-10ONLY. [1 mark]

2.4 What means of transportation (i.e. either truck or ship), duration (hours) and distance (Km) are used in above 2.3? Suggest other suitable means of transportation that could be used for the above (i.e. 2.3) transportation. Give your reasons. [1.5 mark]

Supply Chain Model [5 marks] – refer Tut 3 (All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

NOTE: Screenshots must be readable and complete up to this level only.

3.1 Using the supply chain engineer (SCE) produce the screen shot(s) of the supply chain network diagram among the objects.The network diagram should display all the objects and transportation lanes with clear labeling. [2 mark]

3.2 What “resources” are used in the USA plant? Expand and explain the use of all the production resources. [1 mark]

3.3 Double click on a lane between the plant and a customer in the SCE diagram. Display and explain the screen shot clearly. [1 mark]

3.4 Repeat the above procedure in 3.3 for a lane between a vendor and plant. [1 mark]

Inbound quota for external supply of materials- [5 marks] – refer Tut 4 & 5 (All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

NOTE: Screenshots must be readable and complete up to this level only.

4.1 Attach screen shot for ‘total inbound quota arrangement’ displaying all raw materials to be supplied by vendors to the plant.Show clearly the vendor location and their quota allocation. [1.5 marks]

4.2 How do you get the same screen shots of ‘total inbound quota arrangement’ through supply chain engineer model? [1 mark]

4.3 Using the SCE model display the means of transport from the menu option. [1 mark]

4.4 Using where-used list, attach the screen shot showing the means of transport XXXUSA, its start and destination location. [1.5 marks]

SNP Heuristic run at plant and DC level [5 marks] – refer Tut 6&7 (All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

NOTE: Screenshots must be readable and complete up to this level only.

5.1 Using planning book, produce a screen shot of the monthly forecast values for finished products FG-10 and FG-11 together. [1 mark]

5.2 Run the location heuristic for FG-10 at plant location (XXX1), produce screen shot(s) of the planning book showing row valuesfor production (planned) and ATD receipts. How these two figures are related? [1 mark]

5.3 Run the multilevel heuristic together for finished products (i.e. FG-10, FG-11). Provide the screenshot showing demand and receipts rows. [1 mark]

5.4 With multilevel heuristics in 5.3, switch to semi-finished product SF-0040, then produce screen shot of the planning bookdisplaying the rows for production (planned) and dependent demand. [1 mark]

5.5 With multilevel heuristics in 5.3, switch to raw material RM-0130, produce screen shot of the planning book showing Distribution Receipt (planned) and Purchasing Requisition orders. [1 mark]

SNP planning and Capacity check [5 marks]- Refer Tut 7& 8 (All screen shots should have a brief explanation)

6.1 Explain with the help of SNP planning book screen shots (e.g FG-11) the effect of various time buckets (e.g. 9AMONTHS and180 DAYS) on production lead-time. [2.5 marks]

6.2 Produce screen shots of DS Planning Board in monthly and weekly view and explain the board with respect to a finished product FG-10.

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Hank Marvin and Patty Smith

Hank Marvin and Patty Smith.

Hank Marvin and Patty Smith have worked together for years in the food and catering industry and, having the same dream to run their own business, decided top open their own coffee shop. Hank and Patty spent 12 months researching and planning the details of their coffee shop to decide on the best location, who their target market was, how much capital they would be able to raise, key competitors, what suppliers they would use and what products and services they would offer in their coffee shop and so forth. Then in January 2016 Marvin and Smith’s coffee shop was opened in Wandsworth in South London.

Please see the first two images attached below for the full details of the scenario and complete the following questions:

1. Research and decide on a country (within the European Union) that Marvin and Smith’s coffee shop should expand into.

2. Justification for your choice must be given regarding choice of country;

3. Logical considerations;

4. Ethical considerations;

5. Structural challenge of expanding into that country. Note that you should assume for the purposes of this assignment that the Brexit negotiations will make no difference to the trading environment as it is at present (approx. 500-600 words).

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Please help with problem stats

This problem set assignment will involve activities designed to solidify the concepts learned in both Modules One and Two. Problems will be similar to those you will face on the quiz in Module Four and will include one or two real-world applications to prepare you to think like a biostatistician.Check the module resource list to see which videos on the StatCrunch Help channel will help with this assignment.For support on the concepts of descriptive statistics, variables and sampling, visit the suggest Khan Academy videos in the module resources list.To complete this assignment, review the Module Two Problem Set Word Document document.
Videos: StatCrunch HelpThese videos offer help with different aspects of StatCrunch. Review them to see which ones may be helpful for the problem set assignment in this module.
Video Creating Frequency Tables With StatCrunch (cc) (3:43)
Video Creating Stem-and-Leaf Plots With StatCrunch (cc) (4:27)
Video Creating Dot Plots With StatCrunch (cc) (1:55)
Video Creating Histograms With StatCrunch (cc) (3:45)