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This is the website: Just answering the question doesn’t need to be an essay Question : ‘Karl Fritsch creates

This is the website:

Just answering the question doesn’t need to be an essay

Question :
‘Karl Fritsch creates jewellery which reflects on the role and meaning of jewellery in people’s lives. This jewellery meta-language focuses on the debate about why we wear jewellery at all.’ (Game

Self branding and the creative workforce

Self branding and the creative workforce.

Task Description:

For this assignment you need to research only ONE of the following topic areas using the scholarly literature within the discipline of media studies. Based on your research, compose a literature review on one of the following topic areas: Media algorithms and everyday life Media convergence and the future of television Self branding and the creative workforce The shifting temporalities of journalism Conducting a review of the existing literature is a routine part of the research process. Using the bibliographic databases of scholarly literature for the discipline of media studies identified for you during the lectures and tutorials, you’ll need to find three (3) recent scholarly academic research articles (i.e. research articles published in scholarly journals from 2014 onward) that explore one of the above topic areas. Based on the three articles uncovered by your research, review this ‘literature’ for your research paper. A literature review is a normal component of a research article (like the kind we often read in ARTS1090). The goal of a literature review is to identify the existing research on a topic area. Typically, they make clear why it is important to study the topic, what is known about a topic area, as well as establish the direction of future research (based on any gaps in knowledge or interesting areas you can identify). Your research paper should not attempt to be comprehensive. Instead, it is merely based on the three scholarly articles you have selected for this assignment. Naturally, the scale and scope of this 1500-word assignment is much smaller than the outputs of postgraduate research.

We just want you to grasp the purpose of this style of writing and to reflect that in your submission. In completing your research paper, you may also draw on other published scholarly works to provide the context for your review, however it should be primarily based on the three academic research articles you’ve selected to review for this assignment. Assessment Criteria for the Literature Review Assignment: Ability to identify appropriate research for analysis and to understand how it contributes to the conceptual understanding of media. Ability to use theoretical tools and concepts effectively and rigorously as well as explore their significance to understanding the relationship between media and everyday life. Ability to write a clear, engaging piece of analysis that addresses the relationship between media and everyday life. Demonstrate command of relevant scholarly literature and reference this using the UNSW HARVARD referencing style guide.

The topic: Self branding and the creative workforce

Start from the lecture and readings in Week 7 Chapter 7 ‘Media Work’ So, by creative work we don’t mean the traditional arts like dance, music, painting – We do mean media Media work is subjected to specific constraints like job creep, and precariousness We are interested in the role that self branding might play a role in things like journalism, screen and sound production, etc. How does it transform these occupations?

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Humphrey v. Wilson case brief

This is the website: Just answering the question doesn’t need to be an essay Question : ‘Karl Fritsch creates Read attached file and create a case brief on the humphrey v. wilson case. case must include all components as in the attached file. must be 1 page long. large tip is provided after sent work is sent if completed correctly.

benchmark value proposition

Construct a value proposition using human-centered design and technological advances as a framework. You may build from an earlier business model canvas idea. Within the value proposition, identify opportunities by including customer wants, customer fears, and customer needs. Include a summary of how the product could solve multiple real-world problems in business contexts. Create a graphic image depicting the value proposition with Word, PowerPoint, or other software that can be used to create a graphic. Use the value proposition example from the textbook as a formatting reference. Include both the summary and the graphic image within a single completed file with the graphing showing first.
APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.



1) Read the following: “Buddhist Scriptures” by Edward Conze pages 103-116, 134-144, & 146-162 (this is a required source for the paper) 2) Then, answer the following in a short essay: -Describe the techniques and advantages of meditation -What is the important thing in Zen meditation? -What did the king learn in his discussion with Nagasena?

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Post Colonial view point

Post Colonial view point.

Description Use the Postcolonial view point of “uncivilized” showing and explaining how Gilgamesh and other characters were uncivilized in the the story. Also do the same with The Tempest showing examples and also explaining how it relates to being uncivilized. Sources Gilgamesh A verse Narrative by Herbert Mason The Tempest – William Shakespeare

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Field report on the role of ministry of foreign affairs and Emigrants

Field report on the role of ministry of foreign affairs and Emigrants.

You will be writing an ethnographic field report about the role of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants with the Lebanese Diaspora. For example, studying what are the the structure and functions of the ministry, what is the policy of the ministry, what are their activities: social, culture, political, how they implement their activities and engage the Lebanese diaspora, how the Lebanese government and the diaspora will interact and engage with each other, Engagement with the diaspora politically, & the impact of voting in the parliamentary election, The Lebanese diaspora and its relations with the homeland, The Lebanese Diaspora Energy conference (LDE) in Lebanon, Community development and the role of Lebanese migrants originating from these communities in the process, Integration of return migrants and the challenges they face, including identity clashes, class mobility and status change etc. what is required is to: 1) Determine what problem you are seeking to better understand. Develop a problem statement that raises questions you seek to know more about. check the literature, form questions and write a theoretical paragraph to guide the report. 2) set a number of questions that may be asked to the employees of the ministry to know their role and functions. 

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Unit 4 Discussion

Part 1
Read carefully “Examining the Evidence: Organizational Support and Creativity” in Chapter 8 of the Neck et al. textbook. To begin the discussion:
Assess in what ways can managers help employees feel more connected to their workgroups and to have expectations of a successful career part (make sure to base your assessment on scholarly and practitioner literature, not just your opinion)
Evaluate what managers can do to try to avoid feelings of obligation among employees that could undermine creatively (make sure to base your assessment on scholarly and practitioner literature, not just your opinion)