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This is an essay plan for the essay that you did Sports Silent Protests or athletes silent protest Order

This is an essay plan for the essay that you did Sports Silent Protests or athletes silent protest Order # 366617268.
The essay plan was supposed to help with writing the essay that you did under order # 366617268. I have also copied the feedback I got on the essay so you can incorporate the feedback in the essay plan.

Please make the essay plan accordingly. You can use the same sources you used for order # 366617268

1. Essay Plan (15%) 1,500 words
Students will submit a plan of the essay based on the essay questions found below. Coursework should be submitted online in accordance with the instructions

Choose one of the Assessment Essay Questions
1. How far do you agree that Sport Diplomacy brings something novel to our understanding of global society?

2. To what extent as the as diplomatic practice provided a template for the development of the architecture of international sport?

3. Sport Diplomacy is merely a subset of Cultural Diplomacy. How far do you agree with this statement.

4. Explain the value of Sport Diplomacy to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

5. To what extent is the development of Sports Diplomacy an antidote to the colonial antecedents of international sport?

6. In what ways does Sport Diplomacy explain the relationship between grassroots and elite sport?

7. To what extent does Sport Diplomacy compliment Sport for Development SfD?

8. “Sport Diplomacy’s greatest contribution is to dilute the focus on Sport Mega Events (SME).” How far do you agree?

9. In what ways will a digital revolution impact both the sphere’s of sport and diplomacy?

10. “The Athletes have been silent partners in the practice of sport diplomacy”. How far do you agree, and to what extent does it matter?

reflexivity in its thinking.

Areas for improvement:
Your writing needs a degree reflexivity: you need to be able to address why something is important? i.e. the ‘So What’ question: – so what does it matter that protests are silent (or not).
Your work needs a greater sense of concatenation – i.e. coherence. Do think about linkages between different sections to increase the coherence of your argument. It is important to consider how these flow together.
A thorough read through would help in your expression: your meaning is not always clear in what you’ve written, and avoid a number of minor errors.

Summary: Overall, you have a sound essay here