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This is an essay based on Act II Scenes III-IV of Shakespears Macbeth. When faced with terror or sorrow,

This is an essay based on Act II Scenes III-IV of Shakespears Macbeth.
When faced with terror or sorrow, you sometimes need a release for your emotions. Humor can provide the necessary respite from what might otherwise be an overwhelming situation. This cathartic release is something Shakespeare—the master of human psychology—understood all too well. In his famous porter scene, which you will read next, he finds a way to incorporate wit and whimsy to give us a chance to recover, temporarily, from the death of Duncan.
Essential Questions
How are playwrights influenced by both history and audience?
What are the innate conflicts in the concepts of fate and free will?
What do you expect from our heroes?
How does a play’s setting affect the atmosphere of a scene?
Is there any relationship between actions and character?
Read and analyze the text thoroughly
Define new vocabulary and use in illustrative sentences
Define and identify comic relief
Define a pun and explore its use in the porter’s speech
Explore the notion of the Great Chain of Being and its application to these two scenes
Select a topic and develop a rough draft of a persuasive essay on the play

The Legal Profession and Legal Services

The Legal Profession and Legal Services.

Discuss the various forms of funding for legal services in England and Wales, in light of the following:


a)    any ethical complications that may arise from their use; and

b)   the potential for technological innovations to compensate for lack of funding.


Word Limit: 1500 words, excluding footnotes and bibliography.





Font:                                       Arial

Font size:                               12

Spacing:                                1.5

Sections/Headings:              Permitted.

Referencing:                         Numeric, i.e., citation by footnote; OSCOLA style recommended; see the 2012 guide (

Bibliography:                         Compulsory; un-annotated.

Word limit discretion:           10% under or over.



Each assignment must be fully referenced (see style guide) and accompanied by a full and accurate bibliography of sources relied upon. Note that footnotes are different from the bibliographical list that you will incorporate at the end of your essay. Both are essential for an academic essay.


Assessment Criteria


Identification of the principles and concepts involved. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses underlying these concepts and ability to analyse and communicate the principles and concepts recognising competing perspectives. Evidence of logical argument and use of appropriate examples, (LO2)


Research: Ability to collect information from a variety of authoritative sources, both legal and extra-legal, and ability to synthesis and assess the significance of the information collected (LO4)



Ability to elucidate arguments/points in a succinct manner, including appropriate use of legal terminology and ability to reference work correctly. (LO5)

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Parental Abduction in Canada.

This is an essay based on Act II Scenes III-IV of Shakespears Macbeth. When faced with terror or sorrow, Parental Abduction in Canada..

Paper details

The topic is parental Abduction in Canada. Building on the literature review, students will be required to develop a research proposal on the topic area that they had identified. The proposal should identify research design (methodological) decisions, and most importantly, explanations of the strengths and/or limitations of choosing such methodology. Ask yourself… What is the question or problem to be investigated? Why does the question or problem merit to be investigated? How will the question or problem be investigated? Which methods would best accomplish/help answer your research question(s) or address your hypothesis? Why? What are the strengths and limitations? Who are you doing to sample? Why? How will you choose them? How are you going to collect data from your sample? How, if at all, will you identify the participants/respondents? What are the ethical considerations/risks? How will these be managed? How will the data help answer/inform the questions or problem being investigated? What do you anticipate to find? How are your findings connected to the literature, if at all? Why is this data/answer important to uncover? Common elements of a research proposal: Introduction Purpose of the Study Proposal Overview Literature Review (Already completed—Please copy into text; you may make changes to it based on feedback, should you wish) Research Design Research Approach/Goals/Objectives Research Question(s) Hypothesis (if applicable) Methodology Units of analysis Data Collection Tool(s)o Sampling Strategy Ethical Considerations Discussions Gaps/limitations Anticipated value/impact Conclusion References Cited ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: Must be uploaded to Canvas as a Microsoft Word document (.doc, .docx) by Monday, October 7, 2019 at 11:59PM (PST). Only Microsoft Word documents (.doc, .docx) will be graded. No more than 9 pages in length (excluding title page and references/bibliography) Typed on a computer, APA format Times New Roman 12pt font 1-inch margins Double spacing Pagination Students must organize their ideas in full-sentence structu

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Allied Health Community

Allied Health Community.

Access the “Allied Health Community” media and select “Scenarios” to access the scenarios for this course. Review the instructions and legend information. Read the Home Care scenario for this course and complete the following assignment: “Allied Health Community” media then click Leadership in health care, Read Home Care Senerio URL: Write a paper. Identify the steps associated with making decisions within in health care? What types of conflict were present among the employees in the home health company? What would have been the best decision-making model to use in this case study, why? How would you use negotiation models to resolve conflict in this situation? Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.

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Moonrise Kingdom Analysis

Moonrise Kingdom Analysis.

One goal of any media studies course is to go from being a passive consumer to being an active observer of media technique and affect. Wes Anderson’s film provides an opportunity to analyze the use of camera placement, composition and movement. Imagine as you watch a particular shot that it’s you behind the camera. As the DP (director of photography) you put it there for a reason, with thought and deliberation. If the camera pans or tilts, your camera operator in tandem with the focus puller has to get the timing just right or the shot won’t work. If the camera physically moves with the action, the dolly grips have to lay down camera track that’s level and smooth, or the steady-cam operator has to move with just the right gait and balance. Meanwhile, the gaffer, best boy and electrical crew have to execute your lighting plan so all shots from different camera positions match and create the right atmosphere. As you watch Moonrise Kingdom, think of yourself as the auteur. You wrote and directed this film, conceived all the sets and costumes (every physical and digital object) in collaboration with the production designer , agreed on the lighting plan and camera placement with the DP, worked out your shot list every day with your editor, and of course, worked with your actors on their characterizations. Having read about auteur theory and watched the short film on Anderson’s visual style, describe the specific elements that went into the making of Moonrise Kingdom. Account for the arrangement of elements within the frame of his shots. Really look and listen. This is how filmmakers learn their craft. What makes his films look like no one else’s? Standard disclaimer: Not a review. Be specific about the visual and auditory content as well as readings that you reference as evidence. Avoid generalities, cut to the chase. Spellcheck. Use paragraphs for clarity.

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Investigative study to determine concentrations of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and (PM10 PM2.5) along Manchester city center and nearby running routes.

Investigative study to determine concentrations of Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and (PM10 PM2.5) along Manchester city center and nearby running routes..


Aim: To determine if concentrations of NO2 and PM are significant to the health of the study receptors (runners, cyclers). Objectives and methods: -Determine the major sources of NO2, PM10, PM2.5, in the study areas. -Carry out a screening assessment for road traffic sources using the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) model to assess potential exceedances at all relevant locations. -Compare the DMRB model results and monitoring data; if there is an agreement between the results, then the model may be sufficient to determine the area of exceedance of the objective. * I want to start with the Introduction first, if the work is satisfactory I will do the other dissertation chapters here. *I’ll provide the excel sheet for the screening model where you only input the distance between the vehicles in the road and the receptors on the pavement using google earth. background levels of the pollutants which you will also input in the model, as well as links to traffic flow data, emission factors and NOX to NO2 caculator are all available in the excel as weblinks. These data are publicly available and can be found in DEFRA website and other governmental sites

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What does it mean to be modern politically speaking?

What does it mean to be modern politically speaking?.

The essay must take the form of an argument which engages and analyzes the texts in detail (i.e. uses textual evidence), and which makes a convincing comparison across authors. Also, your argument should be interesting. This is an opportunity to show us that you can both employ and interpret the texts with nuance, and that you have your own ideas. No outside sources beyond the course texts will be permissible as resources for writing the paper. Sources: Aristotle: Politics= Book 1 (Parts 1-7, 12-13), Book 3 (Parts 4-5), Book 4 (Parts 1-11), Book 6 (Parts 1-2) Hobbes: Leviathan= Introduction, chapters 1-3, 5-6, 10 (sections “power”-“worth”), 11 (sections “what is here meant by manners”-“and from love of arts”), 13-14, 15 (sections “the third of nature, justice”-“justice and propriety began with the constitution of commonwealth”, “the ninth, against pride”), 17-18, 21, 29 Weber: Protestant Ethic (pg 120-121), Science as a vocation (pg 16-31)

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 APA format, Times New Roman, 12 text size Must include Abstract These are some of the possible factors to be utilized and developed in the Research paper project: why the name of the disorder/concept or definition criteria to be followed in order to be diagnosed with this specific disorder according to the DSM-5 history causes symptoms and signs different types preventions effective medication environmental causes treatment plans for short term goals and long term goals prognosis tips or suggestions on how to overcome this disorder parenting skills to help the individuals evidence based therapies for specific disorder

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