This is a report for the business case of when Microsoft launched the Xbox, in the context of a Essay

This is a report for the business case of when Microsoft launched the Xbox, in the context of a Competitive Strategy class. I have attached the case.

The instructions for the report are:
The assignment consists of writing a 3 paper exercise – 3 pages text and 1 page exhibits describing the strategy situation and challenge of the firm.
The Individual Case Assignment should answer the following 5 questions:

1.Industry analysis: In what environment does the firm currently compete?
2.Sources of competitive advantage: Identify the firm´s strategy and position with the industry.
3.Competitor analysis: How might competitors threaten the firms?
4.Options, sustainability and timing: What options are available to the firm, given its position and that of competitors?
5.Proposed Strategy: What choices should the firm make? If you were the firm manager, what would you do?

As overall thoughts or issues to consider to answer each question you can develop the following:

1.Define the industry boundaries, determine the strength and importance of each competitive force, and anticipate the factors that might change.
2.Identify the firm´s current strategy, evaluate the pros and cons of this strategy and discuss the source of competitive advantage.
3.Identify competitors´strategies.
4.Identify the sustainability of current market conditions and internal competences and capabilities. Identify the strategic options available to the firm.
5.Make specific recommendations and implementation plans.[supanova_question]

Tomorrow’s Company

Tomorrow’s Company.

You have now been introduced to some of the most significant challenges that you will face as a strategic manager of projects. Your task for the Tomorrow’s Company essay is two-fold.

a) Identify and briefly present the challenges that are pertinent in the management of projects in your industry specifically and what success looks like. If you are thinking of changing industries you should identify and briefly present the challenges and a definition of success that are pertinent to your target industry. Part (a) should be no longer than 700 words or 2 pages long. No marks will be allocated to part (a) but it is the basis of your answer to part (b).

b) Present your unique approach to strategically managing projects (20%). Critically evaluate your approach, what are the advantages and disadvantages of your approach to strategically managing projects in your industry specifically (80%).

In answering part (b) you need to use academic literature and show that you have considered the challenges/definition of success that you have identified in part (a). Your approach needs to be strategic and specific. Focus on how you would design/shape your projects to make it strategic and on specific actions/processes/initiatives that you think that you will need to be a successful strategic manager of projects.




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profitability of islamic banking system and economic growth in the UAE

This is a report for the business case of when Microsoft launched the Xbox, in the context of a Essay profitability of islamic banking system and economic growth in the UAE.

 have attached the grading rubric that has all the main details

Below are the points explain during the class


Purpose of the chapter to develop a model that will analysis the performance of the banks

Restate the purpose of the chapter and what is going to be analysis


Data consideration: source of data, from where data use, what kind of data we are going to use

For my paper: we will use two kind of data Panel data (from banks financial reports the independent variable) and time series (data based on time like GDPC, inflation, EIBOR ….etc) there should be proof/ evidence of previous studies that these both data are used

Range/ scope of data: I have attached the data but for some banks data are not available so we have to mention on the paper that due to unavailability of data I have changed the scope that mentioned  I mentioned in paper 1 (attached) to new scope based on availability (range to be mentioned) reasons why we select this range is also required for example any major event or crisis happened


Variables and measurements:  I selected ROE & ROA based on this may variables are analysis (dependent & independent variables) example attached for more clarification 

We have to mentioned each variable and their short form and how is affect the bank performance and measure them.  Explain/ interpretation each with evidence of previous studies (most of the variable I have taken it from task 2 which was prepared by you so most of the studies are available).

Correlation: how data associated together  

Model development: what is affecting the performance of the bank , model to be created


Paper example attached with models and everything, its very useful to follow the same structure


Looking forward to have an excellent and clear paper

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