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this is a portion of a course work will be submitted in a phd program. the work will be

this is a portion of a course work will be submitted in a phd program. the work will be doing Social life cycle assessment of a building similar to the analysis done in this article “How circular design can contribute to social sustainability and legacy of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™? The case of innovative shipping container stadium specifically the result and discussion section (both . Social LCA: A cradle-to-cradle perspective (mid point impact the 6 categories )

Political Narratives Paper

Political Narratives Paper.

 Sociopolitically speaking, we live in a complicated time. Now, before you jump the gun and assume this paper will be about politics, take a deep breath! It’s not a political paper, per se; rather, in this case, we’re all going to take off our pundit caps and critically analyze two opposing narratives that are being disseminated in the political arena. If you don’t follow politics, don’t worry – I’m going to include some sample topics below. For others, you are welcome to choose an issue that’s of interest to you – as long as it falls within the scope and parameters of this assignment. To recap some of the important points from the reading, we know that political communication is often constructed in a narrative format; stories that are riddled in conflict and complete with dramatic “plots” that people feel profoundly connected to. Even if a specific issue doesn’t affect us personally, we nevertheless include ourselves and our livelihood simply by association. Not only do we become immersed in a particular political narrative, but we internalize them into our core set of beliefs and build them into our mental models. We live in a time where this “practice” has become so enmeshed into our lives that we’ve lost a sense of nuance to complicated issues. More than ever, we now think about political events, and people with different political ideologies as black or white, good or bad, one or the other; the Hatfields or the McCoys…with no room left for nuance or grayscale. Indeed, these differences, while internally nuanced, become talking points that sever relationships and hinder our ability to peacefully and productively interact with one another. For this paper, you are asked to objectively, and without bias, compare and contrast two competing narratives that are/have been publicly disseminated by U.S. politicians. You will either identify your own, or select from the list below, two narratives that focus on a core issue, but are presented and described in very different ways. For each narrative, you must describe the target audience and the characteristics (objectively speaking—no pejorative commentary) that makes them (or would make them) receptive to a particular message. In your paper, you must address the following: What “story” is being conveyed in each narrative? What is the “arch” of the story/the possible future events that could unfold if the narrative were to play out in a predicted way? What mental models do you think are employed by each respective audience member that causes them to view the world (and their supported politician’s narrative) the way they do? What cognitive representations do you think they hold that makes them see the world so differently? How does the medium (i.e., email, twitter, television commercial) of the communication affect the degree to which the public gets transported? Why? What factor(s) do you think mediate one’s susceptibility to feel completely invested in outcomes and events that would never have any direct effect on them? How can the narratives you selected play out in such a way that it makes productive communication with others virtually impossible? (Again, think of the “black or white; one or the other” example discussed above). How can we re-introduce “nuance” to political conversations without having a breakdown in said communication?

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Journal/ reflection

this is a portion of a course work will be submitted in a phd program. the work will be Journal/ reflection.

Read the first four chapters of this book (Siegel, Daniel. A. Mindsight.The Science of Personal Transformation. Random House. 1st Edition) then summarize them of Mindsight and personal reflections about content of each chapter.

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fraud and cheating in nonprofit organization

fraud and cheating in nonprofit organization.

Description The second assignment is a Term Paper. The term paper requires students to demonstrate subject mastery including an appropriate literature review. Assignments are described below. Papers should be written using the American Psychology Association (APA) format for in-text scholarly citations and for creating a list of references. Grammar, punctuation, spelling and syntax count. No fewer than ten (10) references should be cited in the term paper including citing all 4 required textbooks, and 2 supplemental readings of the student’s choice pertaining to informational technology. the Required Texts: (As a cost saving measure students are permitted to purchase any edition; cite the year of the edition in the final paper and list of references). Bowman, J. S. & West, J. P. (2014). Public service ethics: Individual and Institutional Responsibilities. Los Angeles, CA: Sage/CQ Press. Cooper, T. (2012). The responsible administrator: An approach to ethics for the administrative role (6th ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publication. Lewis, C., & Gilman, Stuart, C., (2012). The Ethics Challenge in Public Service, (3rd ed.). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass Publication. Adams, Guy B., & Balfour, Danny L. (2009). Unmasking administrative evil (3rd Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publication.

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HRM534 Week 6

Write a 4–5-page paper in which you:
Describe (briefly) the company you researched. (Company Name Is FEDEX)
Evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s recruiting efforts.
Suggest two recommendations for improving the company’s recruiting efforts.
Analyze the company’s selection process.
Recommend two areas for improving the company’s selection process.
Assess the general effectiveness of human resource planning and performance management systems.
Determine the level of influence that training and talent management have on the company’s labor force.

Analyze the challenges of implementing coercive strategies

Analyze the challenges of implementing coercive strategies.

Analyze the challenges of implementing coercive strategies

1.         Introduction. 400 words

2.         Coercive strategies. 500-600 words

            a.         Definition.

            b.         Concept.

            c.         Elements of coercive strategies.

            d.         Success requirements of coercive strategies.

3.         Forms of application of coercive strategies. 400-500 words


4.         Case studies of coercive strategies (very important) 1500 words

a.         Iraq. … Failure

            b.         Libya…… success

            c.         Iran….. Still questionable

5.         Challenges of implementing coercive strategies. ( analyses the challenges from the the case studies above ) 500-600 words


6.         Conclusion. 400 words 


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Advance Critical Care

Advance Critical Care.


Mrs. S is a 28-year-old patient, with a 12-year history of type I diabetes mellitus. Her husband states that she has had a “bad cold” for several days. Yesterday she stayed in bed and slept all day. She was “too ill” to check her blood sugar, and since she was not really eating, she did not take her insulin. This morning, she was not able to stand up and vomited twice. A Gram stain of Mrs. S’s blood contains gram-positive cocci in clusters. Her admission vital signs are: BP = 90/60; HR = 118 bpm (sinus tachycardia); RR = 32/min; T = 102.3° F; O2 sat via pulse oximetry = 96%. Her serum glucose is 398 mg/dl, and she is positive for serum ketones. She is admitted with a diagnosis of DKA. Her baseline ABGs on 2 L of oxygen are: pH = 7.25; PCO2 = 28; HCO3 = 14; PaO2 = 92; O2 sat = 96%. Her respirations are deep, rapid, and labored. She has bronchial breath sounds in the right axillary area. There is bilateral chest expansion and no evidence of cyanosis. A regular insulin bolus is given and a regular insulin drip is initiated. Mrs. S’s IV fluids are infusing at 800 ml/hr. Her vital signs after 2 hours in the unit are: BP = 120/70; HR = 78 bpm (normal sinus rhythm); RR = 22/min; O2 sat = 100%. Her serum glucose is 250 mg/dl and serum potassium is 4.0 mEq/L. She is more alert and is feeling hungry. 1. What is insulin’s function in the body? What is the most significant basic defect in the development of DKA? 2. What is the cause of Ms. S experiencing DKA? Describe the pathophysiologic rationale for your answer. 3. List the classic signs and symptoms of DKA. Which signs and symptoms did Ms. S experience? What are the pathophysiologic causes of these signs and symptoms? 4. What is an anion gap? Why is the anion gap important to follow in the treatment of DKA? 5. What acid base disturbance is Ms. S experiencing? What compensatory mechanisms are in effect at this time? 6. What is the primary nursing diagnosis for Ms. S.? What are the goals for treatment (both independent and collaborative)? What interventions are imperative to initiate immediately? What interventions are important within the next 12-24 hours? 7. What are potential lab abnormalities for a patient in DKA? 8. What nursing considerations are important in planning Ms. S’s discharge?

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MSN 5700 C , SOAP note#3, Urinary tracks infection

Hello, my friend! I don’t have time this week to make a Soap🥺to the woman 89 y.o with UTI and some other diagnosis. This Clinical site (!) and SOAP must be very detailed and accurate.🙏Must match the case log for this patient. Headings for the note and the data of the patient on the screenshots. Please be very detailed and clearly according to the sent plan!🙏My preceptor is very attentive and EVERYTHING reads and finds fault! 🤦‍♀️Thank you🌸

Nature or aggregate planning

Nature or aggregate planning.

Look through several business periodicals to help you describe the nature or aggregate planning; the planning process; aggregate planning strategies; and methods for aggregate planning.

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