This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s): NU450-6: Describe new insights and innovative solutions related to strategic planning to

This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s):

NU450-6: Describe new insights and innovative solutions related to strategic planning to improve population health outcomes.

Innovation and Strategic Planning


The purpose of the Assignment is to review events and key decisions that take place during a catastrophic weather emergency. It is also important to identify barriers and potential problems that could affect mounting an effective response. Nurses play an important role in disaster response as integral members of the multidisciplinary team to direct a collaborative community response to an impending or actual disaster.

To prepare for a disaster, your community must ensure that its members are ready to get through it safely, respond to it, and recover from it effectively. As a community leader in health care, the public health nurse needs to participate in developing a plan for contingencies. The nurse considers what must occur to keep the community safe if essential services break down. An organization should exercise the plan well before a disaster threatens. The public health nurse must collaborate with community leaders and health care systems to respond effectively.

As you consider your community, identify the challenges that can potentially affect the health and safety of community members in the event of a disaster. If a catastrophic event occurs, such as a Category 5 hurricane, the health and safety of aggregates in your community will be threatened and resources will be challenged. Note that a Category 5 hurricane results in the following:

Infrastructure damage, including:
Buildings destroyed, large amounts of debris on streets and transit ways
Homes and businesses destroyed
Evacuations/displaced persons

You will apply your knowledge of your community to identify strategies for a coordinated community response to a catastrophic event. You will support each strategy with evidence-based rationale. Cite your sources.

Using the form provided, identify how you, the public health nurse, will engage in efforts to keep your community safe. You will use the FEMA stages of disaster management. The phases are Prepare and Protect, Respond, Recover and Mitigate. Consider the following as you identify strategies necessary to optimize community safety during each phase of the disaster.

Availability of facilities and employees
Scope of practice of the public health nurse
Confirm and check evacuation routes
Availability of supplies and first aid
Emergency response teams
Actual and potential community hazards
Information management capabilities
Strategies to expedite approval to practice
Resources for care and shelter
Strategies for maintaining order
Preemptive strategies that enable a quicker community recovery
NOTE: Use the Community Disaster Management Plan Worksheet located in Course Resources for this Assignment.

Minimum Submission Requirements

This Assessment should be constructed on the worksheet provided and saved as a Microsoft Word document.
Respond to the identified areas in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your worksheet should be highly organized, logical, and focused.
Your worksheet must be written in Standard English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, and grammar and mechanics.
Your worksheet should provide a clearly established and sustained viewpoint and purpose.
Your worksheet should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.
A separate page at the end of your worksheet should contain a list of references, in APA format. Use your textbook, the Library, and the internet for research.
Be sure to cite both in-text and reference list citations where appropriate and reference all sources. Your sources and content should follow proper APA citation style. Review the APA formatting and citation style found in the Writing Center. The Writing Center can be found within the Academic Support Center under Academic Tools in the left navigation of your course.[supanova_question]

Music and Criminal Behavior

Music and Criminal Behavior.

 Description This paper examines the effect of race, genre of music, and location on music’s role in promoting anti – social attitudes and crime among college students.

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Should the Tilted Arc have been removed” with what you believe to be the strongest evidence to back your opinion.

This Competency Assessment assesses the following outcome(s): NU450-6: Describe new insights and innovative solutions related to strategic planning to Should the Tilted Arc have been removed” with what you believe to be the strongest evidence to back your opinion..

Richard Serra’s sculpture, Tilted Arc, was removed and destroyed eight years after it was created. The work was heavily criticized by those who worked nearby. Many objected to its enormous size, which forced them to walk around it when they wanted to cross the plaza. Part of Serra’s intention, however, was to make people more aware of their surroundings as they walked past the sculpture. Some objected to the raw steel wall because its rust-like surface was often covered with graffiti and could not be completely cleaned. Others thought the sculpture might attract rats or terrorists. Look at the following information regarding Serra’s Tilted Arc: You Tube: Richard Serra – talk with Charlie Rose (2001) For this topic post, state your answer to the question “Should the Tilted Arc have been removed” with what you believe to be the strongest evidence to back your opinion. Here’s another link:

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What are the effects to the company that hiring unpaid internship in the graphic design industry?

What are the effects to the company that hiring unpaid internship in the graphic design industry?.

What are the effects to the company that hiring unpaid internship in the graphic design industry? 

No own opinion – Focus on HR & Graphic design industries Introduction: Detail explanation of why this research question is relevant to HRM? Your paper should use the following format: • Introduction and research question stating why this topic is – – important to employers and/or employees in the creative industries; o Framing the paper as whole o Question featured at the end of the paragraph o The relevance for HRM and CI is clearly established • Clear arguments responding to your research question based on research and sources; • Specific HRM issues or implications arising from your research question. Use concepts and terminology from multiple sections of the textbook. o Topic, arguments and evidence are related together in a clear manner which achieves a convincing analysis and synthesis and also reveals originality. Multiple connections to HRM text concepts or issues are insightfully made and topics from several chapters of the textbook are incorporated. Evidence is strong, original and is tied into the analysis seamlessly. • Conclusion: briefly summarizing the main points of your paper. o Professional document. Minimal errors. The English, including style and spelling is excellent. Great read. Referencing is flawless. Sources requirements are met。 at least 2 peer-reviewed academic sources at least 2 non-academic industry sources

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strategic management, leadership and leadership styles and principles that support organisational ethical and value-based approaches to leadership

strategic management, leadership and leadership styles and principles that support organisational ethical and value-based approaches to leadership.

The employer case for this report is on ”Nigel Wakefield : Architect” (additional information will be attached)
Assessment Brief:

You have been successful in securing your first consultancy role with International Management Consultancy (IMC, a fictional consultancy firm). It is your first day and following an induction to the organisation, you have returned to your desk and opened your email to find a link to your consultancy briefs for the next 6 months.

The email outlines that you are required to complete ONE consultancy project out of a choice of four projects which must be completed by the assignment deadline. You are required to follow the IMC consultancy report structure below:

IMC Report Structure:

You will need to make reference throughout your report to relevant principles, theoretical models and tools covered in the module. Your report should be between 3,000 -3,500 words.

Section 1: The organisation and environment (1000-1100)

1a: The client’s needs and external environment
In this section, making reference to the case you have chosen, identify the client’s needs. Using appropriate tools and techniques, analyse the key factors in the environment that could have a significant impact on the organisation.

1b: The organisation and its internal environment

In this section you will also carry out an analysis of the organisation making reference to its values, how it supports leadership principles, culture, methods of communication and also identifying the organisation’s strategic leadership styles. You will need to provide information on how you have gathered and sourced key information for your report.

Section 2: Analysis and recommendations to the organisation (1000-1100 words)

2a: Analysis of findings

You will need to outline your findings in this section and critically evaluate the most appropriate research and analysis techniques you have used.

2b: Recommendations

Outline and justify your current and long term recommendations for the organisation. In this section provide the organisation with some guidance on how they make a distinction between strategic management and leadership.

Section 3: Implementation (1000 words)

What leadership strategy should be adopted to facilitate implementation of the recommendations that you have presented and how might the impact of possible changes in direction cause changes in the leadership strategy? Also consider what the leadership role is in communicating the vision.

Section 4: Critical Reflection (250-300 words)

All students, particularly at postgraduate level, need to reflect critically on the learning experience. Provide a critical reflection of how you might apply your learning and knowledge from this module to your own area of study and future career aspirations.

Your portfolio must:

• Include a cover sheet with your ID number (NOT YOUR NAME), your chosen employer case study and your word count.

• Be typed in Word,
• Include page numbers,
• Be written in Arial font size 12,
• Be 1.5 spaced,
• The report should also strictly follow the constraints stated below
The student should answer the question fully, including excellent critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation; and at the higher end may be considered to be, or very near to, publishable quality because of its originality and criticality.


The entire work should be clearly structured, address the topic authoritatively, and should also succinct


A clear and convincing line of argument should be demonstrated throughout


Demonstrate creativity and originality in the selection of evidence. Provide thorough critical analysis of evidential support, and convincing knowledge of theoretical positions.

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Nursing discipline specific case study

Nursing discipline specific case study.

Nursing discipline specific case study:

CONYARD–HCCC  v Heather Conyard [2015] NSWNMPSC 3

Complaint of unsatisfactory professional conduct. Conditions placed on registration.

A patient who was unwell for a number of days died in hospital  of septicaemia. The complaint:

Failure to recognise a deteriorating patient, failure to escalate concern and obtain medical

assistance, and failure to document the assessment and plan of action for a patient in the ‘red zone’

described in the ‘Between the Flags’ policy.

Midwifery discipline specific case study:

  1. The Nursing and Midwifery Council of NSW receives notifications via three different pathways:

the impaired health pathway, the performance pathway, or the conduct pathway.

How does the definition of ‘unsatisfactory professional conduct’ apply to the case study and why was the nurse or midwife in the case assessed under the conduct pathway?

. Refer to the Nursing and Midwifery Council of NSW website to identify the correct definitions.

. Read the Complaint and Applicable Law sections of the Inquiry Decision Statement  for your discipline specific case study.

.State how the definition applies to the nurse or midwife.

. Write a concise statement of the factors in the case that fit the conduct pathway criteria.

Background information is available in Savage (2015) Chapter 7, legal issues for nursing students applied principles (3rd ed) Frenchs forest, Australia; Staunton and Chiarella (2013) Law for nurses and midwifes(7th ed) Chatswood, Australia

Chapter 8; Pairman et al (2015) Chapter 13. See also the Health Care Complaints Act.

  1. This question relates to individual professional accountability. What activities did the nurse need to complete in the immediate situation? Who else in the health care team needed to be involved in the coordination of care? What mitigating factors reduced the individual accountability of the nurse or midwife?

. Read through the Inquiry Decision Statement.

.In your answer outline the actions or inactions by the nurse or midwife that relate to their individual  professional  accountability, accountability to coordinate care with others, and the limits of their individual accountability.

.Background reading on professional accountability can be found in Savage (2015) Chapter 1;

Pairman et al (2015) Chapter 12.

3 . What professional standards apply/were breached in this situation?

. Read through the NMBA codes and standards to identify (at least three) relevant statements that    apply in the discipline specific case study.

. Background information is located in Chang and Daly (2016) Chapter 21.

. Provide a clear and concise rationale for your selection

.Your answer must be specific to the case  study context.

  1. What professional behaviours may have made a difference in this situation?

. Your discussion needs to be focused and relevant to the case study. In writing your answer,

consider the level of engagement, personal attributes, knowledge base, prior clinical experience,

evidence of clinical reasoning,  clinical actions, and whether the nurse or midwife involved evaluated or reflected on the care they provided.

. See  Pairman et al (2015) Chapter 13 and 14, Midwifery : preparation for practice (3rd ed) Chatswood, Australia.

  1. What do you learn from this case study about your own preparedness for professional practice?

.Choose one aspect of care from the case study that is within the scope of practice for a new graduate nurse or midwife and reflect on what accountable actions apply.

. Read through the answer you provided to Question 2. Think about your understanding of professional  accountability as it relates to the scope of practice for a new graduate.

. Your answer to this final question can be written in the first person, where appropriate, as you

are reflecting on your own preparedness for professional practice.

*Reference list and intext referencing

. List the references to the Nursing and Midwifery Council website, the NMBA

documents, and any  other resources that you have discussed in support of your answers using the correct APA (6th ed.) referencing conventions.

Your answer to all questions must include relevant in text references that fit the context of your

discussion at the appropriate place in the paragraph of your text.

. The in text reference for the case study can be abbreviated as Conyard [2015]



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