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This assessment addresses the following learning objective(s): Examine the effect of legal, ethical, and regulatory processes on nursing practices

This assessment addresses the following learning objective(s):

Examine the effect of legal, ethical, and regulatory processes on nursing practices (and/or change to providers), healthcare delivery, and outcomes while maintaining balance with administrative and fiscal responsibilities.
The healthcare industry is made up of diverse people and teams. This includes individuals who create policies, groups who lobby for legislation, and the people and teams who implement and follow laws and policies. For this assignment, you will reflect on your role, past, present, and future, regarding health policies. While research is encouraged for this assignment, in-text citations are not necessary. The purpose of this assignment is to provide your instructor with your knowledge framework and allow you to reflect on your knowledge and identify biases.

In an introductory paragraph, briefly summarize your scope of knowledge regarding health policy, both state/federal, and organizational policies.

In a second paragraph, explain why you wish to develop a deeper understanding of the policy creation, implementation, and assessment process. For example, how will understanding health policy improve your professional practice?

In a closing paragraph, address the following questions:

What biases/strong opinions do you have regarding health policy (state, federal, organizational policies)?
What caused those biases/opinions to develop (personal experiences, patient interactions, etc.)?
How will you respectfully maintain or evolve your bias/opinions as you advance in this course, and your career?
What is your primary source of information for staying up-to-date on state and federal health policy (names of publications, websites, organization-disseminated information, etc.)?
APA style should be followed throughout this assignment. Please include a title page.

Research is encouraged, but references and in-text citations are not required.

The Assignment; In a 4- to 5-page report, address the following: Analyze the environmental force/trend you selected. Include how the organization in the article is using the force/trend to better understand itself. With your selected health care organiza

The Assignment; In a 4- to 5-page report, address the following: Analyze the environmental force/trend you selected. Include how the organization in the article is using the force/trend to better understand itself. With your selected health care organiza.

Environmental forces and trends (i.e., competitors, new technologies, socioeconomic, population and business factors, and changing regulations) can have a tremendous impact on the success of an organization’s marketing plan. Therefore, it is important for health care leaders to continuously assess the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) of these forces and trends to ensure that their organizations are applying the appropriate marketing strategies. For this Assignment, you need to conduct a SWOT analysis of an environmental force or trend and consider how it might impact your own health care organization.

To prepare:

Select a contemporary environmental force/trend, such as politics in health care, new technological advances in health care, the impact of recession/economic issues on utilization of health care, etc. Using the Walden Library, locate and review a scholarly article that discusses this force/trend.
Reflect on your own health care organization. Imagine you have been hired as a marketing consultant to help guide your organization in understanding evolving environmental forces/trends that may impact marketing. 
Note: If you do not currently work for a health care organization, you may select one that is of interest to you.

The Assignment

In a 4- to 5-page report, address the following:

Analyze the environmental force/trend you selected. Include how the organization in the article is using the force/trend to better understand itself.
With your selected health care organization in mind, conduct a SWOT analysis of the environmental force/trend you selected.
Note: Be sure to use the SWOT Analysis Template in this week’s Learning Resources.

Analyze how the force/trend might impact the marketing of your organization. Recommend strategies to maximize opportunities and overcome threats.
Note: Your Assignment must be written in standard edited English. Be sure to support your work with at least five high-quality references, including two from peer-reviewed journals. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct.

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Managing Information Security

This assessment addresses the following learning objective(s): Examine the effect of legal, ethical, and regulatory processes on nursing practices Managing Information Security.

Managing Information Security

About the topic. In your Week Two folder you will see a lesson labeled: Revised Lesson Two. USE THAT ONE. There are four items highlighted in yellow. You may write on any cybersecurity incident within 1 of those 4 types of breach. BUT…you must send me an email telling me what you would like to write on. The subject and breech type. No two can be the same topic or type, so first come, first served. Wait too long and the topic you want might already be taken. If you do not send me the topic and type, your paper will be disqualified. THE EXAMPLES FOR EACH TYPE ARE IN PLAY. REMEMBER: FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Example: A “browser” breach is a type. One example of that is a “Keystroke logger”. You then research and write about a browser breach using a keystroke logger. (That one cannot be used). This paper will be completed using the APA 6th edition format. Failure to cite properly will reduce your grade and may be considered as plagiarism. (See below regarding plagiarism) Your answer should be prepared in a 7-9 page narrative paper. This assignment will require a title page, outline, abstract, and references page. A minimum of 7 scholarly/authoritative references are required for the paper.

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Concept exploration: What is the nature of the clinical problem?

Concept exploration: What is the nature of the clinical problem?.

1. Identify a practice issue which resulted in negative patient outcomes a. Concept exploration: What is the nature of the clinical problem? How is it defined? b. Is the issue clinically significant and why? Your literature review should support this. c. Is the issue a priority and why?

a. Identify processes which helped to identify this clinical problem. Examples: • Shift-to-shift report • Nurse/student partnership • Unit-based clinical practice committee discussion 2. Create a case-study to illustrate the problem 3. Develop a PICO question a. Population of interest b. Intervention of interest c. Comparison of interest d. Outcome of interest

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Iluka Resources Company Anyasis

Iluka Resources Company Anyasis.

1. Referencing: As the assignment would be a learning of the recent literature on your company, all facts should be supported with appropriate referencing. The referencing can follow any format – Harvard, Chicago, APA, MLA. But, the reference should be complete and clear.

2. Word limit: Some students are getting confused with the word limit. Please read the NOTE in the document after the description of Part 1 which says that the word limit is 500 words for the body of the assignment PLUS 100 words for the executive summary. So the entire document would be 600 words=100 + 500.

3. Factors: The assignment states several factors on which you are required to comment. Response to each factor should start as a separate paragraph. There is no need to have sub headings as it would unnecessarily be counted as a new word. In the instance you feel any factor is not relevant to your company, please briefly clarify why you think so in the description for that factor. For the factors which are most important to your company you can present a detailed analysis on them.

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Government Spending & Taxes

Government Spending & Taxes.

Ted Talk Before completing this graded discussion. You should have full understanding of the concepts below, if you don’t please use the textbook and review them first. Opportunity Cost, Scarcity, Market Failures, Government Regulation, Taxes, Tax Revenues, Public Goods, Government Spending. Instructions and Steps: 1. View the following TED Talk (video presentation). As you watch the video, take notes of any relevant information. What Government Can Learn From Baseball | Daniel Koh 2. Answer the following question; As you are aware from reading chapters 4 & 10, Governments intervene in markets to solve market failures like pollution, and to provide for public goods, but to achieve this, they need funding, which they accomplish by collecting taxes. Jean-Baptiste Colbert a French politician who served as the Minister of Finances of France from 1665 to 1683, once famously said “The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest [number] of feathers with the least possible amount of hissing.” Implying that taxes should be as high as people are willing to pay without complaining too much. Based on what you read in chapter 10, and the information on this TED talk, should governments focus more on becoming more efficient with the use of tax revenues hence reducing the cost of delivering for their citizens, or should they focus more on trying to increase tax revenues? Explain why. 3. Produce a Post of at least 200 words in which you explain your position. Your post must contain at least the following elements: It must state your stance to the question posted It must state the reason why Your reason must be explicitly connected to one of the concepts listed above, which means that must use at least of the concepts in your explanation It must use information, or data from the TED talk to support your argument.

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Aime cesaire the Notebook of A Return to the native land and film.

Aime cesaire the Notebook of A Return to the native land and film..

ENG 2012, Research Essay Formatting Requirements:  Thesis statement must be underlined and placed at the last sentence of your first paragraph  Length: no less than 1,500 words; no longer than 1,800 words  No title page; use MLA header  Separate Works Cited page needs to be included at the end  MLA formatting throughout, including parenthetical citations: e.g. (Wahl 25)  1” margins, Times New Roman 12 pt. font  Double-spaced; no extra spaces between paragraphs  Your name and page # go at the top of each page in a header (Google sample MLA paper on Purdue OWL) General info & Reminders:  Your essay provides a thesis-driven analysis of any primary text(s) (including a film) studied after Lucy and demonstrates an engagement with one of our theoretical approaches (e.g. existentialism, psychoanalysis (including trauma theory), and poststructural theory)  Research essay must cite at least (1) two scholarly secondary sources on the text you are analyzing and (2) at least one of the theoretical sources (for poststructuralism you can use the passages in my “Key Passages of Poststructural Philosophers”)  You are responsible for your essay’s thesis; there is no prompt  Take a position; I’m looking for an argumentative (rather than a purely descriptive) thesis  Papers will be graded on: argument, focus, organization, evidence and support, and grammar.  Develop a title for your essay that evokes your thesis  Support your claims with precise textual evidence from the text (quotes and paraphrase, as appropriate Link to film “Hiroshima Mon Amour” (1959, dir. Alain Resnais)

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describe and discuss the Internal and External Publics of the Community Center

describe and discuss the Internal and External Publics of the Community Center.

Fully describe and discuss the Internal and External Publics of the Community Center located in Jacksonville, Alabama. The different types of publics are already provided for you in the instructions file, and you have to write about each one in a section. Also, conclude each section with a brief recommendation that would help enhance the relationship between the organization and its publics. You will find all the information you need about the organization in the instructions file. In addition, an example of the structure needed in this paper will be provided for you just to have an idea. Because Community Centers are very similar, if you didn’t find the information you need about the Jacksonville Community Center in the file attached, you can research another community centers in the US to learn about the industry. Please follow APA style.

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Harriet the Spy By Louise Fitzhugh

Harriet the Spy By Louise Fitzhugh.

 Connector (5 points & 5 points) Job: 2 connections Select 2 kinds of connections from the list below to discuss. Text—Text: a connection between a part of the text and another text (book, article, etc.) Text—Self: a connection between a part of the text and yourself, e.g. your own experiences. Text—Media: a connection between a film, a tv show, FaceBook, etc. Text – World: a connection between a part of the text and things going on in the world, e.g. something you hear or read about on/in the news. Be specific about the section you are discussing. 1. Write chapter #, the page #, and add a pertinent quote or summary of the section. 2. Write what kind of connection it is. 3. Write a sentence or two about how this text relates to the book. Repeat for the second connection. Literary Luminary (10 points) Job: 1 text selection Select one special passage in the book. Help people remember an interesting, puzzling, funny, powerful, or important section. Share why you picked the passage. 1. Write the page # and a short quote representing your selection. 2. Write why this text should be selected—why is it important? How did it affect you? Illustrious Illustrator (10 points) Job: Visual Image and Retell Summary Represent the most interesting, important, or puzzling part of the text for you. You will create a visual image using paper and pencil/crayons, the computer, or watercolors to show how you “picture” this section in your mind. You may also use Internet or other images. Summarize your section briefly and share why you chose this section. 1. Write the page # and retell the section of this text in 1-2 sentences. 2. Write why you picked this section in 1-2 sentences. 3. Attach your image. Students have taken photos of hand drawn illustrations and sent them by email. That works. Total points for assignment: 30 Additionally, include one discussion question. Some themes to think about for Harriet: privacy, loneliness, adolescence, fitting in.. Remember to reference the text in your questions and answers when possible. Give us page numbers and quotes to ground the discussion with support from the book. Be careful of using “I believe” unless you say why you believe….

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Develop new, or review existing, data management policies

Develop new, or review existing, data management policies.

Develop new, or review existing, data management policies, procedures and systems for your chosen organisation and organisational problem for The three following:

1 Reference and Master Data, 2 Metadata Management and 3 Data Quality acc. DAMA-DMBOK2 Data Management Framework

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Honicker Corporation

Honicker Corporation.

Description ***Portfolio Milestone -Follow all instructions exactly as instructed below:*** Honicker Corporation Section 1: Principle Components Discussion Section 2: Simulation Analysis for Scenario A Section 3: Case Study Analysis based on the Honicker Corporation case study (Kerzner, 2017, pp. 753-755); Go to the Project Management Simulation: Scope, Resources, Schedule V2 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. at Harvard Business Publishing online. Once you have registered, you will be able to view the “Prepare” section to read about the project management process at Delphi Printers and learn how to run the simulation. For this Portfolio Project Milestone, draft the framework of the Portfolio Project paper for Honicker Corporation. This draft must be properly organized with the following key elements:

• Running header with designation of Portfolio Project- Honicker Corporation. • Cover page with designation of Portfolio Project option clearly designated. • Paper title with designation of Portfolio Project option clearly designated. • Introduction to include, as complete as possible, a descriptive overview of the Portfolio Project and a brief preface of the essay paper (three to four paragraphs). • Main body of the essay paper with APA style • Section level-1 headings for Section 1: Principle Components Discussion; • Section 2: Simulation Scenario Analysis; • Section 3: Case Study Analysis. Include APA style section level-2 headings for bullet items or key elements within each main section. For the first three Section 1: Principle Components bullet items, include a substantive, synopsis of each item (three to four paragraphs for each subsection level-2 bullet item): • Project, Program, and Portfolio Management distinction; • Project Selection; and, • Project Charter. Additionally, develop a basic, 2 to 3 page Project Charter template based on the PMBOK® Guide (6th ed.) that could be used for small-to-medium projects in a global organization. Include your Project Charter template as an appendix in your paper. • Conclusion • Reference page(s) listing any appropriate references cited; a minimum of four scholarly references.

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