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This activity will help you practice evaluating technology systems and the factors used to evaluate them. This activity is a companion to the milestone due in this module and will help you with your technology recommendations.

This activity will help you practice evaluating technology systems and the factors used to evaluate them. This activity is a companion to the milestone due in this module and will help you with your technology recommendations.. I don’t understand this Health & Medical question and need help to study.

This activity will help you practice evaluating technology systems and the factors used to evaluate them. This activity is a companion to the milestone due in this module and will help you with your technology recommendations.
For this activity, complete the following:
Using the Evaluation Matrix Template provided, complete the evaluation of the clinical information system (CIS) for the two vendors listed in the Technology Information Sheet. A portion of the evaluation matrix has been completed, but you will need to add additional items to fully vet the vendors. You will need to come up with at least two additional evaluation factors along the lines of security, usability, functionality, accessibility, etc. to complete this assignment. Review the Evaluation Matrix Example to help you complete your matrix.
Support your answer with relevant sources.
You will be graded on the following critical elements:
 Complete: Did you fill out all of the existing fields for each of the technologies/vendors?
 Additional Evaluation Factors: Did you include at least two additional evaluation factors? You can take inspiration from the completed example.
 Support: Did you support your answers? For example, if you gave a high score to one of the vendors on a certain element, can you explain why? You
may use the Technology Information Sheet as a source.
Note: It is suggested that you complete this activity before you finish the milestone in this module. However, you do not need to wait for instructor feedback on this assignment to complete the milestone. You can incorporate the feedback from this assignment and the milestone before you submit the final project in Module Nine.
Guidelines for Submission: Use the Evaluation Matrix Template to complete this assignment. All sources should be cited using APA style.
This activity will help you practice evaluating technology systems and the factors used to evaluate them. This activity is a companion to the milestone due in this module and will help you with your technology recommendations.

American Factory Directed by Steven Bognar Higher Ground Productions Discussion.

I’m working on a Social Science multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Movie:American Factory. Higher Ground Productions, 2019, United States, directed by Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert.In no less than 250 and no more than 350 words each, answer 4 out of 5 of the following questions in relation to the film you have selected:1) West and the Rest: In what way do beliefs/discourses about racial or cultural difference shape the events portrayed in this film? Who deploys these discourses? To describe whom? To whose benefit? To what extent do these match up with, or not, the discourse of the West and the Rest as described by Stuart Hall?2) Uneven development: In class, we used the term “uneven development” to refer to the ways that capitalism/markets/businesses both produce differences between places and people and use those differences. In what way can you use this concept to understand the events portrayed in this film? What sorts of material differences are important and what purpose do they serve?3) ‘G’lobalization: In what way do neoliberal economic policies and/or the discourse of ‘G’lobalization shape the events portrayed in this film? What market rules and institutions are most relevant here, and what role do they play?4) Alter-globalization: Which people and/or institutions are trying to change the rules of globalization in the film? What do they do, and for what reason? Are they successful? In what way should these efforts be understood, or not, as part of alter-globalization struggles?5) Form: Identify and explain one aspect of the film’s style or form that interested you (e.g. music, cinematography, etc.). This may be something used throughout the film, or something specific to a particular scene. Explain what function you think this aesthetic choice was supposed to serve, either stylistically or politically, and whether or not you found it to be successful.
American Factory Directed by Steven Bognar Higher Ground Productions Discussion

Bad News to Employee. Can you help me understand this Business question?

Bad News to Employee: Refusing “Take Your Dog to Work Day”
Denise Harper, an excellent employee in the Accounting Department, has requested that the company allow employees to bring their dogs to work for one day. She says that the Pet Sitters International started “Take Your Dog to Work Day” nine years ago, and many offices across the country set aside a day to help raise awareness of what good companions dogs are. Denise also had another motive: she hopes to inspire fellow office workers to adopt dogs of their own.
Denise is a conscientious CPA whose work is valued within the company. However, her request must be denied. You can’t imagine how to puppy-proof the office. What about electrical cords and wires? How about the carpet and possible accidents? What if some dogs became overly friendly with each other? What if the dogs became boisterous or agitated? You think productivity would plunge that day, and you can see no value in the proposal. Much as you admire the work of Denise, you can’t grant this request.
1-Your Task. As division head, send a hard-copy memo refusing the request without alienating Denise Harper Is there any possible alternative?
2-Please write down the exact process you used when writing the “Ch 7 writing sample”. This process is outlined in Figure 2.2 on page 40 of the book.
Please walk through each step of the 3×3 writing process SPECIFICALLY RELATED TO WHAT YOU DID FOR THE “Ch 7 WRITING SAMPLE”. For instance, do not just say “I analyzed the audience”. I need to know how you analyzed the audience and how that changed your writing.
Bad News to Employee

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Research Paper

Introduction As humans face their day to day life experiences, several mental health issues or behavioral problems are bound to incessantly occur. Quite a number of children are victims of family violence and this causes them to be at a risk of social complications and mental disarrays including anger, suicidal intentions, depressions and awareness dearth hyperactivity disorders (ADHD). Other cases include drug addiction, eating disorders, learning disabilities or work related complications that may befall adults. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy also known as EAP is a form of psychotherapy which cartels horses and psychotherapy to help restore self-esteem, trust, personal confidence as well as group-cohesion in people with the above issues (Schultz et al., 2007). This yearns to gauge what EAP entails, its correlation with other forms of equine therapies, how it is done and its use in assisting people with various difficulties. Definition EAP is the teaming up of human certified therapists and horses with the common goal of helping people who have succumbed to mental health problems, relationship complications, lack of life skills, grievance, loss, ADHD or short temper. EAP is also used to aid those who desire to focus on their own professional development (Jaleh, 2010). In fact, horses are used because of their prey-animal instincts that allow them make quick and precise assessment of their surroundings thus responding appropriately. They have incredible insight in comprehending human body language besides being utterly honest and incapable of pretense. These enable horses to avail honest response to the client during their interactions. Conversely, a therapist organizes treatment plans and diagnoses while monitoring the process to ensure nothing goes astray. They are there purposely for the therapeutic parts of the sessions although other roles may come up. EAP utilizes experimental vision oriented therapy which enhances the therapeutic process by applying a client’s ability to create metaphors. This is how humans relate to other peoples experiences. Metaphors of characteristics of a client situation, persona or people in their life in this case are the horse and all other requirements of an EAP session. Jaleh (2010) states that in this process only horse interactions on the ground are used while horse riding is not. Equine Assisted psychotherapy versus Traditional psychotherapy EAP unlike the traditional forms of therapy achieves quick and noticeable changes in the client within the first or subsequent periods. The instant reactions of the horse to the human actions and behavior assist the victim in meeting the therapeutic target in a short period. The brevity of psychotherapy period sets this method apart from other traditional forms of psychotherapy. Moreover, the process conveys its lessons through various senses including visual, dynamic and acoustic which enable the client to retain lessons learnt for a longer period. According to Jaleh (2010) assertions, it is clear that numerous research studies can attest to this. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More EAP versus other Equine Assisted Therapies There are numerous other equine assisted therapies. Though partially similar, there are observable differences between them. Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) Like EAP, this is an experimental therapeutic process that comprises of horses and individuals or groups. It entails control, lunging and grooming of the horse. However, it mainly depends on activities done while riding the horse and hence making it different from EAP (Shultz, 2005). EAP is considered better than EFP since its ground undertakings involve a horse creating more and appropriate opportunities for client development and enlightenment. Riding a horse in the process makes it the main focus rather than an instrument of the procedure. One has time to focus on issues affecting him and thus facilitating healing. Hippo therapy This is another form of physical, professional or speech therapy that borrows the services of a horse. The rhythmic characteristics of horse riding are utilized in dealing with the physical restrictions of the client making it different from EAP. Horses versus other animals Horses are EAP preferred animal since they offer therapeutic advantages that are not available in other animals. The most conspicuous is their size that ranges between eight hundred to twelve hundred pounds. This acts as a metaphor to the client in handling intimidation and life challenges. Basically, horses are social animals with attitudes and temperaments. Each plays a precise role in their groups and derives excitement in enjoying themselves. Individuals can relate with them since they impart metaphorical lessons (Addiction, 2011). Their ability to reflect back human nonverbal cues offers lessons on use of verbal or non-verbal communication. Conducting of EAP sessions A new client in an EAP center is taken to tour the facility upon which an introduction to horses is made. However, horses’ background data is withheld to facilitate efficient formation of a metaphor by the client. This in turn sets grounds for fresh and new relationships. The emotional security and physical safety of the client is optimized by the session structure. The speed of the therapy depends on that of the client though in the first encounter the client may be allowed to groom the horse. Fearful clients are allowed to start with the pony. We will write a custom Research Paper on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the second and all subsequent sessions the clients are given the freedom to make choices of the horses they want to work with during the day. During this time, the mental health specialist consults with the equine expert on the clients’ changes since the previous period. Depending on the client’s problem, an activity is selected by the psychotherapeutic team (Addiction, 2011). These activities aid the client in discovering and overcoming various mental or behavioral difficulties. Since the horse can mirror the clients’ behavior, the equine professional observes changes in behavior or attitude patterns in the horse while the mental therapist observes the client. Through their discussions they come up with open ended and nonjudgmental questions that help the client relate the observations to their life. As the clients approach their therapies goals the questions are changed into those that help find answers to the current predicament. Issues assisted by EAP Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is used to solve problems that psychologists, counselors and even coaches solve. Such problems include: Drug addiction EAP is majorly used for cases in which talk therapy is difficult for some unknown reason. Interactions with the horse not only help the person relax but also become symbols of frustrations being faced. This helps to float their emotions in a serene comforting surrounding. Observations of interactions help therapist comprehend the unfulfilled wants and dreams of the addict. Via EAP addict does not only rediscover their hidden self but ways of assisting them similarly become evident (Addiction, 2011). At-risk adolescents along with life skills These are children faced with the risk of failure in life due certain factors such as poverty, learning difficulties, family violence, molestation or abusive parents. Such children may exhibit withdrawal tendencies and depression. In an attempt to change the behavior of the horse, youths are compelled to change their behavior first thus learning how to be responsible of what they do. Caring for the horse imparts lessons on benefits of handwork and overdue gratification. Anger management, relationship building and depression Horses have the ability to reflect nonverbal communication in humans. Since horse mode of communication is via non-verbal cues, individuals are encouraged to face and influence change in a potent and nonthreatening way. Interactions help human lower their defenses and become open to new thoughts and attitudes. The associations with the horses instill lessons of respect, problem confrontation and preservation of health wise relationships with other people. Companionship brings in a sense of mutual working as a team for groups that undertake the program (Shultz, 2005). Conclusion EAP is not a new idea in the history of therapy. Its efficacy makes it certain that it will continue being used for a long time. People are beginning to realize how this animal-human bonding helps save and restructure many lives. With everyday inventions in the social forums EAP specialists are taking their time to advertise their services to those who are ignorant of this process. Not sure if you can write a paper on Equine Assisted Psychotherapy by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This offers frustrated people a second chance to live. In essence, many conferences are held while associations that deal with EAP and other animal related therapies are formulated to help as many people as possible to restructure. Whether we are the ones directly in need of it or the loved ones, it becomes imperatively clear that we cannot deny that this procedure is an integral part of our lives. References Addiction, D. (2011). Drug Addiction Treatment at the Ranch. Web. Jaleh, C. (2010). How Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Can Help You Heal. Web. Shultz, B. (2005). The Effects Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy on the Psychological Functioning of At-Risk Adolescents ages 12-18. Web. Schultz, P. N., Remick-Barlow, G. A.

George Berkeley And Empiricism Analysis Philosophy Essay

python assignment help Empiricism is the doctrine that knowledge derives from experience. One very important philosopher to empiricism is George Berkeley. Berkeley denies the existence of material substances and says that existence of substances is depended on perception. In his famous Three Dialogues, he introduces characters Philonous and Hylas whose names ironically mean “love of intellect” and “matter.” As the First Dialogue starts, Hylas calls Philonous a skeptic by his definition “one who doubts of everything or who denies the realty and truth of things (pg.219, The Empiricist) he soon gets Hylas to admit that he too is a skeptic. Philonous breaks everything down into two groups either having: primary qualities (qualities that can be measured) and secondary qualities (sensible qualities). In the following pages Berkeley goes on to prove that there is no inherit qualities within a material substance that makes it a material substance, and everything is viewed through perception. For example, a cherry is a cherry because it is red, sweet, round etc. But all those things are not innate things that are a cherry. They are sensible qualities because we see, taste, and feel that the cherry is red, sweet and round. Even though we all agree that before us is a cherry, we all will find that we have different perception about whether on not the cherry is sweet or bitter. Anything that is arbitrary is perception. His point was that if it is without being perceived, then it cannot be proven. In order to know a thing exists, we must perceive them. Berkeley also set out to prove that primary qualities only exist in our minds. His proof of this is that an object perceived by two different people could be larger or smaller, depending on how big that person actually is. For example a foot to me may seem moderately long, but a foot to a 6 foot person may seem really short. Hence, extension is not inherent in the object. He also gives the example of motion and how speed is measured by an internal clock In the Second Dialogue, Berkeley introduces Monism (everything is reduced to one), Dualism: 1) thinking (substance pilot) 2) physical material (substance machine), and Idealism (only perceiving minds and perceptions exist). This is where Philonous brings God into the equation because he needs a cause for our sensible ideas. His argument of causation is as follows: 1) sensible ideas must be caused by some spirit 2) I am not the cause of my sensible ideas 3) There must be some other spirit that causes my sensible ideas. Therefore, there is a God. His argument of Perception then is: 1) sensible things cannot exist without being perceived 2) sensible things exist independently of my perceptions 3) there must be some other perceiver. Therefore God is the perceiver. He goes on to say that since were purely passive in our perceptions and God is purely active, it is God that excites ideas in our minds. In the Third Dialogue, Hylas asks how idealism can distinguish a dream from reality (since they are both depending on the mind). Philonous answers him by saying that dreams and products of the imagination are faint and dependent on the will; sense impressions are livelier and do not depend on the will. Hylas also brings up the fact that if God is the author of all things, he would also be the author of evil; Philonous says that evil doesn’t exist outward, only inward and that we are in control of our own wills. At first I found Berkley very convincing in his arguments about perception, but as with other philosophers, when he gets to the existence of God, their argument falls apart. The thought of God exciting all our ideas through our souls is a bit strange. Yes all perceptions have to be first perceived by God, and that God had to have an idea of us doing something for it to actually happen is crazy. I don’t agree with Berkeley’s use of God, but I don’t necessarily agree that God just created the world and people in it and steps away from it (Descartes, Meditations); there has to be some type of middle ground. If you fuse the philosophies of Descartes and Berkeley, I believe that one could come up with something more believable, its just too hard to believe that God does everything because in a sense your saying that God who is all powerful and omnipresent uses us to act here on Earth, which is absurd since we are finite and he is infinite. I didn’t quite get Berkeley’s concept that God is all active and first perceives us doing things before we do them because is flawed. If that were true, you would have to infer that God is also the author of evil. If God perceives everything we do before we do it and everything we do our first His ideas, then he would be able to stop evil doings. What Berkeley says about us being in control of our own wills would have to be false because if that were true, we would be in control of our own perceptions in my opinion. It just seems that if that were true, then everything we did would be in a sense godly, and that obviously isn’t true. It makes perfect sense to me that are senses play a big role in how we view the world around us, but although he was convincing in that concept I, couldn’t help but thinking that Hylas had a lot of good points also. There must be something innate in objects that make them the objects they are, or else we why would we need to name the objects to discern one from another? I thought that Berkely had a good theory, but it wasn’t realistic, although convincing. If I can’t agree with Berkeley’s use of God, then his whole theory starts to starts to fall apart because he’s using God as a sort of cushion for his concept, but I don’t think he uses God in the right way. Because Berkely is a bishop, he can’t be really objective when it comes to God. He already has preconceived thoughts, and for philosophy to work one needs to dispel all previous conceptions on all subject matter, but obviously he can’t because of his vocation. This is where his argument on God is flawed. I believe that the reason why philosopher arguments’ get confusing or nonsensical when it comes to God is because I believe that back then religion was uniform. Taboo to go against it, whereas now we have many. Many religions open up many different ways of viewing God. I believe this is important when it comes to philosophy because philosophy is most broadly defined as love and pursuit of wisdom by intellectual means and moral self-discipline. You can’t truly have self exploration without being willing to accept new things or at least the possibility of new things. In conclusion, I could not agree with Berkeley’s idealisms, but they did make me think about they way I view the world. At the end of the day, I feel that personal biases will always get in the way of the way we perceive.

1. Property analysis of Shangri-La Hotel Pudong area. It is necessary for the author to find relevant materials and

1. Property analysis of Shangri-La Hotel Pudong area. It is necessary for the author to find relevant materials and financial statements to analysis for Shangri-La Hotel, and to compare the financial status of the hotel before and after COVID-19. 2. Performance analysis of Shangri-La Hotel. Budget and forecast of performance for the coming year 3.Forecast the financial revenue of Shangri-La Pudong hotel in the coming year

PER 201 Georgia Military College Metacognitive Plan

PER 201 Georgia Military College Metacognitive Plan.

250-300 wordsSection 1 – Describe the details of the assignment that you want to complete, so others can understand what you want to learn. Include any instructions given by your instructor or in your syllabus. For example, state that you want to write a compare/contrast paper for your English 101 course and provide the instructions given to you.Section 2 – Write a goal statement using Bloom’s taxonomy. For example, “I want to write a compare/contrast essay and receive an A on it.”Section 3 – Break down and Identify all steps that you need to take to complete the assignment.Section 4 – Outline a plan of action for completing each step.Section 5 – Discuss learning strategies and resources that you will use to help you complete the project (refer to Chapter 3 of your textbook).
PER 201 Georgia Military College Metacognitive Plan

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