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Alice Atencio English Think Piece for Night of Terror Writing about a specific memory that holds some type of significance to us, is sometimes harder than we realize. I know for me it was very difficult. It’s easy to relate a memory when talking to someone, however when I tried to relate the same memory but putting it on paper I struggled with it. The tips on writing from memory in chapter three were very helpful and informative. It offered a multitude of different techniques to help in the writing process.

For example, the tip on visual prompts, where we would look at old photos, or family videos to help bring a specific memory to mind, worked very well for me. Looking at some old photos helped me get my frame of mind back to the time I was trying to remember. I also found the tip on connecting with other writers very useful. It helped to talk to a friend about the subject I was writing about, because the input I received let me know what was relevant to the reader and also what areas needed ttention.

On future papers that I write I will use the tip on outlining, by listing the main ideas in order, so that I can see how my essay is coming together. I tried to bypass this step on one of my essays and it didn’t work out very well. I noticed that I had to go back and change a lot of things because certain events were out of order and didn’t make sense. So I think if I follow the tip it should prevent me from making this same mistake twice. It’s definitely worth a try.

I will try to build key scenes in order to bringing my memory to life so that the readers can relate to my experience. Naula Lynch did a great Job on bringing her memory to life in her story “Night of Terror. ” She gave vivid descriptions that enabled me to visualize and feel her fear. She gave relevant details to her story and left out things that didn’t add anything to it. The overall outcome was a great essay. The details held my attention from beginning to end and that is what I want from my own writings.

1.) U.S. cigarette makers face enormous punitive damage penalties after losing a series of class-action lawsuits that heaped penalties amounting Essay

1.) U.S. cigarette makers face enormous punitive damage penalties after losing a series of class-action lawsuits that heaped penalties amounting to several hundred billion dollars on the tobacco industry. In spite of the huge penalties, The Wall Street Journal reported, “The damage (to cigarette makers) is generally under control. ”What action do you suppose the cigarette companies took to avoid bankruptcy? Why did this action succeed? 2.) Situation: “Suppose a hurricane hits Miami and destroys 20% of the apartment stock.” What is the microeconomics in this situation? Answer: See the syllabus for an example. Submit Microeconomic Concept(s) 1. 3.) Business Week, in an article dealing with management, wrote, “When he took over the furniture factory three years ago … [the manager] realized almost immediately that it was throwing away at least $100,000 a year worth of wood scrap. Within a few weeks, he set up a task force of managers and workers to deal with the problem. And within a few months, they reduced the amount of scrap to $7,000 worth [per year].” Was this necessarily an economically efficient move? Explain your answer. 4.) Ross Perot added his memorable “insight” to the debate over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) when he warned that passage of NAFTA would create a “giant sucking sound” as U.S. employers shipped jobs to Mexico, where wages are lower than wages in the United States. As it turned out, many U.S. firms chose not to produce in Mexico despite the much lower wages there. Explain why it may not be economically efficient to move production to foreign countries, even ones with substantially lower wages.