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Think about some of the key information technology drivers that have a deep impact on Amazon. Some of these

Think about some of the key information technology drivers that have a deep impact on Amazon. Some of these drivers might be use of mobile devices, videoconferencing and VoIP, use of online medium to conduct business, cloud services, and so forth. What are some of the networked (or online) applications that interest you in your chosen area of business? You may even create your own network application service for any business of your choice.

How does this networked application that you chose help you solve one or more business objectives (refer to bullet points 1, 2, and 3 above)? For instance, you may choose to incorporate online shopping to a retail business, or you may plan to equip video conferencing applications on all desktops in your medium size business that spans several locations in a region. You may be a coffee shop that plans to offer free Wi-Fi and paid music download kiosks, or you may be an owner of a of couple slot machines who wants to keep track of sales in real time.

Please make sure that you pick an application that makes use of a LAN and a WAN (or Internet). Also, make sure that you know what kind of business problem will be solved by the use of this networked application.

Also, complete the attached as it relates to the proposal.

1 : what do you know about arabic poets before Pre Islamic era ? 2 : how many types of “kalma”?

1 : There are many poets which were very popular in Arabs in many categories , so some were known in bravery , someone in charity and some other are in love . so tell me who was famous in which category of poetry ? 2 : “kalma” is an Arabic word , how many types of it in Arabic language ?

Authentic reading text and plan a lesson around it for learners.

Think about some of the key information technology drivers that have a deep impact on Amazon. Some of these Authentic reading text and plan a lesson around it for learners..

Rubric for Assignment 3:

Language skills related tasks For this assignment, choose an authentic reading text to practise and develop your learners’ reading skills. Choose a text which is suitable for one of your teaching practice classes. Design a receptive skills lesson and describe the procedure of your lesson in prose, including the following information: 1. Say why you have chosen the text, comment on its suitability for use in the classroom and say which level you would use it with. Submit a sourced copy of the text with your assignment. 2. Design a lead-in, saying how you would raise your learners’ interest in the topic of the text.

3. Design an initial reading task and state which sub-skill(s) it practises. Include the task (with answers) on a separate handout. 4. Design a second reading task and state which sub-skill(s) it practises. Include the task (with answers) on a separate handout. 5. Design one or two productive skills follow-up tasks (speaking or writing) which capitalise on the interest generated by the text. Include the task(s) with your assignment. 6. Provide a rationale for doing each stage and task. Reference at least one methodology text to support your ideas.

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Korean War and the Vietnam War

Korean War and the Vietnam War.

During the Cold War in East Asia, the United States undertook two wars — one in Korea and the other in Vietnam. The alleged purpose of these two wars was to prevent a Communist takeover of South Korea and South Vietnam. Both of these wars were part of a wider American containment policy which had, as its primary aim, the goal of stopping the spread of Communism (especially after the establishment of the People’s Republic of Chaina under Mao Zedong in 1949).

The governments of North Korea and North Vietnam fought to reunify Korean and Vietnam under Communist rule. In this essay, compare and contrast the Korean War and the Vietnam War relative to the goals, objectives, and outcomes of the combatants. Includes these articles: Mao Zedong meets Richard Nixon, February 21, 1972/China’s Decision to Enter the Korean War: History Revisited/”Lessons of Vietnam” by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, May 12, 1975 

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Humanities: Marijuana Legalization

Humanities: Marijuana Legalization.

Many states have legalized marijuana for medical use. Outright Legalization of marijuana has been on several state ballots over the past several years.

By now, California voters will have either passed or failed to pass Legalization. In a 3 page APA paper , discuss both the position and negative aspects of Legalization of Marijuana in your community (my community is a good safe one in San Diego California), and society as a whole. *******WHILE YOUR OPINION IS IMPORTANT, MAKE SURE TO APPROACH THIS ASSIGNMENT FROM AN EMPIRICAL PERSPECTIVE, e.g., COLLABERATE YOUR OPINION WITH THE LITERATURE

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The administration of solidary social economy companies

The administration of solidary social economy companies.

The administration of solidary social economy companies

Paper details The article should talk about how companies in the social and solidarity economy are managed, the financial, accounting and human resources. Doing an analysis of companies in the United States, Europe and Latin America, one must speak of successful cases in the management of social and solidarity economy companies. The structure of the article will be as follows: 1. Summary You should briefly explain what the article is about. 2. Introduction: take into account the background of the research and the justification of what is desirable to do, in the most concise way possible, indicating the objectives of the research and what is presented in the article. 3. Methodology: hierarchize and group. It must capture the procedure that is performed during the analysis of the review. 4. Development and Discussion: analysis of the bibliography, according to the organization structured above. Verification of the results of the authors and the critical argumentation of each aspect addressed in the article. This documentary installation should serve as a synthesis, coherent, clear and perfectly argued. 5. Conclusions: the work will end by indicating the conclusions about the authors of the manuscript, as well as the possible implications and the recommendations that will be derived. 6. Bibliographic references

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phillipine culture

phillipine culture.

overview of selected culture,(phillpine)discussion of variations required in nursing care related to culture, identify health trends among the phillipines , Apa format 7 pages excluding title and introduction and reference page

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Graduateship in Leadership

Graduateship in Leadership.

Our overall assessment and recommendation for certification will be based on:

·         Your reflective account and portfolio of evidence.


·         Your Assessor’s feedback.


Assessment of your work will be undertaken by a subject specialist who will take into account:

·         The degree to which the evidence presented demonstrates that the criteria have been met.


·         The validity and reliability of the evidence.


·         The quality and sufficiency of the evidence.


·         Comments of the referees where applicable.


Assessment generally takes approximately 10 – 12 weeks.  After this time we will let you know the outcome of assessment.  Your Assessor will return one of two decisions:

1.    Pass and call for certificate.


2.    Request resubmission of your work with amendments. 

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