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Since student loan debt is being generated as pupils attend school, credit card companies should not be allowed to market on college campuses. Credit card companies are continuously appearing on college campuses around the world. Their main target, of course, is naive students. These companies are there to pick up students at their worst and most vulnerable moments. Some students that feel short of cash are very tempted to apply for these buy now, pay later agreements. Once a student is approved for credit, companies usually offer them very generous credit lines.

At their tender ages, no student is going to decline the offer. Most students, at this point in their lives, do not have jobs and are setting themselves up for a world of failure. Students that have no source of income are unable to make payments and will incur late fees that can be astronomical. By this time, their credit scores are being impacted tremendously. This is where the companies begin to make their money, and could care less about a student who has been stretched beyond his or her means.

The potential outcome is irreversible credit damage to the young, defenseless student. Credit card companies know that college students are their prime prospects. The marketing tactics credit card companies use to entice students prove that these companies truly understand their demographic. Representatives of the credit card companies are sent to these campuses to harass students into filling out applications for their products and services. These representatives are trained not take no for an answer.

The students are lured to the companies’ kiosks by the promise of free gifts. These gifts include Frisbees, t-shirts, and even iPods. With kiosks popping up all over the campus, the companies make it hard for students to say no to the pressure to apply. With all of the exposure that the credit card companies have on college campuses, they make it hard for a student to remember that they are there for the purpose of obtaining a college degree. Since most students are already accruing student loan debt, credit card debt is the last thing they need to be worried about.



As you put together your paper this week, pay close attention to the following guidelines. Allow yourself time to create multiple drafts of your work so you can craft a paper that best represents your understanding of course material and your ability to articulate it. THE THEME IS UNILATERAL USE OF FORCE Select one theme discussed in chapters 10 through 13 of our textbook. Go to and search for published articles on that theme. Filter your results to show only those works published within the past year. Select five articles that interest you the most and read them thoroughly. (You will most likely need to retrieve the articles from EBSCO host.) In a well-written paper, provide the following: A description of the theme as our textbook discusses it. What the articles you have selected say about the theme. Where do they agree? Where do they disagree? Now that you have reviewed at least six sources on this theme (our textbook and the five articles), what is your perspective? Papers must adhere to the following guidelines PRIOR to submission on or before the last day of Week 6: The first page of your paper will be a cover sheet correctly formatted according to APA guidelines. This paper will use 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font, and double spacing. The citations for each article MUST be correctly formatted according to APA guidelines. Do NOT use an automated citation manager to perform this function. Do it manually for this assignment and check your formatting against available APA resources. Excluding the cover page and references, this paper must EXCEED 8 pages of written text. Only COMPLETE paragraphs consisting of an introductory sentence, a full explanation of key points supported with properly cited sources, and a concluding sentence may be used. Only use published articles from academic texts, such as those found at or accessed through your Grantham University EBSCO host account. The entire paper must be your original work. It may not include quotes, and at no time should text be copied and pasted. This paper DOES require an introductory paragraph, explicit thesis statement, concluding paragraph, and references page. THE THEME IS UNILATERAL USE OF FORCE

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