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Thesis statement: Why should vaccination be mandatory?

Humans heavily rely on visual images to understand their social world. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” For your social problems project, you will research some aspect of a social problem and apply that information to a theoretical framework used in sociological analysis. Please be creative in picking your social problem. In our current climate, we have many social problems that the world is presently experiencing. You will present your project in a PowerPoint format.The requirements for this project are as follows:1. Develop a PowerPoint presentation. Your presentation must contain 8-10 slides.2. The “introduction slide” should include the title of the presentation, class, date, and name of the presenter.3. The next required slide is the “outline slide.” This slide should contain the key points of your topic and the layout of your presentation.4. You should include a “thesis statement.” Your thesis statement tells the audience what your presentation is about and what to expect; it answers the question your presentation will explore.5. Your presentation must include a “definition slide” which provides a description and explanation of the topic.6. After the definition slide, you must include a slide that identifies the objective and subjective dimensions of the social problem.7. Next, include “content slides.” These slides cover detailed information from the outline slide. Include images (pictures/photos) of your topic and explain the meaning/significance of these visual details.8. Another required slide is the “theoretical slide(s)” representing the focal area of your project. This is a crucial component of this project, so make certain that the theoretical component/application is relevant and clearly stated.9. Your presentation must also include a “reference slide” which lists references in regards to your project.