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These address “scripture and tradition”.Bring this to an argumentized paper in discussion on this finding750 words only

These address “scripture and tradition”.Bring this to an argumentized paper in discussion on this finding750 words only

System Design

System Design.

System Design Single system design can be a rigorous method used in implementing the evidence-based practice process. This method allows practitioners to monitor client progress, although there are obstacles that may prevent rigorous data collection. These potential obstacles include client crises that may not allow practitioners to collect sufficient baseline data; heavy caseloads, which increase the difficulty of collecting repeated measures; peers and supervisors who may not recognize the value of single case research; and clients who may resent extensive monitoring. In a single system design you can choose from several types of designs, including •AB: The basic single case design •ABAB: Withdrawal/reversal design •ABA: Multiple-baseline design Using these models, you can get different types of graphic representations with A representing the baseline phase and B representing the experimental phase. (The chart will be email to the writer.) This is a line graph displaying different representations of single system design with observation points making up the X axis and level of depression making up the Y axis. With that in mind, you analyze the strengths and weaknesses of single system design. In which you present an analysis of single system design in which you: •Summarize the strengths and weaknesses of single system design. •Describe how you can overcome identified weaknesses and build on the strengths of the single system design. •Explain how likely you are to use this evaluation method in your practice and why or why not. •Identify the case design you think is the most useful to your practice and research

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Elliptic Curve Algorithm

These address “scripture and tradition”.Bring this to an argumentized paper in discussion on this finding750 words only Elliptic Curve Algorithm.

Elliptic Curve Cryptography has gained momentum in application recently because of the relatively smaller key size to achieve the same level of security using another asymmetrical algorithm like RSA. For example, a key size of 3072 in RSA has the same strength as an ECC key size of 256. In this paper, you are going to explain the Elliptic Curve Algorithm and why the key size does not have to be large to provide acceptable level of security for todays computing needs.

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Analysis of Trauma informed care (TIC)

Analysis of Trauma informed care (TIC).

For assignment one trauma informed care (TIC). One of the key features of trauma informed care is to avoid re-traumatising the person through the practices of the service. For many people, being admitted to a mental health service places them at risk of witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event, and hence being re-traumatised. Some of these traumatising events include:

   physical assault

   sexual assault

   witnessing traumatic events

   being around frightening or violent patients

   being secluded

   being restrained

   feeling medications are used as a threat or punishment

   unwanted sexual advances

   inadequate privacy

Conduct a review of the literature concerning TIC taking into account the following sections that need to be addressed for this paper. Develop a brief paper of 2,000 words (about 8 pages with title page, end text references and appendices excluded).

Have a title page with your name, address and student number


-Introduce your paper and its objectives (Half a page)

-Define TIC and discuss the evidence from the literature concerning TIC (Three pages)

-Outline effective evaluation tools (Two pages)

-Consider one aspect of Re-traumatisation (see key points above) and consider how this could be reduced in the clinical setting (Two pages)

-Conclude your paper (Half a page)

-Provide references in APA (6th edition) style. 


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