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There should be substantial changes, including all four STAR strategies (Substitute, Take out, Add, Rearrange) for the micro-essay (Barefoot).

There should be substantial changes, including all four STAR strategies (Substitute, Take out, Add, Rearrange) for the micro-essay (Barefoot). Must be 250 words or less.

First file is my micro-essay (Barefoot), second is a model for how to undertake substantial revision and last is examples of micro-essays.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information.

“Revisiting Principles of Ethical Practice Using a Case Study Framework”.

“Revisiting Principles of Ethical Practice Using a Case Study Framework”..

Combes, Bertina H (11/01/2016). “Revisiting Principles of Ethical Practice Using a Case Study Framework”. Intervention in school and clinic (1053-4512), 52 (2), p. 92. Applying Ethical Principles Healthcare professionals often find themselves in the middle of ethical problems. In such instances, they have to apply their moral values and ethical principles to make appropriate decisions. Ultimately, the decisions made by the professions have to be in the best interest of the patients. Ethical yardsticks such as beneficence, justice, autonomy, and nonmaleficence provide a basis upon which decisions can be analyzed. An ethical decision is, therefore, one that passes the tests if these yardsticks are applied. [Nice start to an introduction. A strong introductory paragraph will include key points regarding your topic and a clear purpose/thesis statement for what you will accomplish in your paper. For information about developing a thesis statement visit . Also, please review APA guidelines for spacing . Is extra space supposed to be added after each paragraph in APA? Next, use the tab key to indent paragraphs instead of using the first-line indent setup as this can skew centered text.] Overview of the Case Study [Please review APA guidelines for using level headings . Do level headings use the same font style as the body of your paper? Use of level headings in your paper helps organize content and assists with flow and topic transition.] The case study for this assignment is the Emergency Department Repeat Admissions. In this case, Matt Losinski, the County General Hospital’s (CGH) CEO, comes across an article which provided grim details on admissions in hospitals Emergency Departments (ED) around central Texas. In particular, there are concerns that some patients are repeatedly admitted in the ED for up to 100 times in a year. Besides, some of the admissions related to minor nonspecific conditions, the kind referred to as ‘worried well.’ Consequently, the admissions gobbled up a huge chunk of the hospital’s resources leading to crowding, delays in treatment and increased patients’ dissatisfaction. In the case of CGH, the facility did not receive tax subsidy and missed reimbursement from Medicaid. In the instance, the hospital needs to be judicious in the application of its resources to deliver high-quality service to its clients. Losinski believes that the process involves cutting expenses on unnecessary admissions. [Is there a source citation for the case study? Check with your instructor, as according to the 6th edition APA manual every sentence which is paraphrased or quoted must be cited.] Analysis of the Ethical Issues in the Study Several factors may have caused the ethical dilemma in the study. First, it appears that the staff and the leadership at CGH do not appreciate the impact of unnecessary repeated admissions at ED on the overall quality of care at the facility [Which ethical principle does this potentially breach?]. Therefore, even though their cases are not as acute, the hospital still has few cases that fall into the category which have gone unnoticed. Secondly, the culture at the facility promotes the status quo and therefore abhors change [Which ethical principle does this potentially breach?]. For instance, when Losinski raises the issue with Mary Scott, the CFO, she responds that Medicaid and private arrangements are enough to cover the repeated admissions cases. Losinski also fails to get an appropriate response to his concerns during the executive committee meeting. The other issue at the facility is the gap in the hospitals model [Which ethical principle does this potentially breach?]. For instance, the CFO is comfortable that Medicaid covers the cost, yet the hospital has not received reimbursements amounting to $200,000 each year. All these factors have led to a system in which the hospital is not focused on cost savings and improvement of care. For instance, no one understands why Medicaid is not making full reimbursements. Therefore, the issue of repeat admissions, which is a wastage, has not received the attention it deserves. The overall impact of the issue is that the hospital has been experiencing limited margins. It is unable to improve its facilities, and this has impacted the quality of care to its clients. Consequently, it is expected that the level of client dissatisfaction is low. Ethical Decision-Making Model

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Foreign Currency risk Management.

There should be substantial changes, including all four STAR strategies (Substitute, Take out, Add, Rearrange) for the micro-essay (Barefoot). Foreign Currency risk Management..

Foreign Currency risk Management. (10 marks)
c. With reference to your chosen Multinational Enterprise (and using the most recent annual report published), analyse the financial performance (in terms of profitability, liquidity, efficiency and investment) of the company in the two most recent consecutive financial periods( e.g. 2016/17 or 2017/18, ) using 8 different accounting ratios (prior year comparative figures will be available in the annual report). (40 marks)

(i) You must advise your tutor of your chosen multinational enterprise to ensure suitability for use and avoid duplication;
(ii) It is advisable to choose your multinational enterprise and download the most recent annual report by the end of week 1 – this will facilitate your preparation and allow you to effectively participate in weekly class activities;

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Political Science Question

Hide Assignment Information
Turnitin®This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.InstructionsPreparation: After reading the feedback you got on your Prelim Thesis, carefully weigh that and in response plan to make any necessary adjustments to your thesis as you develop it into your First Analytical Paper. You’ll probably also need to plan where and how to expand your thesis with further supporting reasons, points, evidence, or related questions to explore, in order to reach the minimum required length for the paper, and that may entail a bit of re-reading in your notes and in Aristophanes.
Format: your name, appropriate title, typed, Times New Roman, 12-point font, double spaced, normal (1-inch) margins, no header or footer, minimum length of 1,000 words (direct quotes used sparingly), plus a works-cited page.
Submission: PDF file uploaded to the submission folder in the Assignments tool (chances are that a Word file may also do just fine, but any other file, such as a .pages file, I will probably not be able to open or grade on the course website).
Instructions: Please develop your prelim thesis into an analytical paper that is at least 1,000 words. Below are further instructions for every writing component, not all of which will be on the grading rubric, however. These fulsome instructions are meant to reduce any anxiety you may have about the unknown; they aren’t meant to overwhelm you.
-title. Your title should not only refer to your central question but also at least hint at your answer. Feel free to use a title and a subtitle, separated by a colon.
-analysis and evidence. Your analysis or argument should be viable in the academic study of classical literature, that is, it should be open to debate, not obvious, and it should be based on evidence from the text, namely passages from Aristophanes; it should not be based on religious or irreligious truth claims (such as: ‘God exists // God does not exist, therefore ….’). In addition to, but not as a substitute for, evidence from the text itself, you’re welcome to bring in material from the intro and notes to Claughton

Social Marketing

Social Marketing.


This paper is for a literature review for a thesis paper on how social marketing elements combined with social enterprenuership for a social change. please do not use 4Ps i don’t need the 4 ps but Social Marketing Mix and for the same I have attached “From_the_4Ps_to_COM-SM-_reconfiguring_the_social_marketing_mix.” Please use this as an anchor paper with other articles of the topic and built the literature review with not less than 15 references

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explain how you will connect Osama’s individual goals to the organization’s overall strategy

Performance management systems are critical to individual and organizational success. Consider the scenario below and share your responses to the four questions asked.
Onboarding programs must set the stage for successful employee performance. You understand the importance of linking organizational and individual goals.
You are the Sales Director for Hammad’s Auto Detailing Shop, specializing in custom automobile detailing services for business fleet automobiles. Recently, you offered the position of Customer Sales Associate to Osama. He is reporting to work next week for onboarding. Based upon the information provided, answer the following questions:
1. In your own words, explain how you will use the onboarding process to connect Osama’s individual goals to the organization’s overall strategy.2. Explain the implications associated with not linking Osama’s individual goals to the overall organizational strategy.3. Address components you believe an effective onboarding program should include, as well as exclude.4. How will an effective on-boarding program ensure Osama understands expectations of his role, as well as ensure that Osama is set up for performance success at Hammad’s Auto Detailing Shop?
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories (require supporting citations) in your initial response along with at least one scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references. Use Saudi Electronic University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.
Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced. Post your initial response early and check back often to continue the discussion.
You are required to reply to at least two peer discussion question post answers to this weekly discussion question. These peer replies need to be substantial and constructive in nature. They should add to the content of the post and evaluate/analyze that post’s answer. Normal course dialogue doesn’t fulfill these two peer replies but is expected throughout the course. You are also required to address all questions posed on this discussion board prompt.

Evidence-Based Practice Project

Evidence-Based Practice Group Project
The topic is “Handoff shift report”
The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn about evidence-based practice (and to have some fun while doing it) by applying what you learn in assigned readings and through independent literature searches to a hypothetical situation.
You (as a group) will pretend that you are nurses on an evidence-based practice committee in a hypothetical healthcare organization. As nurses on this committee, you will need to identify a nursing assessment or intervention that is well-supported by research [a minimum of 5 research reports are required; 3 must be quantitative research, 1 must be qualitative research, 1 must be a meta-analysis or meta-synthesis or a clinical practice guideline]. The following types of journal articles/reports are not acceptable: literature reviews, quality improvement reports, mixed-methods research, and opinion/information articles. Your group will decide how to promote the adoption and evaluation of this clinical practice in your hypothetical health care institution. In addition to the title and reference slides, the narrated PowerPoint presentation of the EBP Project should include the following: (1) the selected nursing assessment or intervention and why it is needed; (2) how you found the evidence supporting the nursing assessment or intervention, (3) an Evidence Summary Table.docx that presents the 5 research reports used; (4) how you concluded the evidence was sufficiently strong to support the recommended nursing practice, (5) how you would promote adoption of this clinical practice by nurses in your hypothetical healthcare setting, and (6) how you would recommend that the organization evaluate the adoption of the practice change.
Note: The clinical practice you recommend should be an autonomous nursing action (e.g., an assessment, intervention, or nursing-specific processes or issues such as handoff reporting, staffing, ). This does not include provider-delegated interventions such as administering medication or a provider’s decision such as giving a medicine versus a referral to counseling. It could, however, include collaborating with providers to seek an order such as the removal of a urinary catheter.
2. Present the EBP project in a discussion as a narrated PPT (Maximum 25 minutes; 15 slides maximum- excluding the title and reference slides.

Philosophy Reason and Truth: Dualism vs Materialism

Philosophy Reason and Truth: Dualism vs Materialism.

Assignment description:


A philosophy essay is concerned with presenting and analyzing arguments using reason. You do not have to pick a side; it does not matter which side of the argument you do pick if you pick one. What matters is the quality of your analysis of the arguments and the quality of the new arguments you advance.

Dualism vs Materialism: Select the materialist theory of mind which you think is strongest (of behaviourism, identity theory or functionalism) and compare its strengths and weaknesses against those of dualism. Which theory – in the end – gives a better account of the nature of mind? 

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ethics in public health,Please review the video Sexual Harassment Skit. Then, please list any discriminatory practices you find within the video, including any legal violations and violations of employee rights. Next, please discuss how the employees in

ethics in public health,Please review the video Sexual Harassment Skit. Then, please list any discriminatory practices you find within the video, including any legal violations and violations of employee rights. Next, please discuss how the employees in.

Please review the video Sexual Harassment Skit. Then, please list any discriminatory practices you find within the video, including any legal violations and violations of employee rights.

Next, please discuss how the employees in this video should handle the unprofessional practices. As employees, what are their responsibilities with respect to the behavior?

Your response should be no less than one and no more than three double-spaced pages.


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Business Question

I have this assignment due and I will provide all the information and if you can finish it earlier I will appreciate and if there is anything else let me know. Also, please read the information carefully before you start working on it.
Please review the detailed information given in the first Module – How to Navigate this Course.
The contracts you will be using are in the Contracts Module.
There are two questions for this Contract. We are looking for the ability to read and comprehend the contract so the appropriate contract clause can be applied to the questions connected with each contract. In order to answer the contract fact scenario, you will also need to be able to identify the legal concept that is applicable to the situation described. This is an analysis so please treat it as such. Your personal opinion is not appropriate.
There are correct answers for the prompt. If a student discusses a different legal theory for answering the prompt, partial points will be given. In cases of complete or partial answers, text references are mandatory to support the remedy proposed by the student. A textbook reference that has no bearing on the remedy or legal arguments will be counted as “no text”. For example, if any contract has an issue of risk of loss, referencing the text on contract formation will not meet the requirement. The sections of the text that you have read contain all the information you need for this analysis.
Please remember to reference the applicable parts of the contract that you are using to answer the prompt.
A student will be given 6 points for the text reference, 6 points for the contract reference, with 27 points for the analysis itself.
The remaining 6 points will be given as a spelling/grammar score. Following is the prompt.
Residential House Lease
The following prompt is based on the Residential House Lease found in the Contracts Module. Please reference the Lease by clause number as you answer the prompt. Remember to reference the text by chapter and section.
Essay (2 complete paragraphs with text references to support your answers)
Alecia, the landlord, refuses to fix a small leak in the roof that was there prior to the current tenant. Joe, the current tenant, has just discovered the leak after a heavy rain. The consequence is that black mold has been forming in the attic for quite some time. Joe still has significant time remaining on his lease. Joe has notified Alecia in writing by email of the mold and leak issue but has received no response. He is concerned about the premises becoming unsafe to live in. It has been 14 days since he emailed her his notification.
What are all of Joe’s options if Alecia declines to do the repairs?
Please discuss all remedies Joe may seek. Please remember to reference the lease and text to support your analysis.
Lease Analysis (45 points) (20% of Grade)
This assignment is designed to guide the students in evaluating their ability to apply the information they have learned about Landlord-Tenant Law to actual leases. This is a Landlord/Tenant lease agreement which is a contract.
You will be given the lease and the prompt for that lease. You will answer each prompt as it is due. There will be no formal paper produced but there will be a short essay is required. The prompt will be posted in Canvas two weeks before the assignment is due.
You can approach this lease contract as you would any problem you encounter in your life by setting up the framework you need to help solve the problem. What do the parties want (call it a remedy)? What are the facts that each believes supports their “remedy”? What does the contract say about their remedy? What does the law say about that? Now, can you come to a conclusion supported by the contract language and Landlord-Tenant law? If yes, then write it out. You must support your conclusion with at least one text reference.
This will be graded by Professor Sessom.
Why are text references important? Contract language does not exist in a vacuum. It is written based on the law. It is critical, therefore, to cite to the text and the contract to support your analysis.
There is no required format for this assignment as long as it is in Word. Spelling and grammar are part of each grade.

International Business: An assessment of the the methods used.

International Business: An assessment of the the methods used..

1. Full citation (Harvard or APA style preferred, but not obligatory) at the top of the page.

2. Introduction, including a brief summary that highlights the key point(s) made by the author(s), including the wider problem/issue being addressed (for which you may need to read a bit more widely to get a sense of where this particular article ‘fits’).

3. An assessment of the the methods used. You will need to assess whether the article is (1) a ‘review’ article that attempts to situate the wider literature (in which case you will need to assess whether they do this adequately), (2) a theoretical paper (in which case you will need to assess the adequacy of the theory and what data would be needed to test it), or (3) an empirical paper (in which case you will need to assess the adequacy of the methods employed and the rigour and validity of the analytical methods used).

4. Opportunities for further research (from both the author’s perspective and, of course, yours: this is where the critical reasoning and analytics comes in).

5. Strengths and deficiencies (in your opinion) with the methods, interpretation, argumentation, and conclusions: this is where you will think carefully about how what you’ve read aligns (or not) with what you know about business generally and international business. Be sure to address the criteria above in a detailed and critical manner (a good way is to bring in an additional source to achieve this, and draw specific parallels to the study of international business

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