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Theory of Generativity

Theory of Generativity.

Read “A Theory of Generativity and Its
Assessment through Self-Report, Behavioral Acts, and Narrative Themes in
Autobiography,” then determine your generativity score and level by McAdams. I have attached the Journal as a document. McAdams, D. P., & de St.
Aubin, E. (1992). A theory of generativity and its assessment through
self-report, behavioral acts, and narrative themes in autobiography. Journal Of
Personality And Social Psychology, (6), 1003.You have been chosen to present the impact of
generativity on life satisfaction at a Psychology convention. You will need to
complete the following:
1. Prepare a 10-minute presentation on generativity.
2. Your presentation does not need to be a PowerPoint or any visual
presentation, you will prepare an outline of the information you would present.3. Include a question segment in your presentation.
Your presentation should include:
generativity in your own words.
theory and theorist behind generativity.
how personality contributes to generativity
how gender roles contribute to generativity.
your level of generativity.
how/what actions could increase/maintain generativity.
4. Give your presentation to at least four
other people.
5. Administer the survey titled “Generativity Survey” to each audience member. (Document is attached).
6. Based on the results of your audience survey; reflect on your presentation
in 250-500 words, include the following:
do you think your presentation went, before you looked at the survey
your survey results, how do you think your presentation went, given the
your audience ask any questions during or after your presentation? What
was your comfort level in answering the questions? Where you able to
answer all questions asked?
7. Submit your presentation outline, compiled
survey results, and your reflection in one submission.This benchmark assignment
assesses the following programmatic competencies: 2.6: Effectively present
ideas through oral communication in psychological settings.
Theory of Generativity

Public Health Priorities Discussion Paper.

Recognizing that your primary data survey to your classmates does not represent what Johnson County residents perceive as their health priorities, but using the priority issues your classmates did identify, compare them to the secondary priority issues identified on Priority MICA for Johnson County found on the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services’ website ( (Links to an external site.)).Write a two-page paper that discusses how you weigh the primary and secondary data priorities against the needs and interests of the community. For example, a community needs assessment has secondary data that states the teenage pregnancy rate is 18 (the National Benchmark is 22). This would normally be given a low priority, but information from the community health survey has stated that teenage pregnancy is a top priority concern for the community. How would you work with your community to balance the data against the perception of the people?
Public Health Priorities Discussion Paper

Grantham Landscaping, accounting homework help.

Grantham LandscapingPlease provide the proper journal entries for the two different types of accruals for Grantham Landscaping LLC. Please use accrual base accounting. Transaction # 1: Grantham Landscaping Co. usually receives a monthly phone bill for $200, in which a check is issued for immediately.  However, for this month end, the bill never came. Transaction # 2: Grantham Landscaping Co. The next month has opened up since the period which Transaction # 1 occurred.  The bill has now been received and a check will be issued immediately.  What is the proper treatment for the accrual journal entry which occurred last month.Discuss why it’s important for the accrual to be made in regards to financial reporting.Note:  This is for a discussion forum.  Only 75 – 150 words are needed
Grantham Landscaping, accounting homework help

George Washington University Controversy Around Redskin Name and Logo Paper

George Washington University Controversy Around Redskin Name and Logo Paper.

All of you will need to use external research to write your marketing plan. All academic writing is based on references, and there is a difference in the quality of references that you will find. You are required to use peer -reviewed, academic references to support your work.In your own words, what is a peer-reviewed, academic reference and why is this necessary?How can you avoid plagiarism when you are using academic references?Search the Internet for an article that supports your statement and post the link in your discussion, using APA or SWS formatting, for everyone to read.Read and respond to at least one (1) of your classmate’s posts.Marketers –Here is a new discussion to add a conversation on current events this week. Please feel free to openly and respectfully join this discussion. You must still, however, answer the original discussion to earn your 30 points this week.As many of you may have already heard, The Washington Redskins (and this may be one of the last times I can use this name) are reassessing the name of the team and plan to change it.This is a very clear example of a business that is pivoting due to external events. The Washington Redskins (yes, said it again!) have resisted changing the name of their team for many years. And in fact, the owner has said publicly on many occasions that he will never change the name of his team.Yet, here we go.Why did the team now decide to reassess the name and logo? There have been a couple of events that have happened recently that appear to have impacted this decision.If you look at this from a marketing standpoint, what do you think is the real driving factor behind this change?
George Washington University Controversy Around Redskin Name and Logo Paper

The Safe Streets and Communities Act Report (Assessment)

best assignment help Table of Contents Issue Background Impact Status Works Cited Footnotes Issue The Safe Streets and Communities Act was adopted in 2012; this legislative act includes several important elements such as the adoption of minimum sentences for drug and sexual offences, the abolition of house arrests for a wide range of crimes, and stricter immigration laws[1]. This bill is supposed to make the Canadian society more secure, but at the same time it will result in the increased expenses for the government and excessive criminalization of many individuals. This paper is aimed at discussing various aspects of this law and its long-term implications for various stakeholders. Background This legislative act was promoted by the Justice Minister Rob Nicholson[2]. One cannot say that this event was prompted by a particular event that could prompt the government to adopt more different laws regarding various crimes. When explaining the rationale for this bill, the government focused mostly on the need to “improve the safety and security of all Canadians”[3]. Nevertheless, very little attention was paid to the causes that could have stimulated the state to adopt this legislative act. So, it is possible to argue that this policy lacked appropriate justification which should be provided by the state when it introduces a new law. Impact The adoption of this legal act can have profound implication for the Canadian society. First it, one should speak about taxpayers whose money will be spent by the government in order to implement every provision of the Safe Streets and Communities Act. First, it should be noted that this law can result in the increase of the prison population in Canada. Therefore, the state will have to spend more costs on the maintenance of these people. For instance, according to the estimations of researchers, this policy will require additional $ 1 billion to taxpayers in Ontario[4]. This is one of the drawbacks that should not be disregarded. One should take into consideration this money can be used for other purposes such as healthcare or education. So, the signing of this legal act will deprive many people of their opportunities. This is the main impacts that can be identified. Apart from that, this policy can result in significant in the significant criminalization of many individuals. In particular, one should focus on the drug offences. According the Safe Streets and Communities Act, the serious drug offences include “possession for purpose of trafficking”[5]. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The main problem is that this rule can lead to the situation when many drug-addicted people will be sent to prisons, instead of being treated[6]. This risk is also important when one speaks about young offenders. By incarcerating these individuals, the government will only marginalize them even further and they will be likely to commit other offences. This is the main danger that policy-makers should be aware of. Finally, one should take into account possible political tensions within the country. For instance, Jean-Marc Fournier, who is the justice minister in Quebec, says that his province will not pay the costs associated with this legislative act[7]. These examples indicate that this policy can affect many people in the Canadian society. Certainly, this law can bring some improvements such as the protection people who are the victims of human trafficking. However, the costs of these initiatives are not quite justified, and the government should not overlook these concerns. Status As it has been said before, the Safe Streets and Communities Act has already been signed into law. At this point, the implications of this law are debated by policy-makers, economists, journalists, and so forth. First of all, this legal act has been closely examined by criminologists who believe this policy will not achieve its intended goals[8]. The problem is that this law can lead to the increased criminalization of many people, rather than their integration in the community. The incarceration will transform them into law-abiding citizens; more likely, they will turn into recidivist criminals. Currently, this issue is a subject of heated debate among professionals who speak about the long-term influence of this policy on the Canadian society. Apart from that, this law has given rise to many protests among taxpayers who believe that their opinions were not taken into account by policy-makers. For instance, this issue is particularly important to many residents of Quebec who believe that the government has not taken into account their interests[9] (Fitzpatrick unpaged). This is why many political leaders urge the government to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the Safe Streets and Communities Act and modify some of its major provisions. Overall, this discussion indicates that the Safe Streets and Communities Act has significant limitations. Close attention should be paid to the costs associated with this policy, the growing prison population, and the failure to integrate offenders in the community. These flaws can make even a well-intentioned law quite useless or even dangerous. Legislators should consider the interests of various stakeholders in order to design policies that can improve the wellbeing of the society. This is the main argument that can be advanced. We will write a custom Assessment on The Safe Streets and Communities Act specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Currie, John. Canadian Yearbook of International Law. Toronto: UBC Press, 2013. Print. Department of Justice. Backgrounder: Safe Streets

FNU Points Webers Law and Necker Cube Questionnaire

FNU Points Webers Law and Necker Cube Questionnaire.

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Question 110 PointsWeber’s law states that ________ are a function of the initial stimulus intensity.just noticeable differencesfalse alarmsabsolute thresholdssensorimotor thresholdssignal detectionQuestion 210 PointsA Necker cube is an example of a(n)pheromone.Gestalt creation.ambiguous figure.mental set.phosphene.Question 310 PointsAl must build 25 radios before he receives $20. What schedule of reinforcement is being used?a fixed-ratio schedulea variable-ratio schedulea continuous schedulea fixed at contiguous schedulea fixed-interval scheduleQuestion 410 PointsWeber’s law states that the higher the intensity of the stimulus, the ________ it will have to be ________ to result in a noticeable difference in sensory experience.less; reducedmore; changedfaster; reducedless; increasedfaster; removedQuestion 510 PointsThe ________ of sound allows us to distinguish a guitar note from a saxophone note.harmonicstimbreauditory diffusionabsolute thresholdskinestheticsQuestion 610 PointsExamine this pattern: XXX XXX XXX XXX You are likely to perceive this as four groups of three X’s, rather than six pairs of X’s. This is due to thelaw of common of of of of continuity.Question 710 PointsA farmer is being troubled by coyotes eating his sheep. In an attempt to solve the problem, he kills a sheep and laces its body with a nausea-inducing drug. He leaves the sheep out where he knows the coyotes roam. He hopes they will learn not to eat the sheep. The farmer is attempting to apply the principle of ________ to accomplish this.latent learninginstrumental conditioningintermittent reinforcementconditioned food aversionsobservational learningQuestion 810 PointsVisual distance and depth cues that require the use of both eyes are calleddiocular cues.binocular cues.Capellian cues.monocular cues.dichromatic cues.Question 910 PointsAn aircraft pilot with only one eye is able to guide the plane during takeoff and landing using the depth cues ofrelative size.light and shadow.All of the above are correct.atmospheric perspective.interposition.Question 1010 PointsAlan always turns the aquarium light on before putting fish food into the tank. After a while he notices that the fish swim to the top to look for the food as soon as he turns on the light. In this example, the ________ is the unconditioned foodfish swimming to the topthe sound of his footsteps as he approaches the tankaquarium lightpresence of Alan near the aquarium
FNU Points Webers Law and Necker Cube Questionnaire

CYBER SECURITY THEFT theoretical framework OR theoretical framework

CYBER SECURITY THEFT theoretical framework OR theoretical framework.

Class 3I need a diagram for the topic I am doing a paper on cyber security theft for a mini dissertation paper. We have just started and the professor is asking for the following: This week is the conceptual framework (Project C). My question:don’t have any questions. Project C: Conceptual/Theoretical FrameworkRead John Latham’s The Research Prospectus, located at: and found within the Blackboard course. Of the five questions previously submitted for possible research, choose 1 that lends itself to a qualitative method of research study. Begin thinking about the problem and purpose statements that you would choose for this question, as well as the research questions. Then, begin determining the conceptual framework that would assist in the development of the proposed research study. If you need to change questions, you may do so at this time. Submit your Conceptual / Theoretical Framework. Note that this must be a drawing, which may be done using Excel, Word, PDF, or by hand (which must then be scanned for uploading). A cover page and the question chosen is required, as well as an annotated bibliography. No additional verbiage outside of the framework is needed, as the conceptual framework should be essentially self-explanatory. There must be at least 5 annotations, including the authoritative authors for that method of study. Note that annotations are not summaries of the work; rather, they provide reasoning as to why you would use those sources for your research (i.e. their significance to your study). Each annotation must be at least 100 words. ——————————————————————————————-Additional Information————————————————————–Whatever you choose in this class, it is not a requirement that you use this topic. In fact, you may change several times over the next several terms. That’s okay! I want you to consider several potential areas of interests, and then you will choose one of them to somewhat develop. Anything that interests you, your job, etc. could be considered. The point of this exercise is to begin to walkthrough what the dissertation process would be like. Please note that if you choose a quantitative topic, then it will not be a theoretical framework. Rather, it will be a theoretical framework. Again, Project C will allow you to begin formulating potential questions for your final dissertation, but you do not have to stick with this topic. Be sure to use the feedback you have received to further practice APA. Remember, annotations are not simply summaries of the articles/books. Rather, they should tell you why that particular article/book is important for the research you are doing. Doing annotations now will help immensely as you grow your reference list for your dissertation. Just to give you an idea, I only had 77 resources (mine was considered relatively small), but my husband had 142 resources (his would be considered average). In either case, it is hard to remember what each resource is about, especially if it has been awhile since you read it. Therefore, the annotations will be a great reminder of why you felt the article was important. If you need to submit the drawing as a separate file, that is fine. You will be allowed to submit multiple files.
CYBER SECURITY THEFT theoretical framework OR theoretical framework