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Where can I get information about CCC program? From the Web site http://www. doeacc. edu. in or from any of the CCC accredited institute or by writing to DOEACC Society – CCC Section, for the details. What are the admissions requirements for the CCC course? The candidates can appear in the DOEACC CCC Examination through following three modes and the eligibility criteria for each mode are indicated against each: 1. Candidates sponsored by DOEACC approved Institutes permitted to conduct CCC Course – irrespective of any educational qualifications.

Candidates sponsored by Government recognized Schools/Colleges having obtained an Unique Identity number from DOEACC for conducting CCC – irrespective of any educational qualifications; and 3. Direct Applicants (without essentially undergoing the Accredited Course or without being sponsored by a Govt. recognised School/College) – A minimum educational qualification of passing Matric/High School/SSLC or equivalent What are the application requirements? Application Form to the DOEACC Society through any of the institute specifically authorized by the DOEACC to conduct CCC Course.

What documents I should send along with my application? Two recent passport size photographs and examination fee along with the application form. In case of direct candidates, attested copy of minimum educational qualification needs to be attached with the exam form. How do I apply? It’s easy to apply. Simply fill in the CCC Examination Application Form and submit it through DOEACC approved institute, where you have undergone the training. How do I get an application form? Examination application form is available on the web site of DOEACC Society.

How much does it cost? Examination form is available on the web site of the Society. The duly filled in downloaded examination form can be submitted with a Demand Draft of Rs. 360/- (Rs. 340/- examination fee + Rs. 20/- form processing charges) drawn in favour of DOEACC payable at the city of the respective regional centre can be submitted at the regional centre catering to the specific state to which the candidate belongs. This fee is non-refundable and not transferable. Can I file a late application? Yes. Submission of examination forms with late fee @ Rs. 0/- per examination application form. The last date of receipt of such forms is 10 days after the normal cut off date for receipt of Examination Forms. Can I use previously issued application forms? No. Where do I send my application? The duly filled examination form along with the relevant documents and examination fee may be submitted to the regional centre catering to your region. In case of the candidates from approved Institutes, the same shall be submitted to the respective regional centre through the Institute specifically authorized by the DOEACC for conducting CCC Course

How many papers are there in CCC course? There is only one examination, which is theory paper. What is the minimum score required to qualify CCC successfully? 50 % marks are the minimum score required. Can you tell me where I will be appearing for the theory examinations? From September 2004 Examination onwards, Society is conducting examination for CCC online. The details of the examination centers shall be provided with the Examination Application forms. I am interested in CCC Course. But my background is not in science. May I apply to enter your CCC program?

Yes, since this is a course on Computer Appreciation, no pre-requisite is needed. However, you must have working knowledge of English. If I get admission to O/A/B or C level of DOEACC Society after completing CCC can I get any benefit of CCC? No. How long does it take to hear whether I have been admitted or not? Please check with the institute where you have registered yourself for CCC examination. The details of the Roll numbers and examination centers are also provided on the web site of the Society prior to each Examination.

Using the 2 crime scene sketches provided here for interior and here for exterior, write a proposal for how the crime scene should be searched

Using the 2 crime scene sketches provided here for interior and here for exterior, write a proposal for how the crime scene should be searched.

The primary purpose of a crime scene search is to develop associative evidence that could link a suspect to the scene or a victim and to answer questions crucial to the investigation, such as who perpetrated the crime, how the crime was committed, the circumstances surrounding the commission of the crime, and why the crime was committed. Additionally, police search crime scenes to identify evidence through which a psychological profile of the suspect can be developed, to identify an object(s) that does not logically belong at the crime scene and that could potentially be linked to a suspect, and to identify the suspect’s modus operandi (MO), or motive for committing the crime. F

or the purpose of this assignment, you are an investigator on your way to a murder crime scene. Research the following points and write a 5–7-page paper fully explaining each point: The detective assigned to this murder investigation has never handled a homicide. As she drives you to the scene, you begin to assess the things you already know, and you start to formulate a plan for the crime scene search. Using the 2 crime scene sketches provided here for interior and here for exterior, write a proposal for how the crime scene should be searched. Identify the areas that will be searched and what type evidence you might expect to find in those areas. Create a set of instructions for all of the department personnel who will be available, and assign them roles.

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