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Theoretical Framework

Theoretical FrameworkWritten Assignments
Culminating Project Part V: Theoretical Framework
Theory: Identifying one or two theories enables the researcher to address the research questions. In addition, a theory can help to recognize which constructs in the conceptual framework are relevant to the target problem.
For the purpose of this assignment, please consider:
1) Formulate your specific Theoretical Framework:
Considering your activities regarding the research engagement of week 3 discussing the paper titled “THEORETICAL AND CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK: MANDATORY INGREDIENTS OF A QUALITY RESEARCH” you are to develop your theoretical framework.,
Keep in mind that your theoretical framework has to be in line with the theories discussed in the literature review section of your project.
2) Select a theory that you believe is well suited for the targeted problem. Describe the theory and explain the extent to which its assumptions are similar to those in the research problem in your doctoral project.
3) Create a visual representation of the theoretical framework of the issues identified in your doctoral project. Provide a brief description of the theoretical framework.