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The Youth Criminal Justice Act Summary and Background free essay help online Religion and Theology essay help

This essay will discuss the Justice System. The Youth Criminal Justice Act, (YCJA) is the law that governs Canada’s Youth Justice System. It applies to youth who are at least 12 to 17 years old, who are alleged to have committed crimes. These are the three arguments that will explain that the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) is fair and equitable Including; How justice system protect the innocents, protect society, and ensure that those who break the law face appropriate consequences.firstly, the YCJA protecting innocents. (A youth that has committed a crime unintentionally will be affected by this for the rest of his/her life especially those pure and innocent.

) This might prevent them from applying for jobs and joining the society. (The consequences for a serious crime which is convicted to a crimeless youth is harsh enough. Young offenders are not prepared to receive heavy adult sentences such as a sentence of more than 10 years of imprison.) (The YCJA controls criminal action by implementing probation and rehabilitation. This puts a youth criminal under supervision until the end of the sentence)Secondly, how the YCJA protect society. (The YCJA wants to protect society, as well as to manage and reduce the risk of offending for young people.) In order for YCJA to protect society.

They try to put a young offender out of the adult sentence. And rehabilitate the young offender, so when they get out of prison they will be part of society. They Influence young offenders to make better choices. Tries to make the young offender return back to how they lived before they did their crime. (The YCJA is really effective for changing youth criminal behavior. This act gives the youth chance to change. This also helps them make better decisions to avoid any more troubles.

)Finally, the YCJA ensuring that those who break the law will face appropriate consequences. (The YCJA allows police, prosecutors, judges, and volunteers and professionals from the community to decide what happens to each young offender. (These all consider factors such as the following: The seriousness, depending on how serious the crime is the more consequences received. The records, depending on the history, they will get much worse consequences due to their criminal records. The personality, depending on their attitude and responsibility for what they did, they will face a consequence much worse if their behavior is unacceptable. The actions, depending on what they do in their community, home, or school when they figure out they will receive a social worker to help them.)Conclusion, (the justice system treats all young offenders the same, equally and fairly.

The court and everyone involved in the justice system considers the youth’s situation and circumstances. They are not treated in an exact manner, but judgments are still carried out fairly and non-biased.)

Use of knowledge in psychology to develop a new daily habit in 1 week.

Use of knowledge in psychology to develop a new daily habit in 1 week..

 One major goal of psychology is to change behavior. In this project, you will use your knowledge in psychology to develop a new daily habit in 1 week. The new habit has to fulfill the following criteria: It is new to your daily routine (e.g. I never do daily physical exercises and I am trying to develop such a new habit) It is beneficial to you. Do not set goals that are potentially harmful to you, such as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, or doing high-intensity training with heart disease. The change has to be achievable within your ability (e.g. instead of planning to run 10km a day, which is quite an intense workout for competent runners, consider a self-paced 15-minute run). The change has to be mildly challenging. See it as something that you have wanted to do for a long time but never got the motivation to begin. The change can be either an addition or reduction to your daily behavior. However, you will find the project much easier if you go for the addition. If you cannot determine whether the new habit fulfills the above criteria, please consult your tutor. For plans that may alter your health and medical conditions, please consult your medical doctor as well. In all circumstances, you will be the only person responsible for your actions and their consequences. It is possible that you fail to adhere to the plan, which is absolutely fine.Please use referencing from scholar articles to support the essay.    

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