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This paper critically analyzes Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper

The following paper critiques ?The Yellow Wallpaper? under both a feminist light as well as a psychoanalytical light. It has been called an important feminist essay, as well as a ?Poe-esque? horror story. This essay puts particular focus on recent examination of the story that seems to have begun in the early 1970?s, the dawn of the ?women?s movement.?
From the paper:

?Even in the beginning of the story, the narrator understands and admits on ?dead paper? that ?perhaps that is one reason I do not get well faster.? John describes his wife?s condition as ?temporary nervous depression ? a slight hysterical tendency.? The narrator explains, ?John does not know how much I really suffer. He knows there is no reason to suffer, and that satisfies him.? And as early as the first page of this story, the narrator admits, ?You see he does not believe I am sick!?

Curriculum Design Proposal

Curriculum Design Proposal.

The organization selected website is As a reference please see attached uploaded document with previous work to support this weeks assignment. Imagine that as a curriculum director of your selected organization (, you have the opportunity to start over and build your organization’s curricula anew. • Identify and analyze the curriculum development theories and strategies in your selected organization’s curricular program(s). • Illustrate and describe the curriculum cycles and phases used by an organization. • Assume the role of a curriculum director for your selected organization in order to manage the dissemination of expectations for communication, the submission of deliverables, and the resolution of conflict. • Develop a curriculum development timeline. • Explore a current trend in curriculum design. Write a paper evaluating the components of the curriculum development process in order to inform your own curriculum design approach. Use the following questions to guide your final product: • Which curriculum development theory(ies) and strategies would be included? identify theorist or theories that support the Exceed Vocational Program. Include the vision and mission of the program. Note that the program does use a learner centered approach. Use an approach supported by theorists such as Piaget, Dewey, and Vygotsky and/or others. Include the connection between the selected theory and the learner-centered approach that you selected. • Which components would be included in your curriculum cycles and phases? Use uploaded document as a reference. Use the curriculum cycle included in that document. Modifications to the are ok to the included curriculum cycles and phases as needed to coincide with this paper. • How would you involve stakeholders as well as manage expectations, communication, and conflict? Use uploaded document as a reference. Be sure to briefly describe the organization and new curriculum being designed to provide context. Identify the stakeholders who will be involved. Outline the stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities. Describe how you will establish expectations for communication and the submission of deliverables. Proactively identify at least one area of potential conflict. Summarize a plan for managing this conflict and diffusing the situation should it escalate. • • What would your timeline for curricular development be? Use 7-year timeline and multiple curricular areas. Please show the various phases that curriculum goes through. Use another program to show two programs going through the cycle together. • Which current trend(s) would you include in order to ensure the relevancy of your curriculum in accordance with industry standards? Use a current trend in curriculum design (e.g., backwards design, vertical alignment, horizontal alignment, standards-based curriculum, learner-centered design, problem-centered design, technology integration, and so forth). Use scholarly sources published within the last five years for this area. Provide an overview of your identified curriculum design trend including its origins, primary tenets, application(s), and implications to learning. Summarize at least three strengths and three challenges associated with this trend. Explain how trends inform the development of curriculum design projects. Provide a rationale supported by appropriate citations for the components you include. Format in such a way that the organization could use it as a tool to guide the operation of a curriculum development process. Numbered or bulleted lists, brief instructional paragraphs, and diagrams may be more useful than dense text. Follow current APA guidelines, where necessary.

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