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An analysis of the challenges and requirements companies, nations, trade union should meet in order to survive international competition.

This paper examines the world of international business by analyzing individual companies, nations, and other trade agreements including European Economic Community (EEC), North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). The author studies the implications and challenges of becoming an international company and at the same time, discusses the requirements a company must meet in order to survive international competition.
“As this month’s events have once again demonstrated, we are all linked together in a single world, one in which the idea of the modern nation-state itself is becoming increasingly less meaningful. Even as political alliances bind the world together, we also find ourselves powerfully reminded of the way in which the world is a single entity in terms of its economic systems as stock markets rocked throughout the world and talk was of how a recession in the United States would have international implications, even as U.S. markets themselves had been weakened in the past several years due to weakness. This economic interdependence is in part due to the importance of international trade. But it is also in large measure do to the ever-increasing importance of companies that do business internationally. This paper examines the current situation of international business, presenting a survey of the range of such businesses and outlining both the external contexts in which such companies conduct their business as well as the internal organization that is needed for a company to be able to function efficiently in an international context.”

Option 1: Kickstarter Reward-based Crowdfunding (RBCF) Platform (100 %)

Option 1: Kickstarter Reward-based Crowdfunding (RBCF) Platform (100 %).

Option 1: Kickstarter Reward-based Crowdfunding (RBCF) Platform (100 %) You are expected to write a 2000 – 2,500 word essay

Literature Review – First review and assess the academic literature on reward-based crowdfunding. You may use the literature suggested in this handbook. However, good essays should also demonstrate your extended knowledge by researching and finding additional academic articles on the subject. Develop a strong research-based view on the subject. Additionally, within this literature review, you should chose and compare reward- based crowdfunding with equity crowdfunding model presented in this module. In other words, what are the similarities (if any) and what are the differences between both funding models base on academic articles, lectures and workshops.

Select a reward-based crowdfunding project: Select a successfully funded venture or project of your interest as a case study on Kickstarter Criti- cally analyse the case by drawing on knowledge from the academic literature.

Critically discuss the Kickstarter (RBCF) campaign of your choice reflecting on your knowledge gleaned from the academic literature review:

Why you have you selected this particular model and campaign?Review and describe the perceived quality and impact of RBCF campaign markers: Video, narrative, updates, feedback from funders, types of rewards, news and press releases when available. Any third party endorsements if available.

Identify amount raised and number of funders. Average contribution amount.

4. Additional questions to be answered in your report. After reviewing the academic literature and the material evidence of the campaign:a. In your opinion what worked and what did not work? Why?b. What would you do differently? How? Why?

c. How could the campaign creators pitch this project differently? Use your own creative ideas and storyline.

c. You may add images and graphs to enhance your report.

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