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The Works of Poe, Whitman and Dickinson get essay help Applied Mathematics

This paper compares the works of Poe, Whitman and Dickinson by focusing on poetic techniques and themes.

The following paper shows how the works of Poe, Whitman, and Dickinson all have an unreal quality about them as they are removed from real life and are emotional rather than intellectual.
From the paper:

“The subjects of Walt Whitman are wider ranging than Poe and Dickinson. They are also often on less emotional and more concrete subjects. Some of these subjects include the futility of war, love and separation, first love as well as more spiritual topics. What Whitman shares with Poe and Dickinson is the emotion levels of his work. In form, Whitman’s poems are long. They are also more structured than Poe’s, whose sentences tend to be short and stanzas tend to be irregular. Rhyme is used by Whitman though rhyme is sometimes unstructured and chaotic”.

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