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The work has two parts. the first part is for 2 pages and our firm is a for profit

The work has two parts. the first part is for 2 pages and our firm is a for profit university that offers online courses, undergrad, masters, PHD. And for the second part, 3 pages are needed. Part two should be based on part one. on the attached assignment the last 4 pages have the exact rubric for what is needed.

What differentiate us from others out there is our understanding of the importance of customer service and the way of delivering it. Our ability to adopt with technologies year over year and utilize it as a tool our clients can access for a better experience is also what sets as a part from other competitors. We have call centers and drive the use of AI for all services as we automize most of our day to day processes.

if possible a PP for part one as well.

The role of visual arts in early childhood

The role of visual arts in early childhood.

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This essay needs to discuss the role of visual arts in early childhood education. You are required to discuss:
? current theories and best practice in visual arts pedagogies
? specific visual arts skills and understandings
? the value of visual arts to children�s development across multiple developmental domains
? the significance of visual arts in a child�s life experience
? visual arts as a cultural tool and its relationship with culture and social status
? the use of visual arts to support children with additional needs.
The essay should be 2000 words in length and must incorporate relevant references from the subject texts and readings.

List of readings:
Wright, S. (2011). Children, meaning-making and the arts (2nd ed.). Melbourne: Pearson. (Chapter 1, 2)

Boyd, W. & Cutcher, L. (2015). Learning from early childhood philosophy, theory and pedagogy: Inspiring effective art education. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 40(1). Retrieved from

McArdle, F. & Wong, K. (2010). What young children say about art: A comparative study. Art in Early Childhood. Retrieved from

Dinham, J., Wright, P., Pascoe, R., MacCallum, J. & Grushka, K. (2007). Proving or improving visual education: Implications for teacher education. Paper presented at Conference of the Australian Association for Research in Education. Melbourne.

Cox Su�rez, S. (2010). Show me again what I can do: Documentation and self-determination for students with social challenges. Theory Into Practice, 49(1), 21-28.
Epp, K.M. (2008). Outcome-based evaluation of a social skills program using art therapy and group therapy for children on the autism spectrum. Children & Schools, 30(1), 27-36.
Gerteisen, J. (2008). Monsters, monkeys, & mandalas: Art therapy with children experiencing the effects of trauma and foetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 25(2), 90-93.

Kelly, J. (2010). �See what I see�: Photography as a window to children�s meaning making. Art in Early Childhood. Retrieved from

McArdle, F. & Spina, N. (2007). Children of refugee families as artists: Bridging the past, present, future. Australian Journal of Early Childhood, 32(4), 50-53.

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Families and politics in ancient drama

The work has two parts. the first part is for 2 pages and our firm is a for profit Families and politics in ancient drama.

 The Athenian audience for the Oresteia believed that the dead retained their identities from life and after death could influence the situation of the living. You have encountered two ghosts in this trilogy. (1) Orestes, Electra, and the chorus pray to the dead Agamemnon and to the gods of the dead in Choephoroi/ Libation Bearers pp. 62-64. In what ways do they think the dead Agamemnon still resembles his living self? What do his children want him to do? (2) The ghost of Clytemnestra appears early in Eumenides (pp. 87-88). In what ways does the dead Clytemnestra resemble her living self? What does she want done on earth? (3) Summarize briefly what Greeks believed the dead could—and could not—do. Make specific reference to the words the characters speak or to their actions to illustrate the points you want to make about the dead in ancient Athens, supplying enough detail to identify each scene or incident you mention. Approximately 300 words..Acces to the literary pieces required to write the essay can be found on the web.

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How to change your credit card information on Amazon’s website

How to change your credit card information on Amazon’s website.

 Task: In this assignment, you will write a set of instructions that explain how accomplish a task on a website. • Length: There is no minimum or maximum word count. However, your instructions must have 6 or more steps. More information on the number of steps is provided below. • Graphics: You must include at least one graphic for each step. o at least 6 graphics should be integrated into your set of instructions o all graphics should be screen captures of the website you are demonstrating o all graphics should be labeled Brief Description and Strategies to Follow: Please keep in mind the following principles when writing this assignment: • You must provide instructions on how to accomplish a task on a website. topic: o how to change your credit card information on Amazon’s website • You must have at least 6 steps. • Each step is to be numbered and is to begin with an imperative verb, as the resources in the class indicate. • Every step will include a picture or graphic to help the reader follow the instructions. Sections to Include in Your Set of Instructions: The set of instructions will include the following sections: • Title Page • Overview or Introduction with background information about why a user would want to accomplish the task you are describing. • Instructions o number all of the main steps, as the resources for the class indicate o provide a graphic for steps of the instructions that need a graphic  all graphics will be screen captures of the website.  all graphics should be labeled Helpful Guides and Resources: • Chapter 10 from Tebeaux and Dragga should be read thoroughly as you begin this assignment. • The Tech Writing Handbook by Dozuki, which is one of the resources listed in our class, has an appendix that provides tips in writing instructions and incorporating graphics into instructions. • The Mayfield Handbook, which is also one of the resources listed in our class, features excellent tips on writing instructions. o Section 2.8.3 of the handbook, Instructions and Procedures, will be particularly helpful.

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consideration of ethical issues

consideration of ethical issues.

What do you mean by “consideration of ethical issues?” How specifically would you give consideration and what issues might present an ethical challenge, while conducting a qualitative study? Finally, what does it mean for a research topic to be amenable to scientific study using a qualitative approach?

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