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The Women 100 Years Ago and Now college application essay help homework

The women 100 years ago and now Time flies so quickly that we humans didn’t notice the changes around us. It is said that change is the only permanent thing in this world. Everything and everyone has the capability of changing. Women today are a lot different centuries ago. Aspects such us liberation, career option and the like are the main points of contrast. In today’s world, women are far more liberated than they ever were 100 years ago. On the way they act, is far away to the concept of conservative women 100 years ago.

Women have now the freedom to stand on their own. They now have the right to follow their dreams, speak in meetings, hold careers and even have the choice of staying at home to raise a family or working outside the home for what they want. They now have the choice or option of living in their own way. Unlike a century ago, women don’t have much voice in the society. They remain silent and they just follow what is said. They cannot fight for their right because indeed, women were inferior that time. Men were given attention most of the time.

Women rather just stay on their homes, do the chores, take care of their children and wait for their husbands. They just depend on what‘s provided to them. Women,during their time doesn’t have the right to vote. Women nowadays have number of kids and run their lives on their own. They are independent beings who can choose to live a more traditional life as a wife and mother that can rely upon themselves to pay their bills, rent and make themselves happy. But beyond these differences, now and yesterday has similarities too.

Women in the past though they can’t express themselves fully because they were inferior have strong personalities like the women today. It is women’s nature to be strong. Compared with men, who are weak because of their ego. Comparing and contrasting women yesterday and today made me realize how time make people change. Like a snap of the finger can change your fate. Like how great the impact and influence of modern technology to people can change the lifestyle of it. Women will always be part of the history. Though now and before will never be the same, there is still part of it that will remain.

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