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The Ways the World Needs to Change essay help websites Chemistry homework help

Finally, political systems are changing and killing the society by the many different ways of administrate the entries. Therefore, if the society improves in these three main issues the World will become a better place to live. Society tends to discriminate people, racial groups, genders, etc. ; and It needs to change In order to have a better society. Firstly, the equality between genders will improve the way of living in society and it will help to create more opportunities of success in many different families.

In the article “Empowering Women” the author says that when a woman can plan her family, she can plan the rest of her life. When she is healthy, she can be more productive. It meaner that when women take the same responsibilities as men it can help to plan a better way of life In the family, Secondly, the sexual orientation Is producing a lot of trouble in society and if society can tolerate the different sexual orientations that exist in these days, the World will be better.

In the article “Sexual Orientation Discrimination” the author says that “The extended protection developed In the Price- Waterholes decision provides only a limited amount of protection to homosexuals, forever, since many homosexuals may display societal imposed gender traits (appearing/acting “masculine” when male and “feminine” when female) but still be homosexual or bisexual” (Simmering 1). The author states that the protection for homosexuals is extending and it will help to eliminate the discrimination for other sexual orientations. Therefore.

If society starts to tolerate more the different things that are happening in the World such as sexual orientations and gender, the society will start to work together and make the World a better place. Religion has been such a big problem in society and everybody knows that the corrupts leaders of each denomination are invading the World. Firstly, the catholic system has a lot of power in the government all over the world and they also kind of control the economy of the countries. Secondly, there are fights between different religion In some parts of the country and it is destroying the World.

Storytelling with Data

Students will be paired with a local organization to solve a marketing problem using techniques used in data-driven marketing class. Students will manage the project from start to finish including identifying an issue, analyzing data and summarizing recommendations/findings based on that data for an area organization. Students will present their findings. Students will work in groups of 3-4.
Project should have a cover page, table of contents, an executive summary, a background section, findings and recommendations with research and impactful data visualizations and at least two secondary research sources with a citations page.
Written project reports will be evaluated on:
40 points: Quality of writing (does it have multiple capitalization, spelling, or grammatical errors?)
40 points: Does the project have all the required pieces?
Cover page
Table of contents
Executive summary
Supporting data visualization
At least 2 secondary research sources with citations
i have attached the book, report guideline, and data (excel file)