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A look at why a voucher program for housing projects makes economic sense.

The voucher program is probably the best way to cure the problems the housing system endured during the tenure of the projects. One of the main reasons why the voucher program would work is because it would save the taxpayers money. Since the projects were owned and run by the government, it cost money to build the buildings and keep them livable. Most cities had to form a new police division to strictly deal with problems in the projects. And since most of these funds were given by the federal government, it was affordable for city governments to run certain projects; however, today market forces and federal budget issues have drastically cut back on funds to local governments for public housing. With the voucher program, it allows cities to cut back on their expenses by allowing private landlords to handle the cost of maintaining and running their own buildings (U.S. News).

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Adjusting entries

Pre paid expenses is a type of crucial adjusting entries this is representation of payments of commodities that have not been obtained. Companies like for example when one is paying rent for the next six years this is money that have been presented but it has not been used. If anything happens in between before the end of the six months then the filing of the pre paid expenses happens. Pre paid expenses is important because one records the financial situation of an organization with alot of accuracy.

One is supposed to match the rent with the money one earns that month as far as the principle of matching is concerned. This adjusting entry then the pre paid expenses is recorded as an asset before e spending the month in the house. But when you actually complete the month in the house then it means you have used the money this is then marked as expense (Weil, Roman, Katherine & Jennifer, 2013).

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