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My vacation to Siem Reap is very happy and enjoyable. In the morning, I get up at five o’clock, take a shower, and dress well. At six o’clock, I get on the mini-bus and begin a trip to Siem Reap province with my family, my parents, my elder brother, and my sisters. On the bus, we eat the breakfast, rice with fried chicken, and after having breakfast, we sing a lot of songs, talk about our every life, and play some games on the bus. In the afternoon, we reach Siem Reap province and we have lunch together very peaceful and happily. After we have lunch, we go to a hotel and have a rest until three o’clock.

Then we start our vacation in Siem Reap, we go to visit Angkor Wat temple and take a lot of photos such as the photo of me with my family, the photo of me with my brother, the photo of me with my sisters, and the photo of my family; furthermore, we go around to see the perfect views of the temple and buy some anniversaries such as Apsara sculpture and Buddha picture. After visiting Angkor Wat temple, we continue our trip to Bakhaeng Mount to see to the sunset. At there, we really enjoy with the weather and the beautiful views, especially, the sunset view.In the evening, we come back to the hotel, have dinner, talk together about the afternoon trip, and prepare the trip for tomorrow. For dinner, we eat sea food, Khmer food, dessert and drink coca cola; moreover, it is my best dinner time with my family at Siem Reap province. We go to bed early because we have to get up early tomorrow. The next morning, we go to visit the Cultural village, see a lot of performances and enjoyable views.

Finally, we go back home at four o’clock in the evening. In conclusion, my vacation to Siem Reap province is full of excited memorable experiences and happiness.

New Jim Crow

New Jim Crow.

In NJC Michelle Alexander discusses mass incarceration and the correlation of poverty, racial bias, and a host of other social structures that exist from being in the criminal justice system. For this assignment you are tasked with the following: (1) read New Jim Crow- Introduction, Chapter 1- The Rebirth of Caste (pgs.) 40-58, and Chapter 6, The Fire Next Time (pgs.) 223-242 Who is the author and from this assignment what have you learned about her? What motive (purpose) might the author have for writing on this subject? Explain. • What is the author’s argument? Explain (must have three not to exceed four) summarize each briefly but thoroughly. • Is mass incarceration a Civil Rights/ human rights issue? Discuss and defend your answer. • This is a two-part question: (1) discuss your thoughts or ambivalence of this topic before reading NJC, (2) after reading NJC explain three things that seem most memorable. • Since its release NJC has sparked dialogue in reference to mass incarceration. What would you say needs to happen with this system for change to occur? Explain. Write a 3 – 4-page essay, Times New Roman 12 font with 1” margins, • A minimum of 3 footnotes are required (Chicago Writing Style) and a Bibliography page, cannot exceed 10 footnotes. • In addition to the contents of the NJC – Michelle Alexander, you are allowed to use 1 additional source. • For each question, a new paragraph is required, there is no need to add excessive spacing in between each question.

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