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The use of supply chain management at tesco

This report topic is basically discuss about the systems of Supply Chain Management (SCM) and its contributions toward the business performance of Tesco PLC, formally known as the biggest retailer in Malaysia which selling variety of products such as groceries, electrical products, commodities, clothes, wines and liquors, foods, fruits, drinks and many others. Subsequently, this report also will discuss the history/background and the founder of Tesco PLC, follow by the outlines of SCM systems and its application towards Tesco PLC, and finally the pitfalls/challenges of implementing SCM systems. 1.0 Introduction In the fast paced business world today, every company is pursuing for high efficiency, increase productivity, maximizing profit while minimizing its expenses. So, in order to attempt these achievements, Companies have to apply information systems to assist in both internal and external control. As we know that our information technologies are getting sophisticated from time to time, there is a system called Supply Chain Management (SCM). The usage of this particular system is to assists businesses in managing relationships toward their suppliers so that they’ll get the privilege to order products at lowest costs in duly delivery time. Moreover, SCM systems able to manage Companies which produce more complex products and which will have hundred or even thousand of suppliers from different type of goods and products. On the other hand, Supply Chain Management systems also help suppliers, purchasing firms, distributors, and logistics Companies share information regarding order of products, productions, inventory levels, and delivery of products and services so they can make better decisions about how to organize and schedule sourcing, distributions as well as production (Laudon

Questions on Psychology and Philosophy

Questions on Psychology and Philosophy.

Questions on Psychology and PhilosophyPlease answer the following questions for Psychology Part 1 and 2Part 1Choose ONE of these topics to discuss with your classmates for one point.  If you wish, you can do both.1) States of Consciousness of Left and Right Brain
This is a video on how the brain interprets information.  It concerns states of consciousness and how we perceive the world.  And, you will learn and remember the functions and importance of the left brain and right brain for all time!  
Please check it out.  Its about 18 minutes.  I would love your comments and thoughts on this one.  What did you learn?  What are the functions of the left and right brain? Your thoughts.

Are you more Left Brain or Right Brain?
So, here is a test that might help.  Do you believe the results are valid, i.e., do they measure what they are supposed to measure?  Or they  reliable, i.e.,  you would get the same score again, or do you think we could be more left brain and then more right brain as we age, or vice versa?  Your thoughts?
Note that you do not need to register or enter your email, or pay for anything to take this test.
Click here for the test (about 10 minutes):  Left/Brain Right Brain PSYC test
If you would like to do so, find another test for us on the left/brain right/brain and we can compare our results. 
2) Selective Attention and the Cocktail Party Effect
What is selective attention?  Go to:  Watch the first video, then  the second.  Then scroll down to the Original Door Study and watch that one.  What is going on in this video?  What is the purpose of selective attention?
What is the cocktail party effect?  Why might this be useful to us? (See e-Readings “Sensation and Perception”, Sec 4.5) Part 2We examine the contribution to philosophy of Rene Descartes. 
When discussing Descartes in your original post, be sure to explain his method of doubting all that cannot be clearly and distinctly known, and give your view of Descartes’ dualism and what you take as the relation, if any, between mind and body.
Reading material for part 2
Rene Descartes is among the most important thinkers in early modern philosophy. He was a Frenchman who lived in the seventeenth century. This week, we will focus on two of Descartes’ most important contributions to philosophy: his method of inquiry and his dualist conception of the human person.
Before Descartes, most European thinkers analyzed reality within the framework of revealed and received truth from God. Descartes was interested in creating a method for examining our world that can give us certain knowledge about ourselves and our world without relying on divine revelation. Thus, he says, at the outset of his inquiry, we will doubt everything that cannot be “clearly and distinctly” known, and from the things that can be known this way, he seeks to build an explanation of reality that gives us certain knowledge. In other words, for Descartes, experience is not necessary in order to understand reality; for this reason, he is called a rationalist. When Descartes examines we human beings, he finds us comprised of a body and a soul. But Descartes insisted that soul and body are two individual substances, neither needing the other to exist. This creates an important problem, namely, to explain how the soul makes the body do what it wants done. This is the problem of dualism, and we will become more familiar with it this week.

Questions on Psychology and Philosophy

SOCW 6204 Walden Wk 4 St Patrick Healthcare Emergency Room Case Story

assignment writing services SOCW 6204 Walden Wk 4 St Patrick Healthcare Emergency Room Case Story.

The Chinese translation of the word “crisis” paradoxically means danger and opportunity. Roberts (2000) defines a crisis as “a period of psychological disequilibrium, experienced as a result of a hazardous event or situation that constitutes a significant problem that cannot be remedied by using familiar coping strategies” (p. 7). Every crisis is different, but each crisis event has three basic elements: a stressful situation, difficulty in coping, and the timing of intervention.All crises require immediate intervention to interrupt and reduce crisis reactions. Crisis intervention is a brief treatment approach that focuses on an immediate problem and is aimed at returning an individual to his or her prior level of functioning without further deterioration (Regehr, 2011). Education, support, and guidance help individuals mobilize their inherent strengths and resources to alleviate significant distress. Crises often occur in health care settings. Some of the most significant crises seen by medical social workers include the sudden death of a patient, the diagnosis of a terminal or life-altering illness, suicide, and incidents of child abuse. Therefore, medical social workers versed in the theoretical and practical aspects of crisis intervention are an asset to any health care setting.To Prepare: Create a specific scenario in which a crisis may affect a patient in a particular healthcare setting. Select the type of crisis prior to recording and act as the social worker in the ER, nursing home, hospice, or agency setting trying to complete an assessment of the individual and their immediate needs. You will need to solicit a volunteer to assist you; the volunteer should be an adult. Respond as you would to an actual client who has scattered thoughts, emotional responses, and is unsure how to proceed. Work through at least identifying the first few logical steps for that client to take.By Day 7Submit a 5-7 minute video script demonstrates the following skills:Introduce yourself to the client and identify the crisis situation the client is experiencing.Briefly assess the crisis and explain to the client the type of services provided at the health care setting.Explain your role as a medical social worker in addressing the particular crisis.Demonstrate how you would intervene with the client to begin resolving the crisis.
SOCW 6204 Walden Wk 4 St Patrick Healthcare Emergency Room Case Story

Glendale Community College Strategic Management Industry Discussion

Glendale Community College Strategic Management Industry Discussion.

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ContentsThe individual report describes and presents the SELF DRIVEN CAR industry. This exercise is part of the strategic management process which covers the industry analysis. You are acting as if you were a consultant hired by a company in this industry to provide rational elements for the development of the company.The industry that you will study must be a nascent industry, which means that (for) this industry:1.Is not mainstream yet and is at a very early stage of development.2.Products or services are just starting to be commercialized or prototypes exist ready for being used but there are not commodities.3.Literature exists on the industry and people are getting interested in it. 3500 words, work cited included.1)Page 1 Introduction of report; precise description of the industry and of what is included in that industry; please use the NAICS classification2)Page 2 Description of the sources of information used to collect data3)Page 3 Description of the tools used to describe the industry and the reasons for choosing that industry4)Page 4 Tool 1 description5)Page 5 Tool 2 description6)Page 6 Tool 3 description7)Page 7 Tool 4 description8)Page 8 Tool 5 description9)Page 9 Synthesis of the information collected: is this industry attractive? What are the pros and cons to enter that industry? What are the Key Success Factors of that industry?10) Page 10 Which capabilities should a company possess to be able to be successful in that industry?
Glendale Community College Strategic Management Industry Discussion

ISOL 632 University of the Cumberlands Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan

ISOL 632 University of the Cumberlands Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan.

Students will create a Disaster Recovery Plan (using MS Office Word or equivalent) for either the organization they work for or one they wish to work for in the future. This would be best for students working for a small organization without a plan. If you are creating a plan for your organization get permission first.As an alternative, students may simply use the Template and Example and create a “Best Practices” document for a Disaster Recovery Plan. In terms of employee names you can simply use Employee 1,2 and so on.Please use the Template to write your plan and the Example as a guide. Even though this is a technical document, and does not have to conform to APA as did the Research Paper, all sources should be cited and referenced following APA.
ISOL 632 University of the Cumberlands Information Technology Disaster Recovery Plan