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The Twilight Saga my essay help uk Anatomy

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Have you wanted to dream of an unforgettable romance! One filled with werewolves, vampires and the humans who love them! Well, “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” is just the movie with a modern day touch. It has the action, drama, romance and modern mystical creatures. The movie or saga picks up where the 3rd sequel left off. It’s based around Bella Swan (the human), and the two men who love her, Edward Cullen (the vampire) and Jacob Black (the werewolf) in Seattle. Of course only one man can win, and the winner is Edward.

But Jacob will continue to fight for Bella’s love until the day her heart stops beating. Bella finally agreed to marry Edward. This decision not only made Edward happy, it made the whole Cullen family happy. Especially, Alice Cullen! The wedding took place took place at the Cullen’s home. It was an outdoor wedding with a forest feel. It was the most beautiful, romantic setting, of simple colors of white and green with a forest background. Bella was nervous at about the whole idea of a wedding because she didn’t want her marriage to be a regret like her parents marriage which ended in divorce.

As she walk down the isle on her father’s arm she was a little uneasy but when Edward appeared at the end of the isle, she was at peace. Edward was the only man she ever loved and wanted. And she realized she didn’t care so much about the marriage part but just wanted to spend the rest of her life with Edward. Now, Jacob on the other hand was not so happy! Because he felt that Bella was making a big mistake and that she belonged with him and his wolf pack. He hated Edward for asking Bella to marry him.

Jacob, also hated the idea that Bella wanted to become a vampire just like Edward and the only way Edward would agree to it is if Bella would be his bride. Jacob had tried many times to get the wolf pack to intervene, but that was not going to happen because the Cullen family did not breach the treaty with the wolf pack. They treaty stated, “The Cullen Family would not be harmed as long as they did not kill a human”, and Jacob knew this. What was more troubling for Jacob was the act that comes after the marriage ceremony.

He pleaded with Edward, that this act could possibly kill Bella! But Edward assured him that Bella would be just fine. Once the ceremony ended they happily slipped away from the crowd who waved goodbye to them and wished them best wishes. They traveled to a Rio and danced in the street with all other couples. Bella was surprised to find out that their honeymoon wouldn’t end in Rio but on a private island that the Cullen’s owned. The island home was just as beautiful as the Cullen’s home in Seattle, it was stock with everything needed for Bella and her human needs.

The house even came with two care taker. But one of them was leerie of Edward, she knew he was a vampire but couldn’t prove. After Bella and Edward did the walk thru of the home, Edward invite her to go for a lovers swim in the ocean. How romantic is that! During Edward and Bella love making episodes, bed frame’s were broken, Bella awaken to bruises all over her body! Edward was afraid to continue sleeping with her because he was worried he would hurt even more, many even kill her. But Bella insisted that she was ok and they could continue. Edward refused.

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