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According to womb. Historiographers. Co. UK/ Truman_doctrine, The Truman doctrine happened March 12, 1947. It was a speech by President Harry S.

Truman. The Truman Doctrine gave economic and military aid to Greece and Turkey because they were threatened by communism. At this point in time there was already a policy trying to contain communism called the Containment Policy. The Containment Policy was a reaction to a series of moves by the Soviet Union to expand communist influence in Eastern European, China, Korea, and Vietnam.Similar to the containment policy the Truman doctrine of the United States was to “support free people who are resisting being conquered by armed minorities or by outside pressures”, which was said directly by President Truman. Truman had to convince congress that a crisis in two far away countries would threaten the security of the United States, and that four hundred million dollars was needed to save Greece and Turkey. This was going to be a very difficult task because the republicans had gotten into power in 1946 by cutting taxes and aid to overseas.

Students Truman, Secretary of State George Marshall and undersecretary Dean Achaeans, who later became secretary of state, had to figure out a way to get America to understand that they needed to aid Greece and Turkey. Truman, Marshall, and Achaeans were among the most influential people in congress. Cohesion’s loyalty and coaching certainly raised Trauma’s confidence in foreign affairs but also elevated the authority of the brilliant entrepreneur at his side (Besides 106). The two men’s partnership had much to do with the success and clarity of Trauma’s foreign policy (Besides 106).Dean Achaeans devised the policy, and wrote the request to congress for aid to Greece and Turkey. A speech that stressed the dangers or totalitarianism rather than Soviet aggression and marked fundamental change in American foreign policy has become known as the Truman Doctrine. Achaeans said “If the Soviets can win in Greece and in Turkey then they would be in a position where there would be soviet pressure on Italy, on the Mediterranean, and once that pressure was established there would pressure Western Europe and pretty soon the United States would be standing alone.

Achaeans figured he only way to get the republicans in congress and the Americans on board for sending aid overseas was to scare the everyone. Scare them in the sense that if they do not send aid overseas that the United States would be alone and wouldn’t have allies because they can potentially be conquered by communism spread by the Soviet Union. The beginning of the Truman Doctrine, President Truman began to outline the situation in Greece. He told congress Greece must have assistance if it is going to survive as a free nation, and become a self-supporting and a self-respecting democracy.Truman explained that without help Greece would shortly fall to communism and if Greece fell to communism Turkey would not be far behind. The key part of President Trauma’s speech was to explain and justify his change if foreign policy to congress. In order to do this he reminded congress that the Ignited States has fought World War II and joined the United Nations to protect freedom and democracy.

Next he told congress that communism was growing. President Truman defined the Cold War as a conflict between good and bad, as a choice between capitalism and communism, as dictatorship and necromancy.Truman believed it must be the policy of the United States to support countries who resisted communism. Undersecretary Dean Achaeans explained to Truman that if the United states let one country fall to communism the surrounding countries would also fall to communism like dominoes. After Achaeans explain this to Truman, Truman then introduced that idea to the rest of the congress and American people, according to http:// history. State. Gob/departmentally/ Truman.

The Truman Doctrine basically led into the Marshall Plan.The Marshall Plan was to contain communism by eloping the economies of Europe to get stimulated again. The Cold War could have ended much worse if congress did not let the United States spend four hundred million dollars and aid Greece and Turkey. The Cold War could have only been avoided only if the Soviet Union had not been possessed by the convictions both of the infallibility of the communist world and of the inevitability of the communist world (Bellman 131). The Truman Doctrine is a primary source. It is a primary source because it was a speech by the president that is on video and there were many witnesses.It was a fact that he Soviet Union was trying to spread communism and it can be proven by government documents and policies.

The Truman Doctrine is also an extremely reliable source because it is a proven fact that the United States President Harry S. Truman did make the speech and the United States did offer aid to Greece and Turkey so they did not fall to communism. One can find the Truman Document in the government archives today. Considering the fact that this was by the President of the United States it was written and spoken in the English language therefore, none of it was interpreted wrong.

LLB/GELLB International Criminal Law LU/LG3077

LLB/GELLB International Criminal Law LU/LG3077.

Questions – Answer 1 question from the following:



Are International Criminal Law and international criminal courts equipped to contribute to the writing of history? 


“The interpretation of the term ‘gravity’, as a criterion of admissibility, by the Prosecutor and the Chambers of the International Criminal Court has contributed to the perception of the Court as a neo-colonialist institution.” Critically discuss with reference to case law.




 “The contextual elements of ‘core international crimes’ reflect the fact that, individual criminal responsibility aside, these are crimes of collectivities.”  Critically discuss with reference to the debates on a) genocidal intent and b) the policy element in crimes against humanity.



‘The International Criminal Court is not equipped to try the crime of aggression’. Critically discuss.

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