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The topic seems interesting and I think I can supervise this thesis However, we would like to see a

The topic seems interesting and I think I can supervise this thesis However, we would like to see a proper PhD proposal, which is fuller and richer and presents a clear purpose. What theoretical frameworks will be used? What methodology? A

proper IR, IPE, study of bilateral relations? We can then assess the potential of the proposal and move forward.

the student may want to develop his research proposal as this is rather rudimentary and I imagine is unlikely to be successful without a proper research question, hypothesis, and a discussion of data sources and the contribution to the existing research.

Briefly describe the organization, its mission and purpose and a short history

Briefly describe the organization, its mission and purpose and a short history.

Gareth Morgan in Images of Organizations (1998) argues that theories of organization and management are based on implicit metaphors which play a paradoxical role: they are essential in helping our understanding of certain aspects of the organization while they hinder comprehension by occluding or disguising other aspects in the organization. Morgan exemplifies his views by exploring eight archetypical metaphors of organizations: machines, organisms, brains, cultures, political systems, psychic prisons, flux and transformation and instruments of domination. As part of this assignment you will introduce the analysis and application of Morgan’s metaphors to 2 different human service organizations of your choice. These may be organizations you work for or case studies of your own research. As with the previous assignments, this is not meant to be an auto biographical account of your views of a given organization, but an academic analysis of theory applied to real-life cases. As part of your analysis, you will:

a) briefly describe the organization, its mission and purpose and a short history;

b) using the conceptual model presented in Morgan (2006) you will describe how the metaphor(s) apply to the organization’s overall functioning and assist you in diagnosing problems; c) describe which other aspects are hindered in the organization by applying operating under the metaphor; d) explore alternative metaphors that could create new ways of thinking about the organization, and e) support or illustrate your points by using references extracted from the research literature. 

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I/O psychologist for PsychSouth Healthcare

The topic seems interesting and I think I can supervise this thesis However, we would like to see a I/O psychologist for PsychSouth Healthcare.

For this Assignment, you will play the role of a consulting I/O psychologist for PsychSouth Healthcare where your friend is Director of Human Resources. Use the Team Area below Unit 10 to communicate with each other about completing the Wiki. Scenario: PsychSouth Healthcare Your friend is the Director of Human Resources at PsychSouth Healthcare. She calls you, because she recently received a report from a consulting psychologist that made some recommendations for PsychSouth about which your friend is concerned. You, as someone with knowledge of I/O Psychology, will help your friend by doing the following: Read PsychSouth’s Operational and Strategic Plan and also the Consulting Psychologist’s Executive Summary. Below is a list of the original recommendations taken from the Executive Summary written for PsychSouth. Each team member must take a primary responsibility over one recommendation. For each recommendation listed in the Executive Summary, you may choose to first spend some time with your group researching and brainstorming possible problems with the recommendation.Problems may emerge as you consider the first consultant’s recommendations in light of the APA Code of Ethics, federal anti-discrimination laws, the logistics, timelines, or resources needed to implement the recommendation, the sufficiency of detail in the recommendation for PsychSouth to take decisive action, and other logical considerations. The APA Ethics Code is available here: Information about federal anti-discrimination laws is available here: Each team member has a primary responsibility over one of the recommendations. For each of the recommendations summarize the following: A) the exact problem(s) you found with that recommendation, if any; and B) how you would modify or alter the recommendation to improve its ethics or feasibility. You should summarize these in the form of a consulting report, which you would submit to your friend. The consulting report should address the following parts: Title Page Executive Summary (one to two paragraphs) Explanation of the purpose of the report Background information on PsychSouth, including the structure and design of the company and the current problems it is trying to address Background information on the role and importance of ethical, legal, individual, and sociocultural dimensions of employee retention interventions Critique of the consulting psychologist’s recommendations Alternative recommendations for PsychSouth References Use APA style formatting. Your consulting report should be a minimum of five pages (not including the title page or references sections). Your team will be graded based on the information you provide in the report, including the Unit 5 Assignment Table. In addition, you must also complete the Peer Evaluation Form. Each member of the team should contribute equally to the consulting report. Before you begin, determine which recommendation from the table each team member will be primarily responsible for completing. Next, review the section of the consulting report and the tasks required to complete the Assignment. Divide the tasks and roles equally.

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Uncle Toms Children

Uncle Toms Children.

topic for the writer, choose one of two options from the story Uncle Toms Children. 1.choose one story and talk about the important themes to that story 2.discuss one theme amongst all the stories. Each story contains different types of violence, this can be elaborated on. Individual vs community conflicts mainly.

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naming and shaming

naming and shaming. Data too large for file format

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java code in Eclipse.

java code in Eclipse..

. In this assignment, you will be creating a program to create a valid game character. This character must follow the rules supplied below. The first step is to determine the character class. Possible values are Magic User, Fighter, Thief or Druid. You must validate the user’s class choice. You should require a valid character class before allowing them to proceed. Following this, the user must choose the armor for their character. The options are Steel Plate, Chain Mail, Leather or Robe. Magic Users are only allowed to wear Robes. Druids can wear Chain Mail, Leather or Robes. A Thief can wear Leather or Robes. A Fighter can wear any armor. After we armor our character, we need to arm them. Valid weapon choices are Sword, Short Sword, Scimitar, and Dagger. Magic Users are only allowed to use Daggers. Rubric: 1. 2 points for following coding standards 2. 3 points for pseudo code 3. 4 points for proper validation 4. 6 points for code quality and output 5. 5 points for correctness of logic Sample Output: Please enter your name Fred Fred please select the character you wish to play 1. Magic User 2. Fighter 3. Thief 4. Druid 1 Fred please select the armor for your character 1. Steel Plate 2. Chain Mail 3. Leather 4. Robe 1 Fred please select the armor for your character 1. Steel Plate 2. Chain Mail 3. Leather 4. Robe 2 Fred please select the armor for your character 1. Steel Plate 2. Chain Mail 3. Leather 4. Robe 4 Fred please select the weapon for your character 1. Sword 2. Short Sword 3. Scimitar 4. Dagger 3 Fred please select the weapon for your character 1. Sword 2. Short Sword 3. Scimitar 4. Dagger 4 Fred, thank you for using our character creator. You have chosen to play as a Magic User You will be wearing Robe armor and using a Dagger Another Sample Please enter your name Sally Sally please select the character you wish to play 1. Magic User 2. Fighter 3. Thief 4. Druid 2 Sally please select the armor for your character 1. Steel Plate 2. Chain Mail 3. Leather 4. Robe 1 Sally please select the weapon for your character 1. Sword 2. Short Sword 3. Scimitar 4. Dagger 1 Sally, thank you for using our character creator. You have chosen to play as a Fighter You will be wearing Steel Plate armor and using a Sword

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Modern Fantasy/Fractured Fairy Tale Picture Book

Modern Fantasy/Fractured Fairy Tale Picture Book.

 Fractured Fairy Tale Picture Book Project 3: Fractured Fairy Tale Picture Book Write an Original Fractured Fairy Tale Assignment: Write and illustrate (or give directions to an illustrator) a fractured fairy tale. Fractured fairy tales or folktales are traditional tales with a contemporary twist or a tale told from a new perspective as in Jon Scieszka’s The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by A.Wolf. 1. Write a short introduction to your book telling the reader the inspiration (the original fairy tale or legend) for your story and why you chose the story. Do not omit this. Think about it as the author’s note that many writers use as a preface to a book. 2. Write the text for a fractured fairy tale picture book. Form: Your book may have about 16 to 32 pages of text combined with illustrations. Although they do vary, 32 pages is the standard size for a picture book. (Count the pages of a picture book to verify this for yourself.) 3. Create illustrations for your book or suggest illustrations for an illustrator. You may create the book by hand or on the computer. You may use computer images or photos. Some students have enjoyed using If you prefer to give suggestions to an illustrator, that is perfectly okay and will be considered equally valuable. Publishers frequently assign illustrators unknown to the authors of books they are producing. I have found interesting insights in suggestions. Do put the suggestions approximately where the illustrations would be. 4. Design: Layout the book with the text and illustrations (or suggested illustrations). Remember that illustrations are an integral part of a picture book, not just decorations. You may have text and illustrations on the same page, preferably, or on different pages if your art work requires that. Prepare the text on a computer. If you are creating the book by hand, do not use a light colored pencil for the text or illustrations. I’d suggest writing your text somewhere else first, so you can proofread and make changes easily. If you do use a regular pencil then go over it with a dark color. You are looking for readability as well as proofreading. 5. Proofread very carefully. Expanding on the Definition: A fractured fairy tale is derived from or inspired by traditional literature stories. “It is a story that uses fairy tales you know and changes the characters, setting, points of view or plots.” ( The new tale can be a spoof or embellishment of traditional stories. The new spin or outlook provided by the fractured fairy tale frequently is a satire of the original story challenging the assumptions in that story. Yet, it is not always humorous. You will: Follow the classic form of an original folk tale. You will: Change the story in some unexpected way You may: include a contemporary spin. Fractured fairy tales are considered modern fantasy because they have known authors. Some examples: The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Jon Scieszka The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig by Jon Scieszka The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by A. Wolf by Jon Scieszka The Three Pigs by David Wiesner The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch, The King’s Equal by Katherine Paterson Bubba the Cowboy Prince: A Fractured Texas Tale by Helen Ketteman. NCTE has a nice list here: Preparation for Writing a Fractured Fairy Tale In Class and Beyond: 1. Read or listen to several fractured fairy tales. 2. Practice changing a tale using the Fractured Fairy Tale Tool online at (Note: this is a joint National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) and International Literacy Association (ILA) site. Consider joining one or both of these associations.) Example: In my story the main characters are/the setting is/my story takes place/my story is told by…… 3. Select a fairy tale (or legend) as the basis for your fractured fairy tale. Use some of the sources given at the beginning of the module/weekly notes if you are uncertain what to do. 4. Check with the instructor if you are unsure of your topic or strategy. 5. Things to consider doing (based on the site): change the main character, have the story take place somewhere else, have the story take place in another time, tell the story from a different character’s point of view, make the problem of the story different, change an important item in the story, change the ending of the story. 6. Review story line graphs for the elements of a standard story. 7. Begin writing. Some of you will know exactly how you want your story to work. Others will struggle at first – that’s ok. Inspiration doesn’t always come on command. But begin writing something… 8. Review Chapter 2, Chapter 3, and Chapter 4 in your textbook Children’s Literature, Briefly. Use suggestions from those chapters to help you improve your mix of illustrations and text .

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Surgery and a Holiday

Surgery and a Holiday.

Type 2-3 pages single- space. Visit the website for Medical Departures International to learn more. Then, answer the following questions. 1. As explained in your textbook, the marketing concept means that an organization directs its efforts at satisfying customers at a profit. How does Medical Departures International work to deliver superior customer value? See your textbook for more discussion on the interplay between the marketing concept and customer value. (50 points) 2. What is the marketing strategy implemented by Medical Departures International? Discuss both the target market and the related marketing mix. Provide specific examples from the website in your answer. (50 points) Source: “Click Here for Hip Surgery and a Holiday” by Ari Altstedter, Bloomberg Businessweek, July 16, 2018, p.19-20. Tips for Writing an Analytical Paper 1. Define the marketing principles used in your answer. In other words, demonstrate that you read the assigned readings. 2. Analysis is NOT the same as opinion. Analysis is based on facts and principles. You organize your answer around the marketing principle(s) that is(are) relevant to the analysis. Example: A target market is a homogeneous group of customers that the company chooses to pursue. Starting with this core definition as your guide to analyzing who is the company’s target market, you must find evidence of how the customers in the group are similar (homogeneous) as well as evidence that the company is pursuing them. Notice that the definition guides you in determining which facts are relevant and important. Connect the relevant facts to the definition. 3. Edit your answer before submitting it. Correct all errors (grammar, organization and spelling).

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Managing Sepsis and Septic Shock

Managing Sepsis and Septic Shock.

When summarizing the articles please cite each article at the end of the 1-2 paragraphs. To answer question #2 on the attachment you must use the Brunner & Suddarth’s Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing. Critical Reflection on ONE of the article should be 2 pages. The articles are attached. * Integration of Genomics in Cancer Care *Managing Sepsis and Septic Shock *Understanding acute pancreatitis

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