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“The Thing in the Forest” by A. S. Byatt is a story of symbolism.

Abandonment and the hardships and the psychologically effect on young children and their imagination prevails itself throughout the short story. Two innocent girls portray the effect of violence physically and psychologically throughout out their lives due to the hardship of a war. Abandonment is what Penny and Primrose felt when they were escorted off on a train with no idea where they were going or what their future might hold. “they were not meant to know where they were going or, like Hansel and Gretel, to find a way back” (Byatt325).The idea of not know where they were going or what was going to happen to the two girls must have been horrifying. I think this story is a story that explains what post traumatic stress disorder is and how it can affect not only the soldiers in the war but the people who lived through the war as well. Penny and Primrose we children who did not know each other from Adam, but they made a family structure between the two of them for the short amount of time that they spent together.

The monster in the forest seems more like a figment of the girl imagination than anything.I believe that it was a bomb or something from the war, but the children refused to believe what they were seeing so they made it out to be a monster. The foul smell may have been the exhaust fumes if it was a tank coming through the area. Children of a young age could easily mistake a tank for a monster, because tanks are heavy pieces of equipment that could seem quite scary to a young child. Bartley2 Jam is also prevalent throughout the story, it is always a different type of jam though the same jam was never eaten twice. The jam represents a sort of a home feeling I believe, because jam is always served at family breakfasts and dinners.I believe that the author is trying to portray the fact that yes they are in fact at war but home is still here this is still our home no matter what.

I did not agree with the way the two little girls, Penny and Primrose, never spoke again after they saw the “worm” or the “monster” on the forest. I think that they should have talked about what they saw and compared with each other so that they would not have been left wondering for all those years until they met again. When they do meet again the question “are we mad? ” is asked many times throughout the text.The girls were still unsure of what they saw many years later. The fact that they kept questioning themselves over and over again makes I as the reader think that they were mad and what they saw was not real just simply a figment of a young children’s imagination which is the point of view I have obtained from the story. Two young girls simply wondered into the forest one day and their imagination got the best of them. They were under stress from the affects of abandonment and pure terror of living through a war.

One of the most traumatic times in history and it has a strong effect on young prepubescent girls.

Ancient Greek Political Theory

Ancient Greek Political Theory.

Description An Essay that required to read 2-3 long readings to complete the writing Please write a four-page (maximum) paper that offers a carefully considered, persuasive argument in response to one of the prompts below. Any argument made should be as sympathetic as possible to the thinkers in question (i.e., not present them as “straw men”), laying out clear explications of their positions and regularly making reference to their texts. Students should feel free to engage solely with the texts addressed in the course and should not overly rely on ‘outside’ readings. The paper should be double-spaced, paginated, have a one inch margin, and use a size 12, standard font; please include a title page and attach the paper rubric to the hard copy. Please also use Chicago-style end notes as citations. Prompt 1:(Oakeshott’s history thoughts in politic) In his lectures, Oakeshott explores a number of concepts he believes are essential for making sense of the Greek political experience, including the polis, politike, and the distinction between divine and man-made law. Using one of the aforementioned concepts (or distinctions), evaluate the degree to which Oakeshott’s account helps or hinders our understanding of either “The Funeral Oration” or “The Apology of Socrates.”

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