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How does Steinbeck present the theme of loneliness and what is his purpose? Although the novel was written during the American depression at a time when many Americans were uprooted from their homes and travelled huge distances in search of work and consequently prevented from forming lasting relationships, Steinbeck believes that loneliness was not a temporary phenomenon but part of a human condition. It is permanent, not transient, and something that individuals must struggle with. Characters cope with loneliness in differing ways. It embitters Candy and Crooks.

It kills Curley’s wife, George attempts to cope with it through his relationship with Lennie. Loneliness is presented in many ways including the descriptions of places and locations, through characterization, and through the relationships between characters. Throughout the book he explores the different levels of loneliness and the loss of company. The novel opens with a description of a landscape “a few miles south of Soledad. ” The description of the landscape is full of detail giving a sense that the landscape is strong and permanent.

For example the “golden foothill slopes curve up to the trong and rocky Gabilan Mountains”, the path is “beaten hard by boys” and the sycamore is a “giant sycamore. ” The references to the recurring seasons give the impression of timelessness, for example the references to the leaves that “lie deep” and the “winters flooding”. The central characters pass through this landscape. There presence is a temporary one in this permanent landscape. Thus emphasizing mans ephemeral nature. Soledad is the Spanish word for lady of solitude- perhaps a reminder to the reader that Steinbeck’s world is a lonely place.

A naturalistic etaphor is used to explain the ephemeral nature of human existence and how little impact human beings have on the world. In this metaphor Steinbeck describes the water snake that is eaten by the heron it’s “silent head and beak lanced down and plucked it out by the head”. This is sudden like a “rush of wind”. The minimal impact that human beings have on the world is emphasized by the reference to “row on row of tiny wind waves flowed up the pool’s green surface… as quickly as it had come the wind dies”.

George is an example of an itinerant farm worker and reflects the loneliness of many n his position at the time. He trys overcome his loneliness in two ways, first by his relationship with Lennie for whom he cares. For example he tells slim “we kinda look after each other”. His relationship with Lennie gives him a sense of importance and self worth and he says that Lennie “made me seem god damn smart along side of him”. Secondly because, like many in his position at the time he believed in the American dream.

For example throughout the novel Lennie and George often speak of there hope of one day owning a plot of land, a home, and bing self efficient. For xample George tells Lennie “were going to get a little place”. We get some insight into why George needs Lennie when he says “l ain’t got no people… ‘ seen the guys who go around the ranches on there own. That ain’t no g “. This indicates his friendship with Lennie is at least impart because of his fear of loneliness. Both attempts to overcome loneliness both end in failure.

Thus emphasizing that everyone ends up on their own. We get the sense of this being a circle of life as both Lennie come to the river with, each other, and the dream, and both come back with no hope of either. Steinbeck also shows how unusual it is to see two men with a proper relationship, for example, when Slim says “IVe never seen a couple like you two before. It is not normal in this area. ” This shows how uncommon it is for two men like George and Lennie to have someone to keep them company.

This is also demonstrated when the boss doesn’t seem to understand, and is suspicious of George and Lennie’s friendship. He suspects George is taking Lennie’s pay, “what stake you got on this guy? You takin’ his pay away from him? ” His lack of comprehension shows how unfamiliar friendship is, and how common loneliness is. Steinbeck also hints at how common loneliness is on the first page when he says, ‘an ash-pile of many fires. ‘ This image shows that lots of people have taken the same Journey to the ranch and been in the same position.

One of the techniques Steinbeck uses to explore this are references light and dark; in the book there is never full light, for example, he describes the bunk house “Although there was evening brightness showing through the windows of the bunk house, inside it was dusk”. This shows that for these men the company they shared together was fleeting and that they were always alone. The importance of company is emphasized by the description of the main light, which focuses on the card table- thus emphasizing that light shines where company is shared.

Family Assessment using the CFAM Model

Family Assessment using the CFAM Model.

 Description Assignment: Family Assessment using the Calgary Family Assessment Model (CFAM) Length: No more than 10 pages; not including cover page or reference page Format: APA, double spaced, 1 inch margins, headings as per APA References: Citations must be used to support your writing. References that are used in the assignment must be cited correctly in your paper. If you use nursing journals in addition to the course texts, documents, articles and websites, they must come from major academic journals, such as those that are “peer reviewed” in (MEDICINE,NURSING) CINAHL Plus, Medline and ProQuest electronic databases. Please use at least three references including textbooks. Assignment Instructions: 1. Complete all of the readings and learning content to date. 2. Choose a family who has a family member with a chronic illness. 3. Inform the family that no names will be used for this assignment and get the family member’s verbal permission to conduct the interview. Conduct an interview following the CFAM format on the chosen family. Do not write the paper in an interview format. Use fictitious initials for all names and indicate this in the paper. 4.Write a well organized scholarly paper in APA format. Use a formal tone and third person writing. Its encouraged you to use the services of the Writing Studio. YOU MUST INCLUDE A GENOGRAM. NOTE: The below bold phrases suggest headings for the paper. The first heading is never the word “Introduction” rather, wording must match the title of paper. See APA. 

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